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Adur Valley News Bulletin

  Adur Torpedo

This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

9 January 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 2


The prevalent influenza (Millennium Bug) has been pronounced as endemic. The gradual onset means that the duration of the incubation period is hard to judge, but it seems to be about 3 days. The illness lasts with infectious symptoms for 10 days. For healthy people it is sufficiently debilitating for a few days, perhaps 3 or 4, that normal work is impossible. Unfortunately, minor sniffles and nasal congestion/catarrh can occur much longer than the 10 days. 


18 January 2000:  Adur "Quality of Life" meeting at the Civic Centre.

    Wildlife Reports 

    Shoreham-by-Sea has arguably got more wild plants than any other area of comparable size in Sussex. This is because of the different types of habitats. Betty Bishop has published (several years ago) a small duplicated pamphlet with the full list, indexed by the generic scientific names

    Photograph by Steve Barker

        Sedum acre   Biting Stonecrop at Widewater Lagoon

    The Shoreham & District Ornithological Society also have produced excellent publications of the birds of Shoreham-by-Sea and the surrounding area.

    Erika Oil Disaster

    The British Marine Life Study Society have some web pages on Oil Pollution at sea:
    Erika news item
    Oilspills Page
    Oiled Birds page

    Poetry Extract

    When that which is divine in us doth try
    To shape a face, both brain and hand unite
    To give, from a mere model frail and slight,
    Life to the stone by Art's free energy.


  • Words of the Month

    sward  | swd |  n. & v. [OE sweard (beside swearp: see SWARTH n.1), corresp. to OFris., MLG, MDu. swarde hairy skin, MHG swarte (G Schwarte bacon rind, crust), ON svordr skin (of the head), walrus hide: ult. origin unkn.] A n. 1 The skin of the body; esp. (now dial.) the rind of pork or bacon. OE.  2 The surface or upper layer of soil usu. covered with grass or other herbage; a stretch of grassy turf. Orig. chiefly in sward of the earth, sward of the ground, etc. LME.
    Comb.: sward-cutter an implement for cutting a tough sward in preparation for ploughing.
     B v. 1 v.i. Form a sward; become covered with grassy turf. E17. 2 v.t. Cover with a sward. Usu. in pass. E17.swarded a. covered with a sward or grassy turf; turfed: E16. swardy a. covered with sward, swarded, turfy M17.

    endemic  | endemk |  n. & a. M17. [Fr. endemique or mod.L endemicus, f. Gk endem(i)os, pertaining to a people, native, f. as EN-2 + demos people: see -IC.] A n. 1 An endemic disease. M17. 2 An endemic plant or animal. M20. 

    B adj. 1 (Of a disease, condition, etc.) habitually present in a certain area as a result of permanent local factors; of common occurrence; rife. E18. 2 Of a plant or animal: native to, and esp. restricted to, a certain country or area. M19. 
    1 J. G. COZZENS An occupational disease, endemic among social-service workers. L. NAMIER Hurricanes and slave troubles were endemic to the West Indies. G. STEINER Barbarism and political savagery are endemic in human affairs. D. ACHESON Curfews, 'roundups', and arrests became endemic. 
    endemical a. = ENDEMIC a. 1 M17. endemically adv. in an endemic manner; habitually: M17. endemicity  | endmsti |  n. the condition or fact of being endemic L19. endemism  | endmz()m |  n. endemicity, esp. as regards the geographical distribution of plants and animals L19.
    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. All rights reserved.

    Computer Tips

    Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 as your Internet browser, you may come across pages, notably the Torpedo Bulletins that cannot be printed without cutting off some of the text from the page. 
    The remedy is to go to File - Page Set-up and reduce the margins at the right and left sides of the page, by, say, 10 mm each side. 

    In some versions of Microsoft Outlook Express, the Torpedo Bulletins in your default browser (usually Internet Explorer 5) do not automatically display with the photographs included.. The remedy is to click on the attachments for a better view if you encounter this anomaly. 

    Historical Snippets

    1295 Shoreham was made a Borough. In 1296, 90 taxpayers resided in the town. New Schoreham was also known as Hulkesmouth after the ships known as HULCS that were the main trading vessels in European seas during Medieval times. Salt, beans, corn and woollen goods are likely to have been important exports at this time. With the British population and agriculture expanding, Shoreham enjoyed prosperous times.

    Borough Seal of New Shoreham.

    The writing includes the name Hulkesmouth. The pattern design depicts a stylist representation of a hulc. 

    1254 The County Court was held alternately at Lewes and Shoreham until this date, when the sheriff ordered this practice to stop and the Court to be held at Chichester.
    (The Statute of Pleading in 1362 required that Court proceedings be conducted in English, though "enrolled in Latin")

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

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