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Adur Valley News Bulletin

  Adur Torpedo

This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

19 January 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 3

  • Adur District Council Housing Committee (Labour):
  • The Council Tax increase will be 2% which is below the inflation rate of 2.5%. This is what the Labour Council achieves for you! Meeting on 18 January 2000. 
  • Adur Quality of Life Meeting 2 (18 January 2000)
  • This meeting is open to all, but it is best to contact Natalie Brahma-Pearl at Housing & Environment, Adur District Council first (Tel: 01273 263347).
  • Brief Report:
  • 1) The Strategic Gaps between Lancing/Sompting and Worthing and between Shoreham Airport and Lancing are under potential threat from development. The concept of Strategic Gaps were not created by legislation. A Golf Course is planned for the Airport/Lancing gap. 
  • 2) The new housing allocation for the Adur District is 1400 homes by the year 2011, of which 1100 have been identified from available sites. A further 300 homes have to be built somewhere. The current homes stock is about 26,000.
  • 3) The contact for Adur Parks and Gardens is Peter Jones, although it is probably best to go through Natalie Brahma-Pearl.
  • 4) The Weir plan for the River Adur part of Shoreham Harbour has been abandoned. 
  • The full minutes are being prepared by Natalie Brahma-Pearl. The next meeting is at the Civic Centre on 8 March 2000.
  • Who is your vote for Shorehamer of the Old Millennium?
  • Favourites:
  • Cecil Pashley
  • Henry Ricardo
  • William de Braose I

  • Wildlife Reports 


    15 January 2000
    The Foxes are making a nuisance of themselves on Shoreham beach near the Old Fort. They are very noisy at night with territorial fights, and are also visible in daytime.  One passed our gate at 9.00 am and returned at 11.30 am, walking from the beach, through our garden, across the road and through the garden opposite.
    Later a neighbour telephoned me to inquire what could be done about them, as they are becoming a nuisance, digging up bulbs, and damaging garden plants. 

    Report by David Wood 

    The British Marine Life Study Society "Torpedo" Bulletin is available on request. Click on the text Torpedo to go to the website for examples and more information. The Torpedo includes marine life news from around the British Isles.


    Worldwide tide times and heights are now available on computer disc. These include the figures for Shoreham (10 minutes variation from the local Tide Tables). This program will be included on the BMLSS CD-ROM available later in the year, and is available by EMail (zipped) to paid up Premier members for the year 2000. This is a really good program (not fully explored yet) with tides computed from 1970 to 2037 and better portrayed than the card tables, if not so convenient unless you have a waterproof pocket-sized micro-computer. This service is provided by courtesy of Alan Pemberton (BMLSS Scotland).

    New Book

    edited by Paul Fraser

    This new book is a hotchpotch of inclusions: some interesting like the feature on the changing river exit/harbour entrance of the Arun at Little Hampton, and a few poems of questionable quality (interesting again). The book is on the shelf at Shoreham Library.
    The inclusion is this bulletin was obligatory because of the front cover.
    Publisher:  University College, Chichester.
    ISBN 0-948765-14-3

  • Words of the Month

    calcium  | kalsm |  n. E19. [f. L calc-, CALX + -IUM.] A greyish-white chemical element, atomic no. 20, which is one of the alkaline earth metals and occurs abundantly in nature, esp. as its carbonate (limestone etc.). (Symbol Ca.) 

    calcareous  | kalkers |  a. Also -ious. L17. [f. L calcarius of lime (see CALX, -ARY1) + -OUS.] Of or containing calcium carbonate or other, usu. insoluble, calcium salt; of the nature of calcium carbonate.
    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. 

    calcium carbonate  A white solid, CaCO3 which is only sparingly soluble in water. Calcium carbonate decomposes on heating to give *calcium oxide (quicklime) and carbon dioxide. It occurs naturally as the minerals *calcite (rhombohedral; r.d. 2.71) and *aragonite (rhombic; r.d. 2.93). Rocks containing calcium carbonate dissolve slowly in acidified rainwater (containing dissolved CO2) to cause temporary hardness. In the laboratory, calcium carbonate is precipitated from *limewater by carbon dioxide. Calcium carbonate is used in making lime (calcium oxide) and is the main raw material for the *Solvay process.
    Excerpted from The Oxford Reference Shelf Science Dictionary  (c) 1994

    calcicole [kal´s kl´]  ( pc | mac )   Botany. of or relating to a plant that thrives in lime-rich, chalky soil.  Ecology. a plant that thrives in soils rich in calcium salts. Also, CALCIPHILE. 

    Excerpted from The Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology

    But how do these lime-loving plants (calcioles) of the downlands avoid competing with one another?
    Reader's Digest "The Patchwork Landscape".

    Computer Tips

    Adobe Photoshop is the professional choice for image editing. However, even the latest version number 5 does not provide all the options that you are likely to need.

    If you have an image that you want to print "fit to page" i.e. to make larger , or smaller, so it prints exactly on the page, version 4 does not seem to let you do this, or I cannot find out how.

    However, there is another image viewing program called ACDSee which is a very useful program for viewing images on the screen. Also, its Print Set-up menu has the facility to print "fit to page" which I found particularly useful. Remember also to untick the boxes show "file path" etc. if you want the image to display without any distractions. 

    The button image of Shoreham-by-sea in the top left hand corner was created using Micrografx Picture Publisher. This program is easiest to print the image in an exact position on the page.

    Microsoft Photo Editor also allows you to print the image in an exact position on the page. Microsoft Publisher on a blank page is perhaps an even better method.

    The February 2000 issue of PC Advisor (£2.99) contains a light version of the video editor Lumiere, which may come in useful, if you know somebody who has got a TV card that can record the video for you on to disc in this first place. These video editing programs take quite a bit of time to learn how to use. The final product using the cheaper TV cards is poor.

    Historical Snippets

    Origin of the name Adur

    The name "Adur" arose from a mistake in interpretation of 5th century Roman documents for Portus Adurni, which was originally claimed to be in what is now the Adur estuary, but now known to be at Portchester. The name appeared in Michael Drayton's 'Polyolbion' in the 17th century (1612).
    The name "Adur" from the Celtic word 'dwyr' or 'dwfr' meaning 'flowing waters' is in doubt. The source reference is in Henry Cheal's 'History of Shoreham' but there is no reference in the book, and there does not appear to be a word 'dwyr' known to the experts. The name 'Adur' may have arisen by mistake by Harrison's application of the Roman 'Portus Adurni' to a location near the current Adur, from the document 'Notitia Dignitatum' .
    New Research

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

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