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Adur Valley News Bulletin

  Adur Torpedo

This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

27 January 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 4


World Oceans Day was first declared as 8th June at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Events will occur all around the world on and around this day.

World Oceans Day   (Adur Exhibition)  3 June 2000
in conjunction with the Adur Festival.

The Adur World Oceans Day Exhibition will take place on Coronation Green on 3 June 2000. 

The Exhibition will include a display of live marine creatures (if you have not seen the display before, you will be amazed at the life found between the tides and in the English Channel), a touch table tank with seashells and strandline debris, photographs of ocean life and sea birds, marine life information, painting and colouring competitions and face painting for the kids, and other events with the details to be finalised. 

The overall theme will be Education about Marine Life and the Sea.

Contributions on the marine wildlife theme are welcome. If you wish to contribute to the Exhibition please indicate, ideally, before 24 February 2000, so sufficient space can be provided. 

The World Oceans Day Exhibition is supported by West Sussex CC and Adur District Council.

Andy Horton, British Marine Life Study Society  Tel:  01273 465433
Natalie Brahma-Pearl, Adur DC (Environment)
John Knight (West Sussex CC)
David Wood (BMLSS)
Louise Durant (Adur Festival)  Tel: 01273 263163

Coronation Green will be shared by the Shoreham & District Mental Health Association who will presenting a féte on the World Oceans theme.

The BMLSS and Adur DC will also be displaying photographs and information on marine life (with connections to Internet sites) in the Adur Civic Centre foyer coinciding with World Oceans Day during the Adur Festival. This is for people who wish to pursue a more serious interest.

    Wildlife Reports 

    24 January 2000
    Anybody notice the screeching sound that a Starling makes? I thought I had left the telephone off the hook (is it mimicking the sound?), but a Starling was standing on the wire outside the window, communicating with other Starlings of the huge flocks that disperse in the morning and congregate again for their night roosts.

    21 January 2000
    Little Grebes were diving under water for fish north of the Toll Bridge. These birds appear to have been absent for a few years. 

    21 January 2000
    The Lunar Eclipse is obscured by low misty cloud. The Moon was meant to look orangey. 

    Adur District Cycle Routes
    Sustrans (National Cycle Way Link)

    UK Cycling
    Cycling Organisations
    Cycling Webring

    The last 3 sites cannot be wholeheartedly recommended as good sites to visit. However, they will probably improve, and they seem to be the best available starting points. 

    Cycling (Accident Reports)

    Grid References & Maps on the Web

    Web Site Reviews (BMLSS)

    Hello Andy,

    Just spent some time browsing around your marvellous web pages (e.g. Shoreham, Marine Life Study Society). These are inspirational, especially the wildlife news items and the readable info on marine species. Most of the environment sites are full of boring c***, your stuff is what the web was supposed to be all about!

    Natural History Book Service

  • Words of the Month

    onomatopoeia  | n()matpi |  n. L16. [Late L f. Gk onomatopoiia making of words, f. onomatopoios, f. as ONOMATO- + -poios making, f. poiein make, create: see -IA1.] 1 The formation of a word by an imitation of the sound associated with the thing or action designated; the principle or practice of forming words by this process. L16.  2 A word formed by this process. M19. 3 Rhet. The use of naturally suggestive language for rhetorical effect. M19.onomatopoeian a. = ONOMATOPOEIC M19. onomatopoeic a. of, pertaining to, or characterized by onomatopoeia; imitative in sound: M19. onomatopoeically adv. E20. onomatopoeics (treated as sing. or pl.) = ONOMATOPOEIA M20

    commensal  | kmens()l |  a. & n. LME. [Fr., or its source med.L commensalis, f. as COM- + mensa table: see -AL1.] A adj. 1 Eating at or pertaining to the same table. LME. 2 Biol. Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting commensalism. L19. B n. 1 Any of a company eating at the same table. Formerly also spec., an oppidan at Eton College. LME. 2 Biol. A commensal organism. L19. commensalism n. (Biol.) an association between two species in which one benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefited (cf. SYMBIOSIS) L19. commensality n. the habit of eating at the same table E17. 
    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. All rights reserved.

    Computer Tips

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 as your Internet browser is often/usually installed with some non-essential utilities absent. 

    On the odd occasion there are 4 extras available through right clicking (check by right clicking on the text) which I found useful on occasions. i.e.
    1) View image in a New Window (very useful if you are visiting an over-complicated frame-based site). Some versions of IE5 have this facility as standard. 
    2) Links List:  a list of all the links on the site - this may be useful for sites like that of the British Marine Life Study Society that contain multiple links in the main body of the text. (The web designer does not have to construct a separate index of the links.)
    3) Images List: contains all details of the images on the page (most useful for web designers). (It is best to tick the box "Scale Large Images.")
    4) Zooming In and Out on Images contained in a hypertext files may also be available through through this extra (or may already be included on your version of IE5). This facility does not work on all images (it may say it is available, but it will not actually work.) 

    The Uilities File is available free from the Microsoft site. It is called 
    It is only 137 K in size. Your best bet is to EMail me to request a copy. 
    My ref:  H:/Downloads/Programs

    AVB11 Computer Tips Supplementary:
    Micrografx Picture Publisher and Microsoft Photo Editor allow you to print the image in an exact position on the page. Microsoft Publisher on a blank page is perhaps an even better method.

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    Historical Snippets
      Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea
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