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This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

4 February 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 6



West Sussex County Council's group of chairmen is recommending that at least £75,000 of County Council money should be made available to carry out work on historic Shoreham Toll Bridge.

The bridge, owned by West Sussex County Council, is Grade II* listed and engineers who are experts in historic structures are currently looking into the future of the bridge.

The County Council's main aim to date has been to ensure the bridge remains safe for people to use and to keep it open for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. 

Ian Elliott, Chairman of West Sussex County Council and member for Shoreham, said: "The County Council has a millennium fund and our chairmen, recognising the importance of this historic structure, are recommending money is set aside for work on the bridge.

"This money would be used to attract further funding such as lottery grants, which we are looking into at the moment.

"We believe restoring the bridge - which dates back to 1781 - would be an ideal project to mark the new millennium.

"We are also going to set up an organisation called The Friends of Shoreham Toll Bridge to help to see that the structure is cared for in the future."

The Friends group would exist to promote understanding about the restoration issues, to study the history of the bridge, to advise from the public's point of view on the sort of restoration work people would find acceptable and to act as a focus for fundraising.

Anyone interested in becoming involved should contact Mr Elliott at Chairman's Office, Edes House, West Street, Chichester, PO19 1RQ.

Officers and councillors have been in regular contact with Adur District Council and the Shoreham Society about the bridge.

The Policy and Resources Committee will be asked to make a decision on the chairmen's recommendations.

For more information about this news release, please contact Hilary Makin on 01243 777114

WSCC Press Release
Information provided by Nigel Sweet (Labour Councillor, Adur DC)

Toll Bridge notes
The wooden Toll Bridge is a Grade II listed building.The decking was replaced in 1984. The deck timbers and parapets are rotten in parts. However, the temporary fencing is unattractive, obstructive, and probably potentially dangerous. It is the WSCC that are responsible for the bridge as the highways authority. 
More information

Please send any comments to:
Andy Horton

    Wildlife Reports 

    4 February 2000
    With the weather clement for early February, but the days still short, so it remains dark for the low springs when the mussel beds are revealed by the ebbing tide, a solitary Oystercatcher, amongst the Black-headed Gulls, foraged at dusk. I thought just for one moment the Oystercatcher was stabbing at the mussels, but it wasn't, merely probing between the shells of crabs and worms. 

    11 February 2000.  12:45 am  (early morning)
    BBC 2 Learning Zone
    "Ascent of Man"  by J. Bronowski  Episode 1

    Is anybody able to tell me the tallest tree in Shoreham, or Adur?

    Treespotters Site (External):
    Champion Tree Database

    Find the Sites of Special Scientific Interest using this link:

    Friends of the Earth SSSI Navigator

    Poetry Extract
  • There heard I naught but seething sea,

  • Ice-cold wave, awhile a song of swan.
    There came to charm me gannets' pother
    And whimbrels' trills for the laughter of men,
    Kittiwake (Gull) singing instead of mead (?)
    Storms there the stacks thrashed, there answered them the tern
    With icy feathers; full oft the erne wailed round

    from the Seafarer (the first known manuscript was from the beginning of the last Millennium, circa 1000) from the Shell Bird Book  by James Fisher 
    ( Ebury Press & Michael Joseph 1966 )
    ISBN  7181 5008 2 

    Ornithology of Anglo-Saxon England

  • Words of the Month

    portmanteau  | ptmant |  n. & a. M16. [Fr. portemanteau f. porte- stem of porter carry, PORT v.1 + manteau MANTLE n. Cf. POCKMANTY.] A n. Pl.-s, -x  | -z | . 1 A case or bag for carrying clothing etc. when travelling, esp. one made of stiff leather and hinged at the back so as to open into two equal parts. M16.  2 A rack or arrangement of pegs for hanging clothes on. Now rare. E18.
    1 SMOLLETT Their trunks and portmanteaus must be carried to the Custom-house.
     B attrib. or as adj. 1 Of a word, expression, etc.: consisting of a blend, both in spelling and meaning, of two other words. Of a description, expression, etc.: of general or widespread application. L19. 2 Ling. Designating a morph which represents two morphemes simultaneously. M20.
    1 Punch We must 'brunch'. Truly an excellent portmanteau word. Listener 'Culture.' This portmanteau word has been indispensable.

    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. 

    Blends ... called portmanteau words, such as "motorcade" from "motor cavalcade." To this group belong dormobiles, or dormitory automobiles, and a travel monologue becomes a travelogue and a telegram sent by cable a cablegram. Aviation electronics becomes avionics; biology electronics, bionics; and nuclear electronics, nucleonics. In computerese a binary unit is a bit. In astrophysics a quasistellar source of radio energy becomes a quasar, and a pulsating star becomes a pulsar.

    Copyright (c) 1996 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 

    Computer Tips

    PC Plus (March 2000) includes a full copy of AutoSketch 5 on it cover disc.This is an adequate drawing program and I see it as my first choice for small scale drawings. It seems easy to use. There is also the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of the program.

    Viruses can be embedded in Java Script in hypertext files. It is no longer safe to open these files from an unknown source, and is probably not even safe to open them from a known source until the virus-checkers catch up with the new threat. 
    Browsers can be Java-Script disabled, but this is somewhat limiting as many web sites make use of Java Script to improve the appearance of the sites, e.g. rollover images. Java-Script can do much more than this.

    Star:  Latest Virus Information

    Shoreham-by-Sea Web Site

    My Shoreham-by-Sea web site featured in the Chris Geiger column in the Evening Argus on 2 February 2000 as a local web site to visit. It was recommended by Neil Slater of Storrington, who is not on the mailing list. This is only the second time this site has been recommended (the first was by the Natural History Book Service), although the British Marine Life Study Society web site is recommended by Encylopaedia Britannica, BBC On-line, New Scientist and others. 

    Historical Snippets

    1833 The Norfolk Suspension Bridge was opened. It was the same design as the famous Chain Bridge that crosses the River Danube between Buda and Pest in Hungary. The first Norfolk Bridge was designed by W. Tierney Clarke and Captain Samuel Brown. It was replaced by a Bow String Girder Bridge in 1922, which was in turn replaced by a Concrete Box Bridge in 1987.

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

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  • 25 February 2000
  • Music evening at the Airport Bar

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