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    This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
    Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

     11 February 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 7



    A panel has been set-up to oversee the Ropetackle development proposals. Geoff Howitt, Chairman of the Adur District Council and Councillor for St. Mary's ward in which Ropetackle resides, is a member of the panel, with two representatives of the owners South-east Economic Development Agency (SEEDA) and other representatives.

    A full report is in the Shoreham Herald of 10 February 2000.

    Please send any comments to:
    Andy Horton

      Wildlife Reports 

      10 February 2000
      The morning gales and high tide congregated hundreds of omnipresent Black-headed Gulls on the shingle, a common event. However, I noticed that scores of these gulls had very dark red legs, as dark as the Mediterranean Gull. Heads varied from all brown (looks black in the winter light) to patchy and all white. 
      On the brackish Widewater Lagoon, Mute Swans drunk from a bowl of fresh water provided for them. 

      8 February 2000
      Shoreham Town centre is notable for the absence of both Pigeons (except for the occasional Collared Dove) and neither does it have the numbers of Herring Gulls of the neighbouring towns. However, for the first time for decades at least a dozen Herring Gulls have begun to perch of the tops of the houses near St. Mary's Church and even a Town Pigeon or two have hidden in the evergreen trees. Can some newcomers to the town be feeding them?

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      Friends of the Earth SSSI Navigator


      Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught 
      will we realise we cannot eat money
      Cree Indian saying
      (from the Australasian Nudibranch Newsletter Web Site)

      Words of the Week

      boustrophedon  | bastrfid()n, bu- |  adv. & a. E17. [Gk = as the ox turns in ploughing, f. bous ox + -strophos STROPHE + -don advb. suff.] (Written) from right to left and from left to right in alternate lines. boustrophedonic a. E19. 

      anachronism  | nakrnz()m |  n. M17. [Fr. anachronisme or Gk anakhronismos, f. anakhronizesthai refer to a wrong time, f. as ANA- + khronos time: see -ISM.] 1 An error in computing time or fixing dates; the relating of an event, custom, or circumstance to a wrong period of time. M17.  2 Something or someone out of harmony with the time. E19. ( e.g. herditary peers in the House of Lords  AH )
      anachronistic a. of the nature of or involving anachronism L18. anachronous a. = ANACHRONISTIC E19.

      chequer  | tek |  n.2 dial. Also checker. M17. [App. = prec., from their appearance.] In pl. The berries of the wild service tree. Cf. CHECKERBERRY. 
      (one of two meanings)
      Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
      Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. 

      Computer Tips

      Go to Joe's Cyber cafe and pick up some Java code to catch up with some of the gimmicks on your web pages. There is some code on the Hulkesmouth Publishing page. 

      However, to get the benefit of the bit of Java Code on the Hulkesmouth page, you need to make sure your Status Bar (underneath the main body of text) is activated. To check this, if you need to, go to View (under Internet Explorer 5) and make sure the Status Bar menu item is ticked.

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      Historical Snippets

      Shoreham High Street in the 1930's looking west towards an area known as the Ropetackle that remains undeveloped into the New Millennium. The pub called the King's Head closed in 1983 and was demolished about 7 years later.

      Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

    • Events
    • 25 February 2000  (Friday)
    • Acoustic & Folk
    • Ungagged:  Richard Durrant & friends
    • Music evening at the Airport Bar.
    • £4.00  Free for performers.
      26 February 2000 (Saturday)
      Sixties Rock
      Relay:  Pete Finch, Mick Wackford etc. at 
      Community Centre, Shoreham
    • £5.00   Bar.  8:30 - 12.00.

    • Web Sites

      Games & Leisure

      Dave O'Connor sites

      .Mother Of All Battles

      Mother Of All Battles is a game for 1 to 6 human or computer players. The object of the game is to destroy all the opposition's pieces by exploring new territory and capturing as many neutral and enemy cities as you can in order to build more of your own pieces.

      At first the game can be a bit daunting, but it soon becomes easier, and then slightly disappointing playing against the computer. The random generated maps are one of the let downs. In this day and age they could look more like maps. However, they are clear and make the game very playable.

      It is turn based strategy game. Each Commander of his Forces takes turns in deploying his forces which consist of:

      • Armies
      • Paratroops
      • Fighter
      • Bomber
      • Transport
      • Destroyer
      • Submarine
      • Aircraft Carrier
      • Battleship

      Some forces are better at destroying others, e.g. a Submarine to sink a Battleship, a Destroyer to sink a Submarine, a Bomber to destroy everything (it even destroys itself).

      Hints: It seems important to deploy your troops to capture as many cities as possible early on in the game. Paratroopers seem to be useful at these early stages.

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