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This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

  12 April 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 15

Local News

  • 11 April 2000
  • Adur Quality of Life Forum
  • Lancing Parish Hall  7.00 - 9.00 pm

  • Contact:  Natalie Brahma-Pearl 
    Adur District Council      Tel:   01273  263347

    Despite an absolutely awful day with heavy rain and temperatures only a few ° above freezing, the hall was full up with about 45 visitors, all in the older age group.
    Phil Sivell presented a 30 minute talk on Global Warming. It is difficult for anybody other than a specialist meteorologist to give a critical appraisal. The talk accepted that Global Warming was already in progress (accepted by most scientists) but what is almost impossible to judge is the whether the man-made emissions etc. are in important in comparison with natural fluctuations.
    Phil Sivell painted the picture of an increase in the average temperatures, with more rainfall, windier wetter winters, hotter drier summers, and a whopping increase (54 cm) in the sea level by the year 2080. 50% of the rise would be because of thermal expansion of warmer water, and the remaining 50% due to melting of water currently locked up in ice. The reasons for the British climate change were not given in the short amount of time available. He presented selected facts showing a regular increase in the average temperature since 1988.
    The effects are irreversible in the short, or even the medium (lifetimes of people alive today) term. The time scale was not absolutely clear. The point he made is that the plans for change have to be made according to the current forecasts. 
    Generally, he seemed to paint a scenario that required a change in current planning practices. 
    Questions: Andy Horton asked whether there was any evidence of sea temperature and salinity changes?
    This detailed information was not available to the speaker at the present time.

    Global Warming: a few sites: not necessarily the best as I have not undertaken a full survey.

    Please send any comments (especially about the Global Warming talk) to:
    Andy Horton

    Historical Snippets

    1404 Shoreham suffered encroachment by the sea. The shipbuilding centre of La Pende (south west of Shoreham) probably disappeared under the sea during this century.
    (Pende is mentioned from 1359 to 1420 only. Its location is not known. In 1587, a lagoon at Lancing was called Penhowse. This is unlikely to have been the present Widewater Lagoon.)

    1586 The greatest part of New Shoreham is ruined and under water.
    (Although the residents of Shoreham did not know at the time, theoretical highest range of tides because of the alignment of the Moon and Sun in relation ship to the Earth occurs only every 1600 years with the last maximum around the year 1600. There were considerable floods all around the south coast of England and in the Netherlands.)

    1703 A great storm shattered the town of Shoreham. This major storm of 26 November caused destruction on the English Channel coast of England killing over 8000 people.

    1724 In just over 100 years the longshore drift had deflected the harbour entrance 3 miles to the east of New Shoreham.

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

      Wildlife Reports 

      10 April 2000
      A second successive sunny day with a north-east wind. In a mild winter, sunny days have been few and far between. A Weasel, Mustela nivalis, was seen successfully crossing the busy four-lane A27 main south coast road near the Sussex Pad.                                                 Report by Ray Hamblett
      The Old Fort sea defences on the River Adur side have been extensively repaired and re-landscaped. a solitary Brent Goose, seen before at this location in spring, foraged along the incoming tide line. Its previous foraging zone has been been replaced by lumps of a hard granite-like rock from Norway. Both near the Shoreham Harbour piers and between the Shoreham Motor Yacht Club and the beach, the gravel has been extensively shifted around obliterating the shingle plants, especially Sea Campion, Yellow-horned Poppy and Rock Samphire.
      More on the Old Fort changes

      From UKBirding Forum

      Do bats have predators?

      Yes they do. We have a Greater Horseshoe Bat colony near Bath which is preyed on by Sparrowhawk - the bats leave the roost and hang up in a tree for up to half an hour before flying off to feed, and Sparrowhawks have been known to fly in & pluck them off.

      Steve Preddy

      Find the Sites of Special Scientific Interest using this link:
      Friends of the Earth SSSI Navigator

      Words of the Week

      phenology  | fnldi |  n. L19. [f. PHEN(OMENON + -OLOGY.] The field of study that deals with cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, esp. in relation to climate and plant and animal life.phenologic a. M20. phenological a. L19.

      Balaclava  | balklv |  n. L19. [A village near Sebastopol in the Crimea, site of a battle fought in 1854.] In full Balaclava helmet. A woollen covering for the head and neck, worn orig. by soldiers on active service. 

      Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
      Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

      Computer Tips

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    • Sussex Web Sites
    Findon Village Site**

    This site gives a picture portrait of a Sussex village. It is a world that seems to be on its way out, and not really one that I am familiar with. Beware, some pages are image heavy and take quite a long time to appear on screen. 


    • Wednesday 19 April 2000
    • Miller Anderson at the Waterside Inn (formerly the Lady Jane) 

    • Please send in any details of local events.
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