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This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

   18 June 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 21

Local News

A sum of £75,000 is likely to be available for investigations into what repairs will be necessary to Shoreham Toll Bridge. This will include contributions by Ricardos and firms at Shoreham Airport. 
The full cost of repairing the bridge is hoped to be met by a Lottery Grant.
It certainly seems to be a better case for public funds than the "Bridge to Nowhere" West Pier. It is continually in use throughout the day by the public, by pedestrians and cyclists

Report by Bob Byrne.
Why cannot West Sussex CC pay the cost out of their highways budget? AH

Please send any comments to: Andy Horton

    Wildlife Reports

    11 June 2000
    Martin ****** surprised a ****** Deer when cycling between Truleigh Hill and New Erringham Farm over the downs route to Mill Hill. It was in the arable field on the east side of the road. 
    June Brown has seen Deer on the grazing pastures of the Adur flood plain

    Katherine Hamblett

    3 June 2000
    The first fine sunny day after one of the wettest Mays on record for the 
    Adur Exhibition on Coronation Green

    British Naturalists' Association (link)

    Find the Sites of Special Scientific Interest using this link:
    Friends of the Earth SSSI Navigator

    Words of the Week

    quern  | kwn |  n. [OE cweorn(e) = OFris., OS quern (Du. kweern), OHG quirn(a), ON kuern, Goth. -qairnus, f. Gmc.] A hand-mill for grinding corn, esp. one consisting of two circular stones. Also, a small hand-mill for grinding pepper etc.
    rotary quern: see ROTARY a.
    Comb.: quern-stone a millstone.

    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

    Computer Tips
    is a useful source of computer information and utilities.

    Capture Express 2000 which can be programmed (easily) to work by a hotkey (e.g. f.11) is available. The hotkey can be placed on the bottom toolbar for easy access. Not all the facilities on the program seem to work, and it is best to save the "captured image" to the clipboard. This freeware utility will work under Windows 95, but it will not capture all DOS images. 
    PS:  I am looking for a DOS capture screen program. 

    Paint Shop has a Save Screen utility when the program is open (but these uses up more computer resources, if it is open all the time). 

  • Star:  Latest Virus Information 

  • Sussex Web Sites

  • Historical Snippets
  • By AD 44, this part of Sussex was ruled by Coggidumnus (probably a Roman invited by the warring Belgic tribes) at the time of the Roman invasion.
  • Romano-British settlements existed in Shoreham from about AD 100 to AD 250.  Iron Age and Romano-British remains (pottery, skeletons, Samian water bottle, urn) have been found near Slonk Hill, NE of Buckingham Park, and at Kingston Buci (copper wire bracelet, skulls, quern stone). Roman coins (Constantine I brass) have been found in Shoreham. Remains of a  Roman Villa have been discovered in what is now the town of Southwick to the east. Southwick appeared to be the important Roman centre (toponymy). A Roman road connected Chichester (Noviomagus Regnensium) to London (Londinium) and a branch went from Croydon to Southwick and the Adur Valley mouth (Shoreham). A 16 ft square Romano-Celtic temple was discovered on Lancing Down.
  • (circa AD 378 the Romans were defeated in battle at Adrianople by the Visigoths under Alaric, beginning the end of the Roman Empire in the west. In AD 406 Germanic tribes defeated the Romans and invaded Gaul. About AD 407, the Roman troops left Britain, allowing an influx of Germanic tribes into Britain. By AD 410, the Visigoths sacked Rome.)
  • (AD 407 Constantine III strips Britain of troops for his defence of Gaul and Spain.

  • AD 410 The Emperor Honorius replies to an appeal for help from Britain by telling the cities to arrange for their own safety.
      c. AD 446 Last appeal for help from the Romano-British to Aetius.)
    Romans  Open University Web Site
    c. AD 250  Buried hoard of 4000 Roman coins found in a an undisclosed field in Shoreham (January 1999). These coins were dated at the third century AD. (Report in April 2000, West Sussex Gazette).
  • Buried hoard of Roman coins of gold and silver, dated between AD 380-461, was found at Patching, now part of Worthing.
  • (Rackham gives figures for woodland as a percentage of the total land area, 30% at the end of Roman times, 15% by the Domesday Survey in 1086 and about 5% by 1895.)

  • Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

  • Events

  • 3 - 20 June 2000


  •  Please send in any details of local events.


    Games & Leisure

    Please send in any details of recommended games and web sites.

    Screen capture of the map of Mother of All Battles

    Screen capture of the map of "Mother of All Battles"

    Dave O'Connor sites

    .Mother Of All Battles

    Mother Of All Battles is a game for 1 to 6 human or computer players. The object of the game is to destroy all the opposition's pieces by exploring new territory and capturing as many neutral and enemy cities as you can in order to build more of your own pieces.

    At first the game can be a bit daunting, but it soon becomes easier, and then slightly disappointing playing against the computer. The random generated maps are one of the let downs. In this day and age they could look more like maps. However, they are clear and make the game very playable.

    It is turn based strategy game. Each Commander of his Forces takes turns in deploying his forces which consist of:

    • Armies
    • Paratroops
    • Fighter
    • Bomber
    • Transport
    • Destroyer
    • Submarine
    • Aircraft Carrier
    • Battleship

    Some forces are better at destroying others, e.g. a Submarine to sink a Battleship, a Destroyer to sink a Submarine, a Bomber to destroy everything (it even destroys itself).

    Hints: It seems important to deploy your troops to capture as many cities as possible early on in the game. Paratroopers seem to be useful at these early stages.


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