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This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and District, West Sussex, England

        19 November 2000 : Volume 2  Issue 41

Local News

17 November 2000
The Latest Developments of the New Monks Farm, Lancing, Development Brief (sometimes called Mash Barn)

A Planning Application SU 98/0231/5  Ref: L/87/00/TP
has been submitted ostensibly for a Golf Course on 120 acres of land right in the centre of the Adur District at New Monks Farm by Wheelwright Estates (Michael Cox). Adur Planning Committee are opposed but the non-determination of the Application (within the time limit) has been appealed against and a Public Enquiry is expected. 

A special "Muck 'n Brass" edition of Adur Torpedo will be prepared. 
Meanwhile all the information is on the Adur Valley eForum.

Main points:
1)  The plan appears to involve a certain amount (thousands of tonnes, probably) of inert spoil, with an Exemption Clause applied for which means that Land Fill tax can be avoided. 
2)  The same firm is already dipping building spoil at a tip near Brading in the Isle of Wight. The Golf Course has been passed there.

An understated formal objection and questions has been sent to Adur Planning.
The Draft is attached. It was written rather hurriedly.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (Golf Club Link)

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

Rubbish illegally dumped at Cuckoo's Corner

7 November 2000
The A27 By-pass was flooded to bonnet depth in places between the Sussex Pad and the Lancing Manor roaundabout. The road was closed. It seems the design of the drains is inadequate and the water cannot even run on to the adjacent fields at New Monks Farm, which are sodden with a few puddles. 

National Floodline, Tel: 0845 988 1188
Weather Forecast

Please send any comments to: Andy Horton

  • Wildlife Reports

    16 November 2000
    I saw a Jay amongst the evergreen in St. Mary's Churchyard, Shoreham, for the very first time in the centre of the town.
    The fields of New Monks Farm Lancing, were still very damp with a few puddles

    15 November 2000
    Cuckoo's Corner is a lay-by a half mile so down the Coombes Road from the A27 turn off for Lancing College and the Sussex Pad. It has a collection of old trees which provide a magnet for birds. A flock of about 50  Long-tailed Tits were singing in the lower branches of the ivy-adorned 12 metre + high trees. This bird is not a titmouse at all and is much smaller than a Pied Wagtail, they actually looked smaller (apart from the long tail) than the Wrens which all shared the branches, and there was a Chaffinch in the understory of evergreen vegetation. 
    The floods had receded considerably apart from large puddle in the Ricardo Test Bed field. 

    13 November 2000
    The Sparrowhawk that has taken up residence centering on Gordon Road, Shoreham, and feeding along the railway line and in the Middle Road allotments seems to have displaced the Kestrel that has been a regular for at least 10 years. 

    9 November 2000
    One Crow amongst a flock of at least 25 birds on Kingston Beach, between the second and third groyne from the west, repeatedly dropped a mollusc of some sort on to the shingle beach. I doubt if it has had much success. The usual dropping area (but this may be gulls) is on the concrete near the Life Boat Station, which is sometimes covered with mussel, cockle and winkle shells. 

    8 November 2000
    About a thousand Lapwings inhabit the mud flats near the Toll Bridge at low tide, together with Redshanks, Black-backed Gulls, and thousands of Black-headed Gulls, but these numbers are not exceptional for the Adur. 
    All the streams running off the Downs are in full flood, but they have been as swollen as much before in January during the last 20 years. A Heron wades in the flooded fields near Lancing College. Mash Barn is is also flooded in parts but only to a depth of a few centimetres. The A27 near the Sussex Pad is closed to all vehicles and is completely under water to car bonnet depth in places.

    5-6 November 2000
    Steady rain starts but locally it is not exceptional and the minor disruptions in the Adur district are scarcely worth a mention when compared to the flooded villages, towns and cities in the other parts of England & Wales, e.g. Uckfield town centre in East Sussex is again flooded to a depth of over a metre.
    Local Climate notes

     Wildlife Records on the Adur eForum (you have to join)

    Wildlife Web Sites

    1 August 2000
    The Marine Wildlife of the North-east Atlantic (formerly the British Marine Wildlife Forum)  ***** commences. 



    UK Wildlife eGroups Forum

    Marine Life eFora (Link)

    British Naturalists' Association (link)

    Find the Sites of Special Scientific Interest using this link:
    Friends of the Earth SSSI Navigator

    Words of the Week

    fosse  | fs |  n. Also foss. LOE. [(O)Fr. f. L fossa: see FOSSA n.1] 1 A canal, a ditch, a trench; esp. one serving as a barrier or defence, a moat. Earliest as a name (now the Fosse, Fosse Way) of one of the four great Roman roads in Britain, so called from the ditch on each side, and probably running from Axminster to Lincoln. LOE.  2 A deep hole or pit; a grave or place for sacrifice. L15-M19. 3 Anat. = FOSSA n.1 M18. 
    1 R. GRAVES Strengthening the ancient City ramparts, clearing and deepening the choked fosse. 2 F. FAWKES A deep round foss he made, And on the kindling wood the victim laid. 
    fossed a. (rare) surrounded (as) by a fosse L17. 

    shard  | d |  n.1 & v. Also sherd  | d | . [OE sceard corresp. to OFris. skerd cut, notch, MLG skart crack, chink, MDu. scarde, schart flaw, fragment (Du. schaard), (M)HG scharte, ON skaror notch, gap, f. Gmc base also cf. SHEAR v. Cf. SCARTH n.1.] A n. I 1 A gap in an enclosure, esp. in a hedge or bank. Also (rare), a notch in the blade of a tool. Now dial. OE.  b An intervening stretch of water. rare (Spenser). Only in L16.

     II 2 a A piece of broken pottery etc.; spec. = POTSHERD. OE.  b transf. & fig. A fragment, esp. of something brittle; a sliver; Sc. a worn or decayed remnant of something. M16.  3 A scale of a reptile. rare. Only in LME.
    2b U. LE GUIN Shards of splintered bone stuck out like toothpicks. J. UPDIKE Their shattered name, a shard of grandeur.
     B v. rare. 1 v.t. & i. Break or become broken into fragments or slivers. L16. 2 v.t. Notch the blade of (a tool). dial. M18.

    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. 

    Computer Tips

    Computing Net Support Site  (for computing problems) ****

    The upsurge of EFora on all subjects (a few have been recommended before in these bulletins) are an important way in which the Internet will change the world. 
    A list of recommended eFora will appear soon. Please make any suggestions. 

    See the Profusion Search method below.

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  • Poem of the Week

    Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts (extract)

    Big Jim was no one's fool, he owned the town's only diamond mine,
    He made his usual entrance lookin' so dandy and so fine.
    With his bodyguards and silver cane and every hair in place,
    He took whatever he wanted to and he laid it all to waste.
    But his bodyguards and silver cane were no match for theJack of Hearts.


  •  Sussex Web Sites 


    2 August 2000
    The Adur Valley eForum covering all aspects of life in the Adur Valley commences. You can join by spending a few minutes on the following site, and then you can post messages on almost anything about life in Shoreham-by-sea and the Adur Valley, including, Lancing, Sompting, Southwick, Steyning and the smaller villages in the valley. 



is to click on the link to the


    logo, and register as a new member. Allow 10 minutes on-line, but the process should be much quicker.

    Then you can go to the Adur Valley page and  register to join.

    The following choices will have to be made:

    1)  Receive mail in a daily bulletin.

    2) Receive each EMail individually (this may result in too many EMails)

    3)  Choose not to receive EMails, which means you can visit the web page to choose what subjects look interesting. You can, also, just receive a list of the subjects in a daily digest.
    If the latter applies, you will have to click on the menu item Messages

    These choices can be altered at a later date. They can also be altered by me,  if you cannot work out how to do it. 

  • Historical Snippets
  • c. 950  Salt Works
  • New Monks Farm, Lancing is the location of the oldest proven salt works in Britain. Saltern Mounds have also been discovered on this site, Lancing. (This area is also known as Mash Barn.)
  • Salt-making occurred from Saxon times until the 14th century all up the lower Adur Valley, including New Monks Farm at Lancing,  Applesham, Coombes, Annington & Botolphs, Upper Beeding, Bramber, Spratt's Marsh and Sele.
  • Salt-Making in the Adur Valley (refs. and map.)
  • "An excavation by Con Ainsworth c.1971 of a ploughed-out saltern mound, one of a large group, found Saxo-Norman pottery but also "one rim and a joining body sherd....of Portchester Ware, dating to the tenth century. A scale-like deposit found on one sherd was analysed by D Shelverton and found to contain substances demonstrating that the pottery vessel had been used for boiling concentrated brine."
  • There is also evidence found of a Post Hole and a Hearth.

  • <>
  • First Internet Source (located by Ray Hamblett)
  • Report on the Adur Valley eForum
  • Ray Hamblett's Web Page

  • Salt Works File (notes)

    Click on the image for an enlargement

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

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