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This is the first published Electronic Newspaper for 
Shoreham-by-Sea and the Adur Valley & District, West Sussex, England

     7 June  2001: Volume 3  Issue 19

Local News

2 June 2001
A pair of Mute Swans with six furry cygnets greeted the workers setting up at the stalls for Adur World Oceans Day, but as the neap tide ebbed they had disappeared before the start of the event. 

Despite an overcast day, with spells of torrential rain, the opening of the Adur Festival and World Oceans Day was regarded as a success with a crowd in excess of last year and estimated to be about 1500. My estimate of the visitors visiting the British marine life aquarium inside the marquee was 600. The aquarium contained Blennies, Rock Gobies, Bullheads, Butterfish, Dragonets, prawns,Beadlet Anemones, Shore Crabs and other crabs.

The main attraction were the Lobsters, despite their reluctance to actually race. There were Spider Crabs, Sharks as well as Bass, Rays and other fish

Although, last year, Adur World Oceans Day event was probably the biggest of its kind in the country and possibly the world, other seaside areas are overtaking fast, with some details on the World Oceans Day web pages. 

Illustrations by Willows First School, Lancing (click for a bigger image)

Next year, World Oceans Day falls on 8 June 2002, which is not the start of the Adur Festival.

Please address any comments to: 
Andy Horton (British Marine Life Study Society)
Natalie Brahma-Pearl (Adur District Council)

Adur World Oceans Day 2001 web page

British Marine Life "Torpedo" News Bulletin


18 April 2001
Adur Festival Programme

The Adur Festival programme has been delivered to Adur residents and is available at the Civic Centre with lots of exciting events, including World Oceans Day, Glastonwick, Beach Dreams, Escape of King Charles II, Marlipins Museum Exhibitions,  Music Workshops and Performances including Richard Durant, John Renbourne, The Hofners, Harry Strutters, as well as Adult Education, Art  Exhibitions and Talks, Special Religious Services, Comedies and much more.


South Downs National Park : Proposed Area

Click on the URL for the complete map

The footpaths to Lancing Ring are now open.

West Sussex County Council announce most paths are now open, unless they are inhabited or used by farm livestock, or farm animals are nearby. 

The cycle path from Old Shoreham is officially open.

Weather Forecast

Please send any comments to: Andy Horton

Wildlife Reports

6 June 2001
Ray's mystery butterfly (see below) turned out to be a Beautiful  Demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo, a large damselfly,  itself a spectacular find as the nearest breeding colony was previously at Pulborough Wild Brooks, although Danny saw one in Horsham town centre on 1 June 2001, a couple of days before Ray saw his specimen fluttering over the Waterworks Road. 

"Demoiselles are not gossamer like and the Adults are the largest British damselflies. They can be very butterfly like in flight, and this illusion would be
heightened if as you say you could not follow it (by this  I presume you
mean you lost it from sight amongst trees). They can move some distance from water so lack of water does not preclude them." (Brian Nelson)

5 June 2001
Just in case Ray Hamblett's butterfly ? made return visit to the Waterworks Road, I paid a very fleeting visit. There was nothing much there apart from the millions of stinging nettles. But I was surprised to see a Moorhen in the narrow stream, surprised because of the vicinity of the Vixen and her cubs.
In the horse's field next the narrow overgrown path to the downs, a Large White settled long enough to separate it from the common Small White Butterflies.

On a sunny Mill Hill, above the 45° Sycamore incline from the Waterworks, butterflies fluttered around, rarely remaining still for more than a brief few seconds, because the largest and commonest (12 +) were the restless Wall Browns, and a single solitary Small Heath Butterfly settled long enough to be sure of identification, the single eye spot clearly distinct on the underside from the orange of the female. There were small orange butterflies fluttered in the grasses and these could be Skippers. A female Common Blue settled. This species on the downs seem a much more robust butterfly than than those seen on the lowlands, beach margins and flood plain. Lastly, a single a Dingy Skipper was definitely identified, although the the white dotted band on the topside of the front wings were much more distinct than shown in my book.

Paleamon elegans and P. serratus

This is rather an ordinary observation but the two species of prawns found on Kingston Beach are showing remarkable differences. The smaller Palaemon elegans in the higher pools have dark blue, almost black, markings and egg masses, whilst the larger Paleamon serratus at the low tide mark are remarkably reddish with orange egg masses. This colour guide cannot be relied upon as the larger prawns can be blue and both species almost transparent with hardly any clear lines. 

4 June 2001 to 15 June 2001 weekdays

at Adur Civic Centre 
Ham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.

Monday 4 June 2001 to 15 June 2001 weekdays.
Displays by Friends of Lancing Ring and the British Marine Life Study Society

If you wish to contribute please contact:

Displays by the British Marine Life Study Society and friends of Lancing Ring

The first contact is:
Andy Horton
Tel:  01273 465433

Further Details (link)


3 June 2001
A Fox,vixen with 3 cubs was seen from a distance of 200 metres on the Waterworks Road, on the flood plain below Mill Hill. Footpaths lead down to this private road from the top of the Street in Old Shoreham and from the bridge over the flyover leading to Mill Hill, but these paths are narrow and overgrown.

Walking on wooded land close to the base of Mill Hill near the River Adur, we saw what appeared to be a large black to iridescent dark blue butterfly. It seemed to be larger than a Painted Lady for example.  It flew in a slow fluttering movement and was about 60 cm (2 ft) from the ground as we saw it. I could not follow its path. A local resident confirmed that it had been seen previously. This butterfly is probably (what else could it be?) a Purple Emperor Butterfly. The caterpillars feed on the Pussy Willow, Salix caprea,  of which this area is noted. However, it is not a definite because this now a very rare butterfly in Britain. 
UK Wildlife (Discussion of this discovery)
UK-LEPS Discussion Group (for Butterflies and Moths)
Butterfly Atlas Hotspots
Butterflies of Adur
Purple Emperor (male)

Experienced lepidopterists have pointed out that it is most likely to be a Beautiful Demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo, a damselfly. In view of the great rarity of the Purple Emperor Butterfly in Britain, this does seem a possibility.  Also, it is a couple of weeks too early for the emergence of the Purple Emperor. However, this damselfly is associated with fast flowing streams with a stony bed and there are none of these in the vicinity. The prevailing winds for over a week were from the the north-east from the direction of Passies wildlife pond. Both demoiselle damselflies are found in Sussex. 
UK Dragonflies Discussion Group

2 June 2001
World Oceans Day

Spider Crab at Adur World Oceans Day (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

Lancing Nature & History - May 2001 Newsletter 
(Link to the web site by Ray Hamblett)

    Words of the Week

    Lepidoptera  | lepdpt()r | L18. [mod.L, f. LEPIDO- + Gk pteron wing: see -A3.] (Members of) a large order of insects having four scale-covered wings, comprising butterflies and moths.lepidopter n. an insect of this order E19. lepidopteral a. lepidopteran E19. lepidopteran a. & n. (a)adj. of or pertaining to the order Lepidoptera; (b)n. a lepidopteran insect: M19. lepidopterist n. a person who studies Lepidoptera E19. lepidopterous a. lepidopteran L18. lepidoptery n. = next M20.

    odonate | dnet |  a. & n. E20. [mod.L Odonata (see below), irreg. f. Gk odon var. of odous, odont- tooth (with ref. to the insect's mandibles): see -ATE2.] Entomol. A adj. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of (an insect of) the order Odonata, which includes dragonflies and damselflies. E20. B n. An odonate insect; a dragonfly, a damselfly. E20.

    Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
    Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. 

    Computer Tips

  •  Sussex Web Sites 

    Historical Events
    (Adur Festival)

    Exhibition of the Escape of Charles II in the Marlipins

    Account of the Escape * *
    Costume as worn by Parliamentary Soldiers  * * *
    Supplies needed by the Earl of Essex's Regiment
    Copy of the Parliamentary Banner, Earl of Essex's Regiment
    Information on Charles II, Battle of Worcester, Lord Wilmot, Proclamation
    by Parliament for the discovery & apprehension of Charles II, English Civil
    War battles, Journey of Charles II through Sussex, Siege of Chichester
    1642, Parliamentarians, The Gounters, Royal Oak, Arundel, Bramber,
    Brighton, Shoreham, Payment of debts, Captain Tattersell, Surprise, Royal
    Escape route, Restoration, Penderels.
    Exhibition of 17th century exhibits including a Boscobel plate, and some
    books of the records of the escape.

    Exhibition by Helen Poole

    1651: Charles II and his escape through Sussex opened at Marlipins on 25 May, the same day as the 25th running of the Royal Escape Race which is organised annually by the Sussex Yacht Club. The exhibition goes on until 30 June, Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30 to 4.30. All are welcome as it provides a rare opportunity to glimpse our county 350 years ago through a collection of pictures and objects brought together by a mildly obsessed Curator (me).

    Colleagues from other Sussex Museums, stately homes, Libraries and Record Offices have been very generous in lending material which comes together for the first time, against a backdrop of material from the modern Earl of Essex's Regiment, the excellent re-enactment group.

    From 2 to 16 June Marlipins also houses an exhibition of The Lost Treasures
    of Adur, a rare chance to see some of the pictures and objects acquired over
    the years  by Adur District Council and not usually accessible to the general public. They range from a large oil of the countryside behind Shoreham to a lovely print by Philip Dunn, the well known modern Brighton artist who opens the exhibition tonight.

    As if that were not enough excitement for one small museum, we also have a
    fascinating collection of bygones relating to Food and Drink, installed to link in with the Sussex Museums Group's feature on the subject for Museums Month. If you can remember Camp Coffee bottles and the Ovaltinies, the display will bring back memories.

    Shoreham is clearly the place to be in June, with the Adur Festival etc.

    Helen Poole
    Senior Museums Officer
    Sussex Archaeological Society
    Marlipins Museum
    High Street
    Shoreham by Sea
    BN43 5DA

    Report of the

    Local & Family History Day  (an Adur Festival event).
    with Alan Upton, writer of the excellent "Bygones" in the Shoreham Herald,
    Caroline Adams from the West Sussex Record Office, Martin Hayes County
    Local Studies Librarian.

    6 June 2001  Shoreham Library

    What I did not realise, or guess, is that Alan Upton brought along well over
    a hundred old photographs, including:

    1)  Boating Day ? (not Regatta) at Shoreham, with thousands of people
    occupying the wharves before Coronation Green, packed together like a
    football crowd with people even on the tops of houses, making Adur World
    Oceans Day look sparsely attended.

    2)  Trading sailing vessels moored up in the Shoreham town quays dated

    3)  The day the river estuary froze over under the Toll Bridge at Old Shoreham

    4)  King's Head from Victoria Road, including the Norfolk Cinema.

    5)  Masses of children outside the Colisseum Theatre  etc.

    Andy Horton. 

    WSCC Records Office Web Site

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

    Sussex Archaeological Society


    Sussex Archaeological Society

    Sussex Archaeological Society  EGroup

    Flintman on Flint (Link)

    Sussex History Discussion Group

    Brief History of Shoreham-by-Sea

9-10 June 2001 and during the week


  • Major music event on Beach Green, Shoreham Beach.

  • part of the Adur Festival
    Music and other events on Shoreham Beach Green. 

    at Adur Civic Centre 
    Ham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.

    Monday 4 June 2001 to 15 June 2001 weekdays.

    If you wish to contribute please contact:

    Further Details (link)


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