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 Lower River Adur
or the lower Adur Flood Plain


Oil Seed Rape in the field north of Cuckoo's Corner
Drainage Stream north of Cuckoo's Corner

The River Adur reaches the sea at Shoreham-by-Sea where the mouth has been deflected two miles to the east by the longshore drift. Going upstream with the incoming tide through the centre of New Shoreham under seven bridges before the tide reaches the village of Bramber after 6.4 km (4 miles). The river then passes about one mile east of the town of Steyning. The estuary is tidal for 17.9 km (11.1 miles) from the mouth to Bines Bridge on the B.2135. The flood plain or levels refer to the stretch south of Bramber, where the tidal rivers meanders towards the sea, with low lying fields on each side. Public access is by the towpath each side of the river, and on the Downs Link Cyclepath following the disused railway line. 

Spring Dyke next to the Miller's Stream 2006
Coastal Link Cyclepath 2006
Waterworks Road and Butterfly Copse 2006

Wildlife Reports

Adur Levels 2008

20 December 2007
A Grey Heron took flight from the wide part of drainage ditch/stream in the south-east of the arable field immediately south of Cuckoo's Corner
16 December 2007
The photograph on the right shows the complete destruction of the wildlife interest on the embankment which was the old railway track by the Riverside Business Centre.
The sun falling below the horizon west of the Adur Recreation Ground. The flocks of birds were probably Lapwings, which beginning to descend on the small patches of mud on the Adur estuary as the tide receded. 

12 December 2007
Frequent (at least a dozen) fine condition Meadow Pipits flew around the Hawthorn and other scrub north of Old Shoreham along the Downs Link Cyclepath. The grassy was still frosty in sheltered spots in the early afternoon. 

7 December 2007
I was extremely disappointed to discover that the extreme southern end of the Downs Link Cyclepath had been trashed for its wildlife interest (the railway company had previous sold off the land at auction to a private owner). 
Brown Argus on Fleabane
Brown Argus

Wild MarjoramThe area has featured frequently on Adur Nature Notes and it was noteworthy for Brown Argus and Common Blue Butterflies with Grass Snakes occasionally recorded in the vicinity. The Small Blue Butterfly was recorded here on at least one occasion, only one of two locations in Shoreham where it has been seen and at least one Large Skipper, Small Skippers, Holly Blues, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Peacock Butterflies, Comma, Clouded Yellows, Large Whites, Small Whites, Green-veined Whites and Speckled Woods were regularly seen during their flight periods. It was the best area in Shoreham and the downs north of the town where Wild Marjoram grew in profusion. Wild Marjoram is an important nectar plant for butterflies. Wild Thyme, Hemp Agrimony, Fleabane, Meadow Vetchling, Bird's Foot Trefoil and Kidney Vetch also grew there. 
The area also attracted most of the local damselflies and dragonflies during their flight season. It also attracted migrant and passage birds, notably Linnets.
Google Search on Nature Notes for some Wildlife Entries for this area
Adur Butterfly List 2007

4 December 2007
A chirm of over 30 Goldfinches that flew into a single bare Hawthorn on Adur Recreation Ground (near the Railway Viaduct) was larger than normal (usually the chirms are about 20 strong). 

The River Adur from the Surry Hard
in the early evening on 28 November 2007
Hawthorn in berry 
south-east of the Toll Bridge

25 November 2007
On a clear day it is remarkable for its lack of wildlife interest, so a dozen mole hills of dark brown earth on the grass verge by the Dog's Trust and the main road to Worthing was worth a mention. 

Stonechat15 November 2007
A handful of Stonechats were seen on separate occasions flying between and perched upon berried Hawthorn bushes on the flat levels (intermittent pasture) on the east side of the River Adur, and all of them seen from the towpath between the A27 Flyover and the Cement Works. 

9 November 2007
The Blackbirds feeding on the Hawthorn berries south-east of the Toll Bridge picked the berries that were beginning to rot rather than the nice ripe ones. Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Robins, Chaffinches and hundreds of House Sparrrows were noticeable amongst the leafless bushes on the outskirts of Shoreham, with Pied Wagtails on open ground.

Photograph by Rogem Boyo

The photographed Dunnock was spotted on that peculiar piece of scrub between the Dog's Trust and the main road to Worthing next to the River Adur overflow pond (the Flood Arches) west of Adur Recreation Ground. I saw another in a tree just before the rickety old Tollbridge on the eastern side of the river.

Dunnock Report and Photograph by Roger Boyo
on flickr Sussex Wildlife

2 November 2007
A chirm of Goldfinches were a welcome colourful sight Downs Link Cyclepath north of the Toll Bridge where I chanced upon a Pheasant that flew off, and later I was struck by the appearance of the white tail feathers of a Jay which I had not noticed before. A Stoat (or was it a Weasel?) ambled across the path into undergrowth in roughly the same place one was previously seen

31 October 2007
A Kingfisher fanned its attractive turquoise wings in a semi-circular flight at the eastern end of the Toll Bridge. There were a dozen Moorhens trotting across the freshly churned Lancing College land south of Ladywells. 

30 October 2007
A single female Pheasant trotted down the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge and jumped into the scrub on the side of the path and I could not see it. 

22 October 2007
Seven Pheasants trotted across the bare earth ploughed field immediately north of the A27 Flyover on western side of the River Adur estuary.  A Yellowhammer was spotted north of Cuckoo's Corner

11 October 2007
A chirm of about twenty Goldfinches made an attractive sight flying into the Blackthorn south-east of of the Toll Bridge

7 October 2007
Students of the Landscape Studies advanced education course by the University of Sussex were surveying the riverbank around the high tide mark (at low tide) for flora upriver from Cuckoo's Corner. I was able to identify Spear-leaved Orache amongst the Sea Couch Grass

5 October 2007
A Shrew was seen out in the open for at least 20 seconds on the Downs Link Cyclepath to the west of the Cement Works as the path turns at rightangles (where the bridge used to be) by the River Adur. It was guessed to be about 40 mm in length (excluding its tail) and with a dark grey body. The length is really a very rough guess and it appeared to be large by shrew standards. It scuttled under cover of the Brambles before I could get my camera out. I had seen a shrew in this part of the cyclepath before. It was probably a Common Shrew

2 October 2007
A bright yellow Clouded Yellow Butterfly fluttering over the grassy bit of the towpath by Adur Riverside Industrial Estate (north of Ropetackle, Shoreham, was the only definite butterfly on a cloudy day. On the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge, there was another of the small orange butterflies which would not settle in five minutes. I am tempted to think these are mostly Small Copper Butterflies. There was also another brown moth which was completely different, with a large dark brown abdomen.
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List
21 September 2007
A water plant flowering in the stream by the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Cement Works. 
I originally thought this could be Water Cress,Rorippa nasiturtium-aquaticum. When I asked for double-checking, other people raised doubts. Possibly the One-rowed Water Cress, Nasturtium microphyllum

Speckled Wood Butterfly21 September 2007
Under an overcast sky, a cycle ride along circular route from old Shoreham up the Coombes Road to Botolphs and a return via the Downs Link Cyclepath was longer than usual because the South Downs Bridge was closed for repairs. A Stoat ambling along the the Downs Link Cyclepath just north of the A27 Flyover was surprising with its unusual gait. Four female Pheasants were trotted into undergrowth on the southern edge of a ploughed field south of Cuckoo's Corner
Butterflies seen on route were frequent (30+) Speckled Woods, six Peacocks, occasional Large Whites and Red Admirals, at least one Small White, one Comma (Coombes Road), one Wall Brown (Upper Beeding east of the South Downs Bridge) and one Clouded Yellow (Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge). Common Darters (dragonfly) were frequent and there were a few Southern Hawkers over the Annington Sewer near Botolphs.
Butterfly Report

Southern Hawker18 September 2007
There was just a hint of autumnal chill in the air but the sun shined briefly on the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge, where a Southern Hawker (dragonfly) and few Common Darters flew around. Butterflies were a few Speckled Woods, Large Whites, Red Admirals, and Holly Blue Butterflies. A Clouded Yellow Butterfly fluttered over the vegetation on the east back of the River Adur at low tide.
Adur Butterfly List

4 September 2007
On the Adur Levels, there was a relative paucity of butterflies with frequent Large Whites and a few Small Whites as well, and one Red Admiral, but that was all that were seen in passing. The verge meadows on the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Cement Works did not produce any visible butterflies at all.
A few Common Darters (dragonfly) were seen. 
Full Butterfly Report

29 August 2007
Butterflies were just about frequent by the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge, with a fresh Comma Butterfly, and a Common Blue north of the Buffer Stop and a Small Tortoiseshell and Painted Lady south through the thorn tunnel where around the remnants of Marjoram there were a handful of Common Blues, including a miniature brown female, about half the size of the the largest Common Blue females and about the size of a Small Blue. Large Whites were frequently seen in Shoreham town with the largest numbers over the allotments. 
A dozen White-tailed Bumblebees, Bombus lucorum, visited a pink Sedum plant on Ropetackle. 

26 August 2007
A Painted Lady Butterfly, a Brown Argus, a few Speckled Woods, a few Holly Blues, occasional Red Admirals and occasional Common Blue Butterflies were seen in vegetation by the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge. North of Old Shoreham where I disturbed a female Pheasant that took flight. A few more Red Admirals, occasional Large White Butterflies, one Comma Butterfly and one Brimstone Butterfly, that emerged from Buddleia, were seen. 
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List
19 August 2007
The Hawthorn was in berry on the Downs Link Cyclepath. Broad-leaved Everlasting-pea, Water Mint, Hemp Agrimony, Fleabane, Ragwort and Musk Mallow were seen in flower as well as plenty of the omnipresent Common Mallow.

17 August 2007
Adur Recreation Ground Water Mint

There were large expanses of the white flower of the umbellifer Yarrow in flower at the southern end of Adur Recreation Ground.
Three flowers were growing wild by the towpath as it goes under the Railway Viaduct in Shoreham-by-Sea next to the River Adur. They look like naturalised introductions and their photographs and identities can be found on the web link below.
More Flowers

Meadow Browns on Hardheads with Ox-eye Daisy10 August 2007
A cycle jaunt along the Downs Link Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham produced mostly 20+ Meadow Browns each way and the majority of these were the larger females. Large Whites were frequently seen but only the occasional Small White in town and country. Occasional Red Admirals were noted settling on Hemp Agrimony on the path verges. Holly Blues and Speckled Woods were seen occasionally. At least one bright yellow Brimstone Butterfly stood out on the return journey and the white butterfly was most likely a Brimstone as well. The only Gatekeeper Butterfly seen on the day was underneath the Railway Viaduct near Ropetackle. 
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List

1 August 2007
On the Downs Link Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham in the warm (25.0 ºC) afternoon sunshine along with the frequent Gatekeepers, and Meadow Browns and occasional Holly Blues, I found two Common Blues visiting a mud pool north of the Cement Works, recorded a few Peacock Butterflies (plus two in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road later), two Red Admirals, one Small White, one Green-veined White Butterfly and a 6-spot Burnet Moth and a Silver Y Moth disturbed in the verge meadows. I expect there were many more of these large moths
I noted Mugwort, Canadian Goldenrod, Wild Thyme and Hemp Agrimony in flower on the cyclepath south of the Cement Works and I have not noted these down before. 

19 July 2007
Small CopperAs the sun came out so did the butterflies with a Clouded Yellow by the River Adur at Upper Beeding (just north of the Cement Works) and a Small Copper visiting an Ox-eye Daisy on the Downs Link Cyclepath north of the A27 Flyover. The last one was was the most unexpected and spotted in the meadows south of the Cement Works as I cycled along the bumpy path. Melilot was particularly prolific, often the tallest plant in the meadows. Peacock Butterflies were frequently (over a dozen) seen resting on the path, usually with their wings closed, but they were quick to open them. 
Full Butterfly List

15 July 2007
A dozen Common Blue Damselflies, one Ruddy Darter and one Southern Hawker were all the first of the year for these damselflies and dragonflies. And they were all seen immediately over the Annington Sewer stream by the Oak tree at the northern boundary of the Salting's Field, east of Annington. 
The gamut of butterflies along the Downs Link Cyclepath included frequent bright Peacock Butterflies, frequent Meadow Browns, frequent Gatekeepers, occasional Red Admirals, occasional Large Whites, occasional possibly Green-veined Whites (not confirmed), occasional Speckled Woods and three Comma Butterflies.

14 July 2007
My first Clouded Yellow Butterfly since the beginning of May was seen in one of the their most likely spots on the verge meadow south of the Cement Works on the Downs Link Cyclepath. The observation  evidence leads me to the possibility that they may breed here amongst the proliferation of herbs including Bird's Foot Trefoil. I cycled to Bramber Bridge and back in the midday sunshine and along the route spotted frequent bright Peacock Butterflies, frequent Meadow Browns, frequent Gatekeepers, occasional Red Admirals, occasional Large Whites, occasional Small Whites, occasional possibly Green-veined Whites (not confirmed), occasional Speckled Woods, occasional Comma Butterflies, occasional Small Tortoiseshells, but no Sussex/Essex Skippers were disturbed in a few minutes amongst the Melilot and Knapweeds etc. A faded Painted Lady showed on the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge with a handful of 6-spot Burnet Moths whirring around.
Ten butterfly species and one possible

13 July 2007
I enjoyed a leisurely pedal along the Downs Link Cyclepath noting the frequency of bright Peacock Butterflies on the path, frequent Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers on the verges, occasional Small Whites and Large Whites, and a few more faded Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and Comma Butterflies. I stopped at the Downs Link Cyclepath verge meadow just south of the Cement Works where there were frequent Small/Essex Skippers flitting about, but they never settled long enough for a photograph. There were also a handful of 6-spot Burnet Moths whirring in between the herbs. 
Adur Burnet Moths
19 July 2007

The herb list was extended by the addition of Squinancywort and others to be named. There were masses of Buddleia, Melilot, Scentless Mayweed, Hardheads, Greater Knapweed, Lady's Bedstraw, and the very noticeable Purple Toadflax and Viper's Bugloss.

11 July 2007
A fresh air detour on and around the Downs Link Cyclepath by the Toll Bridge produced a bright Peacock Butterfly, two Small/Essex Skippers, a few Large Whites, a few Gatekeepers and a few Meadow Browns in a peruse of about 15 minutes. 
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List
8 July 2007
Buddleia in flower on the Downs Link cyclepath north of the Cement Works. This bush attracted Comma Butterflies, Peacock Butterflies and Red Admirals

5 July 2007
A round trip to Cuckoo's Corner produced occasional Large White Butterflies, a few Red Admirals, a few Small White Butterflies, at least one Gatekeeper, one Meadow Brown underneath the A27 Flyover, and north of Cuckoo's Corner beside the drainage ditch there were at least two Marbled Whites and a good condition Peacock Butterfly and a Common Darter (dragonfly)
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List

2 July 2007
Small Tortoiseshell on Common MallowSwifts and House Martins filled the air swooping and diving over the Oil Seed Rape field and the River Adur from Old Shoreham Toll Bridge towards Cuckoo's Corner where on the towpath on the western side of there was at least one Red Admiral Butterfly, the first of the Large Whites and at least one Small Tortoiseshell visited Mallow amongst the Stinging Nettles and other plants underneath the A27 Flyover. Apart from regular but only occasional Large Whites that was the extent of the butterflies until I detoured a passage route through the Butterfly Copse near the Waterworks Road I nearly trod on adult Slow Worm on the steps as I tried to photograph a small hoverfly. A Comma Butterfly basked on the wooden railing. Amongst the shrubbery at the back of the gardens and over the Stinging Nettles adjoining the path on the south side of Frampton's Field, there was another Red Admiral and a pair of Holly Blues
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List

1 July 2007
Meadow Brown Butterflies matingMy first Swift of the year performed acrobatics in the Fresh Breeze (Force 5) over the River Adur north of Old Shoreham Toll Bridge. My first Small Skipper (butterfly), my first 6-spot Burnet Moth, my first hoverfly Volucella bombylans var. plumata and my first Common Darter (dragonfly) of 2007 were spotted on the Downs Link path south of the Buffer Stop in Shoreham town. The flowering Buddleia (north of the Toll Bridge) attracted frequent butterflies including Comma, Red Admiral and Peacock. After the recent rain a few Marbled White and occasional Large White Butterflies fluttered over the verge meadows full of a fresh selection of wild flowers including Hardheads (=Lesser Knapweed), Viper's Bugloss, Ox-eye Daisies, Scentless Mayweed, Pyramidal Orchids, Creeping Thistle, Common Mallow, Rough Hawkbits, Meadow Vetchling, Lady's Bedstraw, Melilot, Great Willow-herb, Rosebay Willowherb, Perforate St. John's Wort, Self-heal, Wild Basil, Yarrow and many others I have forgotten or overlooked. The extreme southern end of the Downs Link path added the beginnings of Marjoram and Hemp Agrimony. About twenty Meadow Brown Butterflies seen included a mating pair. Lesser Burdock was in flower near the river towpath. 
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Adur Wild Flowers 2007
Adur Burnet Moths

28 June 2007
On an overcast middle of the day, the first butterfly seen was a persistent (it seemed to be following me) Painted Lady on the Downs Link path south of the Toll Bridge. Large White Butterflies were particularly noticeable with half a dozen fluttering around the Creeping Thistle underneath the A27 Flyover by the western towpath on the way to Cuckoo's Corner. I disturbed a few Meadow Brown Butterflies on the towpath and a pristine Red Admiral just before Cuckoo's Corner. Directly north of Cuckoo's Corner on the path that runs by the drainage ditch there were more Large Whites and two good condition Small Tortoiseshells seen and there may have been more as conditions were not very good for butterflies. Lastly in the field south of the junction to Applesham Farm a Marbled White Butterfly was seen with its wings closed on a Spear Thistle flower. 

13 June 2007
The flower illustrated on the right was growing wild amongst the tall vegetation and Stinging Nettles on the western verge of the southern footpath section of the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham. It was a Hedge Woundwort*, Stachys sylvatica. I had never seen one in flower before. Woundworts have been recorded from Mash Barn Lane, Lancing.

A faded Painted Lady Butterfly left a Hawthorn bush just south of the Toll Bridge. A pristine Comma Butterfly and a similarly fine condition Speckled Wood Butterfly and Red Admiral were seen in the southern footpath section of the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham.
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List

12 June 2007
In the breezy (Force 5) warm (>21.9 ºC) sunshine, butterflies on the Adur Levels were blown about considerably. I had time to note a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly on the towpath adjacent to Shoreham Airport, followed by a Red Admiral and a Painted Lady, before cycling across the Toll Bridge and joining the Downs Link (cyclepath) going north. On the cyclepath there were occasional Red Admirals, and Painted Ladies, but mostly there were about a dozen Meadow Browns, including a female. 
At Annington Corner (by the Oak Tree), I noted about twenty Common Blue Damselflies and a handful of Large Red Damselflies over the stream. A least one pair of Common Blue Damselflies were pairing up, but mostly they were flitting about. 
On the return trip I spotted four Large Whites (one so yellow it could have been a Brimstone?) and a restless Marbled White Butterfly
Full Butterfly Report

11 June 2007
Immediately, I turned on to the Downs Link Cyclepath from Old Shoreham Road, I disturbed a Red Admiral Butterfly and within three minutes I had chalked up two Large Skippers, two Painted Ladies and a Holly Blue Butterfly. A White-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus lucorum, and a Red-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius, both visited the handful of Perforate St. John's Wort in flower.
Adur Bumblebees

Along the towpath south of Cuckoo's Corner I disturbed a resting and yellowish Small White Butterfly and much to my surprise as I neared Cuckoo's Corner two pristine Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies rose from the path adjacent to a large bed of Stinging Nettles. 
The tiny flowers of the Lesser Sea-spurrey, Spergularia marina, were seen on the edge of the Sea Purslane and the towpath north of Cuckoo's Corner. 
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List

8 June 2007
I recorded my personal first of two Painted Ladies and my first Meadow Brown Butterflies of the year on the Downs Link Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham. It was the darker brown male. A Large White Butterfly flew over the Ox-eye Daisies on the path's meadow-like verges.
Full Butterfly Report
White Campions in the verge meadow Bee Orchid
Bird's Foot Trefoil

Flowers seen for the first time this year on the Downs Link Cyclepath included Common Toadflax, Greater Knapweed and Perforate St. John's Wort.  A single flowering Bee Orchid stalk was noticed in the long grass and herb meadow. The dominant flower were the Ox-eye Daises, but there were substantial patches of White Campion, Dandelions, Mouse-eared Hawkweeds, Bird's Foot Trefoil*and White and Red Clovers. There were occasional Pyramidal and Common Spotted Orchids and Hoary Plantain, Plantago media.
Two Robin's Pin Cushions (a gall) were seen close together. 
Comfrey (ID by Ray Hamblett) Robin's Pin Cushion

The first small flower in the sequence was amongst long grass on a hay meadow (and occasional pasture) next to the River Adur (photographed on 3 June 2007). This is a common species resistant to herbicide used on the field. It looks like one of the chickweeds, maybe Field Mouse-ear (but maybe not?)

A patch of Comfrey, Symphytum,next to the Downs Link Cyclepath as it ran parallel to Dacre Gardens (just north of the Cement Works) was attractive to bumblebees.
Adur Orchids

(* Bird's Foot Trefoil by the Downs Link Cyclepath is a substantial larger and bulkier plant than the prostrate forms found on Mill Hill.

3 May 2007
A Reed Bunting, alongside the drainage ditch between the two fields (one of Broad Beans and the other of flowering Oil Seed Rape) directly north of Cuckoo's Corner, was making such a racket with its varied calls that I went to investigate to see it flying between the thin reed stems.
I saw my first two dragonflies of the year, one a dark blue and the other a familiar blue and green of what appeared to be a Southern Hawker. Aeshna cyanea. However, David Kitching on UK Dragonflies (Yahoo Group) thinks it was much likely to be a Hairy Dragonfly, Brachytron pratense, and after thinking about the two dragonflies seen (smaller than the familiar Southern Hawker) I feel that this is the correct identification. This is indicated by the early flight time as well. This is the most reliable record of the Hairy Dragonfly on these Nature Notes web pages.
Full Report

Late April 2007
Pairs of Goldfinches were an occasional and regular sight. 
13 April 2007
A juvenile Slow Worm, the first I had seen in 2007, slithered slowly over the towpath next to Adur Riverbank Business Park near the petrol pump storage area. 

11 April 2007
By the Ladywell Stream on the Coombes Road my first two male Orange Tip Butterflies of the year could be seen clearly fluttering in the distance, over a bed of Lesser Celandine and Dandelions, 60 metres or so north of the Garlic Mustard flowering just north of Cuckoo's Corner.
Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Adur Butterfly Flight Times (New File)
Adur Wild Flowers
10 April 2007
A Small White looked at a mating pair of Small White Butterflies before fluttering away rapidly over the Coastal Link Cyclepath (south of the Toll Bridge). Later, the pair flew off still copulating. 
A Peacock and two Brimstone Butterflies made an appearance in a five minute visit to the Waterworks Road (footpath section). 
Adur Butterfly List

8 April 2007
In the sunshine, the Sloethorn was in flower on the Adur Levels. Pussy Willow catkins were noticeable.

26 March 2007
Yellow flowers were virtually the only ones on the Coastal Link Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham Toll Bridge as far as the disused Cement Works with Gorse, Coltsfoot, Lesser Celandine, Dandelions and Cowslips all in the flower. The Coltsfoot was frequent and quite widespread over the shorn verges, but the Cowslips were few and a bit limp. 
The Pussy Willow catkins were noticeable with the occasional tree in the hedgerows bordering the dismantled railway track path. 

On the towpath nearer the River Adur, the first Ground Ivy of the year was seen amongst grasses. Queen Buff-tailed Bumblebees were occasionally seen.

24 March 2007
Swerving in flight over the Coastal Link Cyclepath south of Old Shoreham Toll Bridge, the sleek form of a male Sparrowhawk was an impressive sight for about a second, flying at a height of about 1.5 metres above the path.

8 March 2007
Several flocks of small birds comprising about a hundred in total, notably Chaffinches and Greenfinches, flew south-west briefly resting in small budding broadleaf (without leaf) trees at the western edge of Adur Recreation Ground before flying over the fields towards Old Salts Farm. 
23 February 2007
A score or so flowers of Lesser Celandine were seen on the road verges of the Coombes Road near Ladywell's to the north of Cuckoo's Corner
7 March 2007
My first Coltsfoot grew in a clump on a flower bed on Ropetackle almost under the Railway Viaduct over the River Adur.

Damp Pasture below Mill Hill
2 March 2007

23 February 2007
There was a noticeable amount of small bird life around Cuckoo's Corner, on the Coombes Road, where small flocks of Chaffinches, mixed Blue Tits and Great Tits and one Great Spotted Woodpecker were spotted. The birds were shyer than garden birds even though peanuts and a fatball had been provided and were being visited by the tits. 

4 February 2007

The orange branches of what I believe to be the Golden Willow, Salix alba x fragilis, brightens up a rather dull but unseasonably sunny day. This on the Adur Levels on the same latitude as Erringham Hill, but east of the Old Shoreham to Beeding road (the old road now leads to Old Erringham). There was noticeable small bird activity, with birds flitting into the hedgerows and disappearing. 

ID confirmation/suggestion by Helen Lee

31 January 2007
On the wildlife road verge near Ladywell's to the north of Cuckoo's Corner on the Coombes Road, I spotted a yellow buttercup-like flower which turned out as expected to be my first Lesser Celandine flower of the year. 
There appeared to be Mole Hills of dark brown earth on the western Adur towpath between the A27 Flyover and Cuckoo's Corner. 

Adur Levels 2006

13 July 2006
Southern Migrant Hawker (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)
A splendid Southern Migrant Hawker, Aeshna affinis, and both male and female Ruddy Darters were captured on camera. They were discovered on the Adur Levels about a half mile north of the A27 Flyover. The dragonflies were seen in the narrow area of the drainage ditches and pastures between the cyclepath and the River Adur. (TQ 202 075). (This is very close to where I visited the day before.) The Southern Migrant Hawker is a rare immigrant dragonfly and the last one was discovered in Kent in 1952. 
Identification by David Appleton Report with Images
Adur Dragonflies 2006

Adur Levels 2006

River Adur Estuary Wildlife 2006

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