Adur Levels & Estuary 2018

15 February 2018
With squelchy mud and standing water off the Down’s Link Cyclepath in stuck to the hard surfaces on a circular unplanned cycle ride from Ropetackle to Botolphs and back along the Coombes Road in the late afternoon. Hazel catkins showed on a single tree next to the Silver Birch trees north of the Erringham Gap on the cyclepath. Otherwise there was much colour or movement. Snowdrops showed in abundance in Botolphs churchyard and in the semi-wild near Coombes where I spotted a solitary Lesser Celandine in flower. At Botolphs I was fortunate to spot a male Kestrel in level flight at eye level for a second.

Hazel Catkins
Down's Link Cyclepath near the Erringham Gap

Hazel, Corylus avellanais a deciduous broadleaf tree native to the British Isles.
Catkin: a downy, hanging flowering spike of trees such as Willow and Hazel, pollinated by the wind.
At Old Shoreham by the Tollbridge, the Lapwing flock was in excess of a hundred with as many still roosting on the mud flats. Over north Shoreham a murmuration of a thousand plus Starlings on passage at half four was in the proportions seen over the ruins of the West Pier at Brighton.

1 February 2018


My first Snowdrop of the year was seen in  a Lancing garden. A flock of seventy or so Lapwings wheeled in unison over the Tollbridge at Old Shoreham before settling on the Adur estuary mud at low tide.

16 January 2018

Coombes Road

Mud and water was everywhere with the Ladywells Stream by the Scout Hut on the Coombes Road flowing strongly over the weir. A score and more of Lapwings perched on the river mud with a few Redshanks and a Cormorant fanning its wings north of the Tollbridge.

12 January 2018
At low tide on the River Adur by Ropetackle a LIttle Grebe was swept quickly down stream in the rapids, but dived into the shallow water. A single Oystercatcher patrolled the gravel tideline as the light quickly faded..

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