The harbour town of New Shoreham dates back to Norman times when they built the church of St. Mary de Haura that still dominates the town. The town street pattern is still the same as the medieval layout that served the quays and wharves of the harbour at that time.

Coronation Green

Adur World Oceans Day 2003 will be held on Coronation Green, west of Sussex Yacht Club and next to the footbridge that connects the High Street with Shoreham Beach. On 2 June 2001, the incoming tide will begin to lap against the edges of the green and by midday the River Adur will be in full flood tide, just as the tide as ebbed and flowed over the centuries. The 1792 map named it Legal Quay, but the harbour has now moved east with the changing harbour entrance, and Coronation Green is now a recreation area with views over the estuary.

Adur Festival

Adur Festival events will begin to happen about 10 o'clock in the morning, with music events in nearby East Street and art displays in the Tarmount Studios in walking distance. St. Mary's churchyard will also host festival events. The World Day displays will start around this time, although the lobsters and sharks will not arrive until about one hour later.


A Hazy Day

View from St. Mary's Church Tower looking south towards the footbridge and the river. The road running north to south is East Street. The tide is about one hour off low water.

This year is the 900th anniversary of the St. Mary de Haura Church, New Shoreham.