Blue Fungi

28 November 2006
I discovered some unusual blue-green mushrooms in a shady lawn area of St Bernards Court, Broadwater, Worthing. They were close to some wooden edging.
Report and Photographs by Ray Hamblett on Lancing Nature Notes
and on the flickr British Fungi & Lichens Gallery
Ray Hambett's Fungi Portfolio
Photograph by Ray Hamblett Photograph by Ray Hamblett Photograph by Ray Hamblett

These were first identified as fresh specimens of the Verdigris Agaric, Stropharia aeruginosa, the first of this species recorded on these Nature Notes pages.

ID Suggestion by Andy Horton (Source: Oxford Book of Flowerless Plants)

As soon as I could see the stem it confirmed it due to a sort of feathery pattern to it.

Confirmed Fungi ID suggestion and extra comment by Mark Pike on British Fungi (Yahoo Group)

It is a Stropharia: Stropharia caerulea (=S. cyanea) or Stropharia pseudocynea if it smelled of pepper!). The last species smells of pepper and is not included in the Roger's guide on the Stropharia genus.
Bio Record of Species Entry for Stropharia aeruginosa

I wondered about Stropharia aeruginosa, as the cap is much brighter blue than you normally see in Stropharia caerulea or Stropharia pseudocynea. But Stropharia aeruginosa is an uncommon woodland species and your habitat looked like amenity grassland (there was a board and a straight edge to the grass) which is dead right for Strophari acaerulea.
Stropharia aeruginosa has a persistent, spreading, membranous ring, whereas the other two have a weak fugacious (=disappearing) ring. It also has white spots on the cap margin, although these can wash off. If you want to be really certain, you need to check the cystidia on the gill edge (microscope).

Identification by Malcolm Storey (BioImages) on the Fungi of the British Isles (Yahoo Group)

Further photographs by Ray Hamblett were taken that seems to lead to my original ID at least to genus level.

It is not Clitocybe odora.

Roger's List

Stropharia aeruginosa
Stropharia albonitens
Stropharia ambigua
Stropharia aurantiaca
Stropharia coronilla
Stropharia cyanea
Stropharia hardii
Stropharia hornemannii
Stropharia rugosoannulata
Stropharia semiglobata
Stropharia squamosa

Mapmate List

Stropharia aeruginosa (Curtis) Quél.
Stropharia albonitens (Fr.) P. Karst.
Stropharia aurantiaca (Cooke) P.D. Orton
Stropharia coronilla (Bull.) Fr.
Stropharia cyanea (Bolton) Tuom.{?}
Stropharia hypsipoda (Fr.) P. Karst.
Stropharia inuncta (Fr.) Quél.
Stropharia luteonitens (Vahl) Quél.
Stropharia melanosperma (Bull.) Bres.
Stropharia pseudocyanea (Desm.) Fr.
Stropharia rugosoannulata Farl. ex Murrill
Stropharia semiglobata (Batsch) Fr.
Stropharia semiglobata var. stercoraria (Schumach.) J.E. Lange
Stropharia semilibera
Stropharia squamulosa (Massee) Massee
Stropharia thrausta (Schulzer ex Kalchbr.) Sacc.
Stropharia thrausta var. aurantiaca

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