Blue Butterflies of Shoreham
Chalkhill Blue (Photograph by Allen Pollard)
Chalkhill Blue (Photograph by Andy Horton) showing underwing
Female Chalkhill Blue  by Andy Horton
Female Chalkhill Blue
Male CHALKHILL BLUE     Underside Female Underside
Underside of the blue butterflies (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Adonis Blue female (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)
Female Adonis Blue Butterfly (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Male ADONIS BLUE    Underside Female Underside
Common Blue (Photograph by Andy Horton)
at Beeding Hill (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Male COMMON BLUE     Underside Female Underside
Sex not determined HOLLY BLUE     Underside  male   Female Underside 
Brown Argus (Photograph by Andy Horton)
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Adonis Blue or Chalkhill Blue?
NB: I have been looking through some images of Chalkhill Blues from Mill Hill taken this month and many have the full array of orange spots on the lower hindwing, and only a faint black spot in the large tadpole/anchor like mark. So I am happy to identify the butterfly on the immediate left as a female Chalkhill Blue. 

The photograph on the far left was taken on 7 September 2003.

Chalkhill Blue Butterfly female
 Adonis or Chalkhill? Female
Adonis or Chalkhill ?

Female Common Blue or Brown Argus