Butterflies: Adur notes



Lower Adur Valley and Downs
 Small Tortoiseshell  Aglais urticae  Frequent - Very Common Downs, gardens and Adur Levels
 Orange Tip  Anthocharis cardamines  Rare - Occasional Woods Mill 
Lancing Manor
Adur Levels
   Ringlet  Aphantopus hyperantus  Rare
(One record, more expected)
Slonk Hill south
   Dark Green Fritillary  Argynnis aglaja   Possible, but not recorded
   Brown Argus  Aricia agestis   Slonk Hill south
Mill Hill
 Green-veined White  Artogeia napi  Rare - Frequent Adur Levels
Mill Hill
   Green Hairstreak  Callophrys rubi  Rare Reported from Lancing Ring
Pepperscombe (W. of Steyning) 
Mill Hill  (unconfirmed)
 Holly Blue  Celastrina argiolus  Common Lancing, outskirts of the town centre, spring. Shoreham town. Lancing Clump
Adur Levels
 Small Heath  Coenonympha pamphilus  Frequent Mill Hill and other Downs
Halewick Lane, Lancing.
Clouded Yellow  Colias croceus  Rare - Common Immigrant, absent or rare most years but common everywhere except gardens in 2000. 
Slonk Hill 2002.
 Dingy Skipper  Erynnis tages  Frequent Mill Hill
Upper Beeding.
 Brimstone  Gonepteryx rhamni  Occasional - Frequent Reported from North Lancing (urban area). 
Lancing churchyards. 
Mill Hill. Downs
Adur Levels
 Peacock  Inachis io  Frequent Lancing Clump and Widewater. Lancing churchyards. Adur Levels
Downs, Town centres and gardens.
 Wall Brown  Lasiommata megera  Frequent Occasionally spotted on the Downs
Adur Levels
Shoreham town.
 Small Copper  Lycaena phlaes  Occasional - Frequent Southwick Hill
Beeding Hill
Adur Levels
Lancing Clump
Mill Hill lower slopes
 Adonis Blue  Polyommatus bellargus  Rare - Common Southwick Hill.
Mill Hill.
 Chalkhill Blue  Polyommatus coridon  Frequent - Abundant Common on the Upper Downs.
 Meadow Brown  Maniola jurtina  Common Common on the Downs and Adur Levels
Town centres and gardens
 Marbled White  Melanargia galathea  Frequent - Common Upper Downs occasional, sometimes common. 
Sometimes abundant on McIntyres Field (near Lancing Clump)
 Large Skipper  Ochlodes venata  Occasional - Frequent Lancing Ring, Mill Hill
 Speckled Wood  Pararge aegeria  Frequent - Common Frequent at Lancing Clump. Occasionally at Mill Hill and other Downs scrub, and near Buckingham Park. Lancing churchyards.
   Large White  Pieris brassicae  Common Gardens, Downs, Beach and Adur Levels
   Small White  Pieris rapae  Common - Very Common Gardens,Downs, Beach and Adur Levels
 Comma  Polygonia c-album  Rare - Frequent Lancing Clump and Lancing churchyards. Shoreham Town
Adur Levels
 Common Blue  Polyommatus icarus  Common Beach and Downs, occasionally from the Adur Levels.
 Grizzled Skipper  Pyrgus malvae  Frequent Mill Hill
Slonk Hill North
 Gatekeeper  Pyronia tithonus  Common - Very Common Adur Levels and scrub areas of the Downs. Town.
 Essex Skipper  Thymelicus lineola  Frequent Downs
 Small Skipper  Thymelicus sylvestris  Frequent Lancing Ring, Mill Hill, Southwick Hill, wasteland in towns, Adur Levels
 Red Admiral  Vanessa atalanta  Common Parks & Gardens and Adur Levels. Lancing Ring. Mill Hill. Southwick Hill
Shoreham and Lancing Beach.
 Painted Lady  Vanessa cardui  Frequent - Common Widewater Lagoon  Towpath on the Adur between Shoreham and Bramber 
Lancing Ring
Mossy Bottom and Mill Hill



ABUNDANT 1000- 10,000
VERY COMMON = 500-1000
COMMON 100-500
FREQUENT 10 - 50

Scarce 1-10 per year
Very Scarce 2 or 3 per year

Rare   less than one every year
Very Rare   1-5 records in total since 2000

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