Butterfly Notes for 4 August 2006:

Brown Argus Brown Argus Brimstone Butterfly
Brown Argus
Brown Argus
Common Blue Butterflies
Brimstone Butterfly

  The list (15):
Small White  E 12+ Everywhere
Red Admiral  E  25+  Everywhere, but mostly on the Coastal Link Cyclepath near Buddleia.
Comma  2 Butterfly Copse near the Waterworks Road  2
Painted Lady  2 Mill Hill upper plateau 1  Adur Levels Field near Miller's Stream 1
Common Blue E 400+ Slonk Hill south 100+   Mill Hill 200+ (upper & middle) lower 31, Coastal Link Cyclepath 70+
Massively under-recorded as hiding. Estimates for Mill Hill at 4500.
Brimstone  3+ Mill Hill middle 1, upper 1, Coastal Link Cyclepath 1 or 2
Small Copper  2+ Slonk Hill Cutting 1 confirmed, one likely in flight, possibly more on the south meadowbank
Meadow Brown  E 80+ Slonk Hill Cutting meadowbank 20+  Mill Hill 40+  in transit 10+ Coastal Link Cyclepath 15+ Adur Levels Fields 5+
Holly Blue  12+ Slonk Hill & Buckingham Cutting path hedges and overgrown bits 4+, Pixie Path 4+, Mill Hill 1, Waterworks Road Butterfly Copse 1, Coastal Link Cyclepath 2+, possibly more
Gatekeeper  E 40+ Buckingham Cutting 5+  Mill Hill lower 20+  Coastal Link Cyclepath 15+
Speckled Wood  E 16+ Slonk Hill spinney 3+  Mill Hill scrub 5+  Waterworks Road 3+  Coastal Link Cyclepath 5+, possibly more
Chalkhill Blue  129 Mill Hill lower counted at 100, Old Erringham by stile 1, Mill Hill middle 11 upper 11, Mill Hill Cutting 5 Buckingham Cutting south 1 (first time seen there)  Mill Hill estimates at 450 on the hill. Females 20% +
Brown Argus  20+ First seen and confirmed in the Triangle middle section of Mill Hill, with a handful there, but many more in the upper meadows. Confirmed specimen in a field by the Coastal LInk Cyclepath and the River Adur, where the flash of silver underwing when flying was noted. Flying with male and female Common Blues. 
Wall Brown  2 Mill Hill Triangle 1  Upper plateau 1, possible on the Pixie Path (disturbed by a dog)
Large White  3+ First one was confirmed on the Pixie Path
Common Blue on Fleabane (Adur Levels) Common Blue on Fleabane (Adur Levels) Brown Argus Holly Blue (Buckingham Cutting south)

  Holly Blue (Buckingham Cutting south)