Chickweeds and similar small plants
CARYOPHYLLACEAE (chickweeds, stitchworts and campions)

Stellaria (chickweeds)
Rank Taxon
Species Stellaria graminea L. (Lesser Stitchwort)
Species Stellaria holostea L. (Greater Stitchwort)
Aggregate Stellaria media agg. (L.) Vill. (chickweeds)
Species Stellaria media (L.) Villars (Common Chickweed)
Species Stellaria nemorum L. (Wood Stitchwort)
Species Stellaria palustris Retz (Marsh Stitchwort)
Species Stellaria uliginosa Murray (Bog Stitchwort

Cerastium (mouse-ears)
Rank Taxon
Species Cerastium arvense L. (Field Mouse-ear)
Species Cerastium fontanum Baumg. (Common Mouse-ear)
Species Cerastium glomeratum Thuill. (Sticky Mouse-ear)
Species Cerastium semidecandrum L. (Little Mouse-ear)
Species Cerastium tomentosum L. (Snow-in-summer)

17 June 2007

As you can see quite well on the pictures of Prof. Busselen, the petals of Stellaria media are almost completely divided, whereas those of Cerastium fontanum vulgare are only 'cut in half'. The leaves of the first one have a more 'succulent' aspect (don't know if that's the correct word in English), and don't have the hairy aspect that has the second. I see know that the latter is called 'Common Mouse-ear' in English... that's of course because of those hairs on the leaves....

ID confirmation and comments by Anne Tanne on flickr
June 2007
Common Mouse-ear 
Hay Meadow
Adur Levels
Stellaria graminea L. 
Lesser Stitchwort
Wildlife Meadow : Downs Link
Common Mouse-ear
Cattle Pasture
Anchor Bottom

There are a few dimunitive white plants, some Chickweeds and some in the same family that I have got to sort out to species. Some of these are illustrated immediately above this text.
5 June 2007

Common Mouse-ear,
Cerastium fontanum

Pixie Path

Chickweed or Mouse-ear ? 7 May 2006

Common Mouse-ear,
Cerastium fontanum

This flower was recorded on the Pixie Path

Common Mouse-ear 29 April 2005

Identified as a Common Mouse-ear on the Pixie Path

22 April 2003 & 10 May 2004
The Patch, Mill Hill
Field Mouse-ear on the Triangle at Mill Hill (Photograph by Andy Horton)

Field Mouse-ear
Cerastium arvense

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