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Coastal saline lagoons and the Water Framework Directive (NECR039)

A number of coastal saline lagoons in the UK have been identified as ‘water bodies’ under the Water Framework Directive. This means that there is a requirement to develop type-based classification tools to help assess their ecological status. This study was commissioned by Natural England to inform future work of the UK Technical Advisory Group and Marine Task Team in developing a national consistent approach to the assessment of lagoons under the Water Framework Directive.

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7 May 2013
On Widewater Lagoon, a pair of Mute Swans escorted six small cygnets, and three Bar-tailed Godwits probed repeatedly in the mud on the shore edge.

Bar-tailed Godwits seem to be only a recent visitor to the lagoon and I have not recorded before the winter of 2012-13.
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2 May 2013
A push-net shrimping expedition off Southwick Beach, caught a meal of Brown Shrimp, Crangon crangon, plus some large venomous Lesser Weevers, Echiichthys vipera, as well as a few Solenettes (Slipper Soles), Buglossidium luteum and 5-Bearded Rocklings, Ciliata mustela.

Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden

21 April 2013
Another Dolphin (or the same one as before?) was seen in the entrance to Shoreham Harbour.

Report on World Sea Fishing
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14 April 2013

Bathed by a weak sunshine and the welcome signs of a long awaited spring with my first Swallow flying low over the Adur mud flats seen from the southern end of the old Footbridge. Later two adult Wall Lizards, Podarcis muralis, poked therir heads of the carnot wall of the Old Fort, Shoreham Beach.. They were a bit tentative and skittered back into their holes in the wall when they got nervous, but the second lizard popped back out again about ten seconds later. The west facing wall was heated by the sun (at 13.0 °C)
The air temperature reached a high of 16.1 °C at 4:00 pm. This was easily the highest of the year so far. (This reading seems like an anomaly.)
Shoreham Weather 2013
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4 March 2013
I spotted by first reptile of the year: a single sandy coloured Wall Lizard, Podarcis muralis, skittered over the south facing wall of the Old Fort, Shoreham Beach.

21 January 2013
There was still some snow on the ground out of town and the downs were covered in a white carpet. Even on the beach there was snow to be seen above the high tide mark.

Brent Geese

Two black Brent Geese visited Widewater where a male Kestrel landed on the beach side of the car park near the bridge. A Meadow Pipit perched on a chestnut fence. At least one Teal swam on the lagoon.

 Brent Geese, Branta bernicla

10 January 2013
We were amazed to see a Painted Lady Butterfly flying north past Shoreham Old Fort while out birding; our first butterfly of 2013.

Report by Peter Gibbs on Sussex Butterfly Reports

 Sussex Ornithological Society News

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