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Coastal & Intertidal     2018

 Reports from the sea, shore and coast, including Widewater Lagoon


Coastal saline lagoons and the Water Framework Directive (NECR039)

A number of coastal saline lagoons in the UK have been identified as ‘water bodies’ under the Water Framework Directive. This means that there is a requirement to develop type-based classification tools to help assess their ecological status. This study was commissioned by Natural England to inform future work of the UK Technical Advisory Group and Marine Task Team in developing a national consistent approach to the assessment of lagoons under the Water Framework Directive.

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8 June
Adur World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day was first declared as 8th June at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Events occurred all around the world on and around this day.

Adur World Oceans Day

United Nations: World Oceans Day.


11 May 2018

Sea Kale, Sea Campion
Thrift, Bird's Foot Trefoil
Widewater Margins

My first male Common Blue Butterfly of the year visited Bird's Foot Trefoil on the Widewater shingle margins.

6 April 2018

Wall Lizard

On a day the weather forecasters predicted to be warmer than it actually was my first reptiles of the year were a couple of Wall Lizards, Podarcis muralis, by Shoreham Fort. With a wind chill and blustered about by a steady Force 5 from the east, I did not feel inclined to search for any more.
Adur Lizards & Snakes

24 March 2018

Pintail on Widewater

A duck was seen on Widewater in the afternoon. I did not recognise it immediately in poor light at the eastern end in the middle of the lagoon, so a Pintail is unlikely to be a regular visitor to Shoreham. I have not recorded one before.
Pintail SOS status: Fairly common winter visitor and scarce on observed passage; occasionally summers and has bred.

20 March 2018
An Avocet is spotted on the exposed waterlogged mud of Brooklands Boating Lake. The Avocet is a rare visitor to the lower Adur Valley and local shores.
(SOS: Scarce winter visitor and passage migrant; scarce and localised Sussex)

Photo Report by Sarah Reeve
13 March 2018
The weather was pleasant enough to spot my first bumblebee of the year, a Buff-tailed Bumblebee visited a flower shop in Lancing.

A Kestrel hovered over the Tamarisk at Widewater.

1 February 2018
Wrapped up with gloves and a woolly hat, I cycled the circular route to Lancing and back, via Shoreham Beach where the largee lorries had churned up the shingle above the high tide mark of Shoreham Beach Nature Reserve, probably obliterating two scarce plants for Sussex, namely the Sea Rocket and Ray's Knotgrass.

Red-breasted Merganser 

On Widewater a householder spooked a female Red-breasted Merganser into rapid flight from the shallow eastern end of the lagoon. Three minutes later a Kestrel flew rapidly over with a large item of prey in its talons.
Four Mute Swans occupied the island at the eastern end with a Little Egret foraging around the margins. A further two Swans were on the water by the bridge.

Fencing around Brooklands Lake made it a rather unattractive place to visit, although the diggers for the remedial work were not active. Fresh water from the Teville Stream ran rapidly over the small weir and into the lake. The rippled water hosted a Moorhen and a Coot.

25 January 2018

Sawbills at Widewater Lagoon South Lancing
Photograph & Comments by Robert North

Left to right was a female Red breasted Merganser followed a male. At the top, a male Goosander was followed by a female.

14 January 2018

Sponge-covered Scallop

On a cool (air temp 4.0 °C - 8.2 °C with wind chill) clear day there was very little wildlife of note. Lignite washed ashore on the strandline of Shoreham Beach where a sponge-covered scallop stood out amongst the strands of seaweeds.

12 January 2018
In the early afternoon these were no notenworthy birds on Widewater. Just a Turnstone foraging on the shingle edge of the sea nearby.

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