Adur Coastal & Intertidal 2020

Wildlife Reports


19 October 2020
A Common Sandpiper (a bird) visited Widewater.

Illustrated post by Jo Parsons on Shoreham Birding  facebook

14 October 2020
A Grey Phalarope (a bird) visited Widewater.

Various Reports
15 July 2020
Paddle boarders shared the sea with a pod of half a dozen Dolphins a kilometre off Shoreham.
Video Report by Brighton Dolphin Project  facebook
13 July 2020
A huge Barrel Jellyfish, Rhizostoma, is washed ashore on Silver Sands beach, just inside the Adur estuary.
Illustrated Report by Jade Hart  facebook
BMLSS Jellyfish

12 July 2020
Another Common Seal was spotted on Kingston Beach

Illustrated Report by Richard Huxtable  facebook

16 June 2020
I visited Lady Bee Marina, Shoreham Harbour, where a easily spotted shoals of juvenile Grey Mullet, Sand Smelt and Bass in the shallows. The Grey Mullet shoals consisted of several hundred fish.

11 June 2020

Black Horehound, Childing Pink
Silver Sands
Viper's Bugloss, Old Fort

Sea Kale and Tree Mallow had virtually finished and the eastern Shoreham Beach was now covered with great swathes of flowering Red Valerian and Silver Ragwort on the landward side of the wooden boardwalk. Viper's Bugloss was the most impressive especially near Shoreham Fort. Starry Clover had already gone to seed.

8 June 2020

Red Valerian, Viper's Bugloss
Silver Ragwort
Shoreham Beach Central

30 May 2020

Great Crested Grebe (juvenile)
Podiceps cristatus
Lady Bee Marina, Southwick
Photograph by Sylvia Lemoniates  facebook

28 May 2020

Australian Black Swan
from Shoreham Beach
Photograph by Sylvia Lemoniates  facebook

26 May 2020
A small pod of dolphins were seen out of Shoreham in the early evening.

Video Report by Nick Coleman

15 May 2020

Sea Kale at Shoreham Beach East

In the shimmering haze, vast swathes of Sea Kale were flowering on the shingle above the high tide mark on the eastern part of Shoreham Beach. In the zone nearer the shore Red Valerian was blooming amongst the leaves of Silver Ragwort. Tree Mallow was impressive as any previous year. I also noted frequent Oxford Ragwort, a few flowers of Kidney Vetch, and clumps of Thrift and Sea Campion.

9 May 2020
The pair of Mute Swans on Widewater had just one furry grey cygnet with them.

Sea Kale, Hoary Cress
Thrift, Sea Campion, Mouse-eared Hawkweed
Widewater Flood Plain

The beach flowers were beginning to bloom in the sunshine, the first swathes of Red Valerian near the Church of the Good Shepherd, and Sea Kale, Hoary Cress, Thrift, Sea Campion, Mouse-eared Hawkweed, Cat's Ear, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Scarlet Pimpernel, on the Widewater flood plain. Five small blue-green beetles Psilothrix viridicoerulea were spotted on the flower heads. A Green-veined White Butterfly visited.

 25 March 2020

Fossil from Shoreham Beach

Alert children's eyes spotted this very small flint fossil amongst the billions of other pebbles on Shoreham Beach (by Beach Green). It is a bivalve mollusc from the Cretaceous period and the Natural History Museum suggested it could be the bivalve Limatula with representatives still extant today.

Illustrated Report by Sam Ross on Shoreham-by-Sea & Southwick  facebook
PS: A very nice flint cast of a bivalve called Neithia from the Cretaceous chalk circa 85 million years ago.
Second ID by Peter Mannering-Green on Fossil Identification UK  facebook
14 March 2020

Pheasant by Judith Green

Photograph by Judith Green

A male Pheasant was a surprise visitor to a garden on Shoreham Beach at the far eastern end near Shoreham Fort.

Report by Judith Green on Shoreham-by-Sea & Southwick facebook

6 March 2020
After gales and rain throughout February the line of seaweed on  the strandline on the shingle beach was mainly the Egg Wrack, Ascophyllus nodosum, sometimes called Knotted Wrack. Air filled flotation bladders are arranged in lines along the main stipe in this brown seaweed.

17 February 2020
There was a brief interlude between the gales and inclement weather: only enough time to observe the strandline on the shingle beach was pushed two metres further landward than normal, before the ridge of wave-battered pebbles. There was the usual brown seaweeds and marine life debris including hundreds of cuttlebones. Spurge was in flower above the high tide mark in the access from Ferry Road to the seashore.

29 January 2020

My first reptile of the year was a Wall Lizard, Podarcis muralis, near the carnot wall of Shoreham Fort in the chilly breeze.

It was high tide in the early afternoon where two Purple Sandpipers and a few Turnstones rested on the wooden groyne nearest to Shoreham Harbour entrance.

Beach Cusps (FOSB) Longshore Drift

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