Common Blue Damselfly
Azure Damsel
Moths : 899 Pancalia leuwenhoekella on Common Daisy
Holly Blue
Small Blue Butterfly
Adonis Common Blue male
Large White
Green-veined White
Adonis Blue female
Common Blue female
Sweet Violet on Lancing Clump (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Great Mullein
Female Chalkhill Blue in July 2003
Brown Argus
Arch-fronted ???

Sand Goby  (Photograph by Andy Horton) Common Goby

Horseshoe Vetch
Hippocrepis comosa
Common Bird's Foot Trefoil
Lotus corniculatus

Up to 10 flowers.

Yellow, sometimes streaked with red.
2-7 flowers.
Horseshoe Vetch (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Flowers:  May - July Flowers: May - September
Leaves: Leaves:
Trifoliate (two of the five leaves are bent back so it appears trifoliate)
Elliptic (not quite circular) = Oval, ending, rounded or with a short point.
Pods: Pods:
Pods radiate from the top of the stem, strongly wavy, breaking up into horseshoe-shaped sections. Cylindrical spreading out from the stem like a bird's foot.
Comments: Comments:
Long-lived perennial Long-lived perennial


Ruddy Darter


Volucella zonaria