Reports received of Marine Creatures sighted, stranded or landed during 1994
A list compiled by Raymond Dennis

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26/1/94 6 or 7 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen near the outside of  Newlyn Harbour North Pier,  close to the custom house at 1530
27/1/94 6 or 7 Bottlenose Dolphin (probably the same pod as above) were seen  near the tug moored in Mount's Bay off Newlyn at 1100
13/2/94 Small pod, 5 to 7 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen close inshore  near Pordenack Point Sw 344242  Land's End  at 1500
9/3/94 Small pod, not more than 6 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen in Mount's Bay at 1500They followed the Pilot Boat in nearly to Newlyn Harbour after passing between the Pilot Boat and the Tug which were only yards apart at the time
14/4/94 2 Dolphins, believed to be Bottlenose were seen near the tug moored in Mount's Bay at 1700hrs.
8/5/94 Pendeen Watch. 3 or 4 Bottlenose Dolphins were first seen close inshore at about 1530 then more appeared numbering 6 or 7. But when they moved offshore and were followed with binoculars more were seen over a wider area numbering probably 15 animals.
9/5/94 A small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were seen close inshore off Eastern Green at about 7.30.p.m. Probably not more than 7 animals.
12/5/94 It was reported that a whale carcass was washed up along Eastern Green  or Long Rock  shore this week.
13/5/94 A small cetacean carcass was reported washed ashore off Newlyn Green. It was collected and taken to Nick Tregenzas for collection by the vet. It was a juvenile porpoise about 2'6" long.
13/5/94 There have been sightings of many Rhizostoma pulmo during the past week in Mount's Bay
15/5/94 A Basking Shark was seen by yachtsmen off St. Michael's Mount during the day, It was reported as being at least 20ft long.
17/5/94 A Basking Shark was seen at 7.a.m. near St. Clements Island by a local fisherman who reported it as being more than 20ft long
24/5/94 5 Basking Sharks were seen at 7.p.m. near the Gear Pole SW479294 off Penzanc Prom.  The largest shark was about 15ft long and had a large floppy dorsal fin.The 4 others were each about 11ft long
24/5/94 A Basking Shark was seen near "The Welloe" a rock off Rinsey Head SW584259  at 3.p.m. The shark was too far from the boat to estimate size.
24/5/94 A Basking Shark was caught and taken to the Newlyn Fish Market
25/5/94 There was no bidder for the shark at the market.
25/5/94 A small group of Basking Sharks, about 5 or 6, were seen breaching off The Lizard  SW700100
26/5/94 A dead Basking Shark was seen being towed out to sea from Newlyn Harbour, presumably for dumping.
26/5/94 Two Basking Sharks were seen during the morning just outside Penzance Harbour SW480301.  One was the same 15ft shark seen on Tuesday 24th May  (see previous entry) with a large floppy dorsal fin. The other was about 11ft long.
26/5/94 Many fishermen have been calling over radios this week with sightings of Basking Sharks, particularly offshore along the coast between Mousehole and Land's End. A fisherman/diver reports that from the calls he heard and the reported positions of the sightings he estimates that there could be more than 50 Basking Sharks in the area.
2/6/94 6 to 8 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen off Penzance Harbour at about 3.p.m. today.
2/6/94 A shark was seen briefly on the surface off Tater-du SW440227 at 2.p.m. It was about 6ft long (not more than 8ft)and it dived quickly after being passed by a divers inflatable boat. Species unknown.
3/6/94  A Grey Seal, 5 to 6ft long, was observed swimming around in Newlyn Harbour at 9.30.a.m. and a little later was seen eating a large fish.
12/6/94 A Basking Shark was seen at the surface near St.Ives Island at about 3.p.m. It was swimming around but did not appear to be feeding. It dived out of sight when divers entered the water near by, but the water was too murky to give them a good view of the was between 15 and 20ft long  SW523413.
16/6/94 For the last few days local fishermen have been reporting and catching many Blue Sharks, most of which have been about 70 lb in weight, Smallest reported at 50 lb.
30/6/94 A Leatherback Turtle, about 5 to 6 ft long, was seen of Tater-du SW440230 at about midday.
2/7/94 A pod of 6 or 7 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen in St.Ives Bay off Carbis Bay at mid-afternoon. They were all medium size, none large or small.
7/7/94 A Leatherback Turtle was seen about a mile off St.Michael's Mount at noon today. It dived as a boat approached , and they did not get near enough to estimate size.
12/7/94 A small pod of Bottlenose Dolphin were seen off Newlyn Quarry SW475277 at 1100hrs. Divers who enterd the water and swam with them briefly reported 5 or 6 animals. All about 4 metres long but one had practically no beak at all. (Probably a Risso's)
12/7/94 A Basking Shark only about 6 or 7ft long was seen off Porthleven SW625250  during the afternoon
13/7/94 A Sunfish was seen basking on the surface until approached too close by a boat off Penberth SW405225  during the morning.
18/7/94  A large Sunfish was seen basking on the surface oof The Bucks Rocks SW443225.
12/7/94 A Fishing Boat landed its catch at Newlyn Market early today of Long Fin Tunny mostly about a stone in weight, but a few nearly twice that size. Estimated catch 3500 fish, also in the catch were Black Bream, Bass and an eight stone Mako Shark with a baby one only two ft long. There were also about a dozen large Swordfish, 9ft long, plus 4 to 5ft sword and many smaller Swordfish.
4/8/94 It was reported in the 'Cornishman' newspaper that a Louvar, Luvarius imperialis  was landed at Newlyn Fish Market this week by MFV
Ar Bageergan , Skipper Chris Hill.  Said to be only 7th of this species to be landed in this country but the second to be landed at Newlyn  within a month. It was sent to the Natural History Museum London.
7/9/94 1130hrs.  A Sunfish was seen on the surface swimming a few yards at a time about 300 metres off Godrevy Island.(Over new sewer difusers )
8/9/94 Pot fishermen reporting that Trigger Fish are being found in their pots again.  This seems to becoming quite common at this time of year. Two were found in one pot this week.
29/9/94 A pair of Bottlenose Dolphins have been regularly seen about an hour before and an hour after high tide off the Lighthouse Pier at St.Ives for the past week or more. Today two divers with underwater Video Cameras were able to take about 8 mins of underwater video between them. Many people in boats were present and the dolphins seemed to enjoy the company of the boats and divers.
1/11/94 1630hrs. 4 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen from a boat between Mousehole Island SW474261 and Penlee Point SW473268.
3/11/94 It was reported that in Newlyn Harbour near the fish market there were thousands of small jellyfish floating on the surface. They were about 2" in diameter and purplish in colour. [probably Aurelia aurita]
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