Reports received of Marine Creatures sighted, stranded or landed during 1995

A list compiled by Raymond Dennis
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2/1/95 4 dolphins, believed to be Bottlenose, approx. 8ft long were seen making their way eastwards  pass Porthcurno SW388216 at about 3.p.m. and again about an hour later going in the opposite direction
11/1/95 An otter was seen from Penzance Promenade about 50 yds offshore swimming towards the Jubillee Pool at about noon. It dived and was not seen again.
12/1/95 A dead Trigger Fish was found washed up at Harlyn Bay SW8775 together with a large number of small jellyfish which were identified as Pelagia noctiluca
22/1/95 A Humpback Whale was observed for about one hourfeeding on Mackerel off the Eddystone Lighthouse.
8/2/95 A small pod, 6 or 7, Bottlenose Dolphin were seen moving across St. Ives Bay off Carbis Bay SW528389.
12/2/95 A small pod of Bottlenose Dolphin was seen in Mount's Bay.
1/3/95 Radio Cornwall reported that fishermen had found a rare tiny Atlantic Seahorse off the Dorset coast. It was reported to be even rarer than the Short Nosed Seahorse, Hippocampus hippocampus found there in 1993.
8/3/95 B.B.C.  West Country Spotlight T.V. reported that a small Loggerhead Turtle was found washed up alive on a Jersey Beach yesterday by a young lad. It is being cared for  by the boy and his father for possible return to the Caribbean.
17/3/95 B.B.C. Spotlight T.V. reported that a North American Lobster was brought up in a pot with a European Lobster 30 miles south of the Isle of Wight by a south Devon boat. It is a berried female and was taken to the Marine Biological Association at Plymouth where it has been put into quarantine until the eggs are hatched and will be put on view to the public in their Aquarium later. The claws are a different shape and reddish on the underside and the rostrum is rather longer than on the European Lobster.
19/3/95 Three Porpoises were seen from Cape Cornwall SW3431. These are the first reported sightings of porpoises for this year to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Dolphin Group.
21/3/95 Two Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Lamorna SW4523 during the morning. They were about 6 ft long.
29/3/95 A small pod of large Bottlenose Dolphins were seen just outside the Albert pier Penzance during the Day.
6/4/95 A Basking Shark was seen in Coverack Harbour for a short while today.
7/4/95  The Bottlenose Dolphins are being seen in larger pods again. During March 20 or more were seen off The ManaclesSW8120 and more recently more than 30 in Mount's Bay. Most days of the first week of April a pod of 20 to 30 Bottlenose Dolphins have been seen between Black head and Lowland Point ( Coverack area) and a pod of about 30 were seen off Mousehole. Most of the sightings have come from fisherman so the dolphins seem to be keeping further offshore.
7/4/95 It was reported on Late Night Western T.V. that dolphins have been seen today off Porthcurno and Falmouth. There appeared to be up to a dozen on the T.V. pictures.
9/4/95 As the first full rehearsal of the Easter Production at The Minack Open Air Theatre on the cliffs at Porthcurno came to an end a school of dolphins came leaping in a spectacular Balletic display across the bay below.
11/4/95 B.B.C. Spotlight S.W. T.V.  reported that Basking Sharks were seen off North Cornwall today. Numbers or sizes were not mentioned.
27/4/95 20 to 30 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Morvah making their way toward Land's End during the day.
28/4/95 Radio Cornwall reported 20 to 30 dolphins off Falmouth today.
4/5/95 5 Basking Sharks were seen between Penzance Harbour and Low Lee during the morning and two more were seen from the same boat when off Tater-du SW440230 a little later. Another was seen off  Praa Sands SW5729 later in the morning.  A Basking Shark was also seen off St. Michael's Mount at 1830 and again at 2000 from a different boat, but this could be the same shark reported off Praa Sands earlier in the day. It was described as being about 5 or 6 metres long.
5/5/95 Three Basking were observed to surface near the Gear Pole Mount's Bay as MV. Scillonian III was leaving Penzance Harbour and the sharks moved rapidly away from the ship in a westerly direction leaving discernible wakes behind their fins in the calm sea. They disappeared below the surface as soon as the ship had left the area.
6/5/95 A diving boat crew moving from Penzance toward Land's End reported seeing Basking Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphins along the south coast of Penwith. The first Basking Shark was near Low Lee SW481272, the second between Lamorna and The Bucks Rocks SW449229, the third just off Tater-du SW440225 and a forth off Gwennap Head SW366210. The Bottlenose Dolphins were in Porth Chapel Bay SW382216 and thought to be 6 animals. There was another inflatable boat and divers with the dolphins.
6/5/95 Three Rhizostoma pulmo Jellyfish were seen during a dive off Tater-du SW440225.
6/5/95 A Penzance based boat owner reported seeing 11 Basking Sharks near Low Lee Mount's Bay SW481272, two more near Tater-du SW440225 and two more near Porthcurno SW390220.
6/5/95 Members of a visiting diving club while diving near Logan Rock SW398217 reported seeing 20 Basking Sharks and a 5ft Leatherback Turtle.
6/5/95 4 Basking Sharks were seen during thew afternoon in Penberth Cove SW404226, said to be 5 to 6 metres long. A little further out to sea was a pod of about 10 Bottlenose Dolphins.
13/5/95 A Basking Shark was seen off Hore Point west of Looe SX240508. Estimated size was 6 metres.
22/5/95 Two dolphins, thought to be Bottlenose, were seen during the afternoon in Mount's Bay.
23/5/95 Two Basking Sharks, about 4 to 5 metres long were seen feeding off the Minack Cliff Theatre Sw388219 during the morning.
23/5/95 A male Lumpsucker or Sea Hen  Cyclopterus lumpus has been videoed by a diver protecting and aerating the eggs of its mate on the Low Lee Reef Mount's Bay SW481273
31/5/95 A small Basking Shark was seen 300 yds off St. Clement's Island  Mousehole SW477260 at 1800, size about 3 metres long. It's head was moving slowly from side to side as when feeding but the dorsal fin was not seen above the water, which was calm and clear.
1/6/95 A large Bottlenose Dolphin was seen off Porthminster Point SW527400 at 1400hrs. It was about 10ft long.
3/6/95 A small pod of dolphins were observed at 1400 keeping pace with the Cork to Swansea Ferry, no more than three could be seen at any one time, and they were thought to be Common Dolphins.
4/6/95 A Basking Shark was seen feeding off the Bucks Rocks SW444226, during the evening at about 1930hrs. It was about 15ft long.
4/6/95 A Leatherback Turtle found caught in nets 7 miles south of Newlyn, in position approx SW480178 was released alive. It was described as being as big as a dining-room table-top. Possibly the same turtle that was seen off Logan Rock, which is 6 miles Nw of this position, on May 6th.
6/6/95 Two adult and one juvenile Bottlenose Dolphins were seen during the evening moving across the bay just off St.Ives SW523405.
6/6/95 5 Basking Sharks were seen feeding off the south  Penwith coast during the afternoon. One was off Porthcurno  SW390218, and the other four were near Seghy Rock, near Logan Rock SW400220. The sharks were all about 4 metres long.
1/8/95 A woman was taken to West Cornwall Hospital by Air Ambulance in a very distressed condition from Porth Chapel Beach SW387218 after being stung by a Great Weever Fish, Trachinus draco.
9/8/95 A large Leatherback Turtle (about 6ft long) was seen near The Gear Pole SW479293 in Mount's Bayat about 1600hrs. It had been seen further out in the bay the day before.
11/8/95 Many Jellyfish were seen off Battery Rocks SW478297 from the Jubillee Pool wall at about 1700hrs, described as being brownish and about 8" diameter they were probably Compass JellyfishChrysaora hysoscella.
14/8/95 An Angler, Michael Prisk, at Lamorna caught a Spanish Mackerel, Scomber japonicus,  of 1-5-8 and ten minutes later his friend angling beside him caught another 1-5-9. These are potential British records and have been submitted to the Marine Biological association Plymouth for ratification.
21/8/95 A large Leatherback Turtle was seen near Low Lee Reef Mount's Bay SW481273 at about midday.
22/8/95 A large Leatherback Turtle  was seen off Logan Rock SW398217 during the afternoon. This may be the same animal as previously reported.
23/8/95 Three Sunfish were seen in the Runnelstone Area SW370201 during the day and three others were seen at various placesalong the coast between Mousehole and Porthcurno during the week. These were basking on the surface, and one near the Runnelstone appeared to be asleep for when it bumped into the ladder of the stationary dive boat it awoke with a start and made off quickly.
24/8/95 The "Cornishman" newspaper reported today that a shark caught by an angler, John Lambourn near Lamorna SW452239 earlier this month had the remains of a racing pigeon in it's stomach. Rings on the birds legs revealed  that it was a three year old bird from Holland.
26/8/95 Three dolphins, thought to be Bottlenose, were seen proceeding from St.Clement's Island Mousehole SW474262 towards Lamorna Cove SW452239 during the morning, 2 of the dolphins were about 9ft long the other about 6ft.
31/8/95 In the "West Briton" newspaper this week was a picture of a seal pup which had recovered from horrific injuries. As a tiny pup it had become entangled in monofilament net and had worked it back around the middle of its body. As it grew it was almost cut in half by the net. The 13 week old pup was found near Godrevy SW578431 in February and taken to the Gweek Seal Sanctuary where it was nursed back to health. He is due to be released back into the sea next month but will always have his large circular scar around his body.
3/9/95 There was a radio news report today of a Sailfin Dory Zenopsis conchifer  being caught off the south coast. This fish is a poor swimmer and normally lives off the west coast of Africa.
14/9/95 A report in the "West Briton" newspaper today read "Monster Sighted. Legendary Cornish sea monster Morgawr has been spotted again - this time heading toward Falmouth. A 20ft creature was seen 60yds off Rosemullion Head this week by Gertrude Stevens of Golden bank, Falmouth.  The last sighting was in 1992 in the Helford"  This was probably a Basking Shark.
23/9/95 Six Bottlenose Dolphins were seen in Carbis Bay SW530395.
13/10/95 A pod of about15 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Penberth  SW403227.
14/10/95 A pod of about 15 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Mussel Point near Treveal SW463404.
26/10/95 A report in today's "Truro Packet" stated that a 7 month old female Hooded Seal Cystophora cristata was found stranded on Treyarnon Cove Beach near Padstow SW857740 last week. This is the first sighting of this species in British waters for a decade and previous sightings have all been in northern areas. Their normal home is around Iceland, Greenland and Northern |Canada so this young one has strayed 2000 miles from home. It was taken to the Seal Sanctuary to build up its strength, where it was found to be more aggressive than Common or Grey Seals. They hope to release it much nearer to home at an early date.
28/10/95 A pod of approximately 20 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen moving about in St.Ives Bay during the day and again on the following day Sunday 29th Oct.
2/11/95 Between 20 and 30 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen during the afternoon off Land's End SW340250.
5/11/95 A small pod of about 8 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen close inshore off carn Scathe near Porthgwarra, SW373215 during the afternoon.
23/11/95 A report in today's "West Briton" newspaper said that a school of dolphins were watched for nearly an hour close inshore off Penhale Sands SW7559 during the afternoon.
20/12/95 It was reported on  "Spotlight South West" TV today that a Grey Seal pup washed upon a north Devon beach recently was in a very poor condition from contamination with oil sludge. The R.S.P.C.A. considered it to be one of the worse cases of oil contamination ever seen. The pup was taken to the Gweek Seal Sanctuary and it is expected eventually to make a full recovery when it will be released again from the north Devon coast.
24/12/95 During the week before Christmas Bottlenose Dolphins were playing around and under the Pilot Boat and Barge plying between St.Ives and Hayle and were clearly seen on the Echo-Sounder Screen aboard the Pilot Boat.
Ray Dennis

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