Reports received of Marine Creatures sighted, stranded or landed during 1999
A list compiled by Raymond Dennis


A Pilot Whale carcass was found washed up on the beach near Marazion, very decomposed,  with lower jaw missing and most of the tail end. Dolphin carcasses have also been reported at Church Cove and Poldhu beach near The Lizard.
The carcass of a fairly fresh looking female Common Dolphin was found on a South Devon  Beach. The few scars on her body did not look severe enough to be the cause of death. The  carcass is to be sent to London for post mortem examination to establish cause of death.
The carcass of a Pilot Whale was found today on the beach between Hayle and Gwithian.
Five young seals, aged from 3 to 5 months, that had been cared for by the R.S.P.C.A. in  Norwich after being found abandoned or injured as pups on the Welsh coast were returned   to the sea this week. They were taken back to the Welsh coast near to where they were found. It is important to return them to the area where they are born for seals on the other side of  Britain are genetically different and have resistance to different diseases. What is different  about these releases is that they have each been fitted with a little numbered yellow hat stuck  to their fur which hopefully will stay in place long enough for observers to see if they  successfully rejoin seal colonies.
It has been decades since Common Dolphins have been seen in the River Dart, but recently,  since last November, a pair have been seen regularly in the river often jumping clear of the  water.
Bottle-nosed Dolphin30/1/99
A large dolphin was seen off Tater-du at 1330hrs. The observers had seen many Bottlenosed Dolphins in the past but considered this one was something different. Described as being the  largest they had ever seen it was well over 8ft long and very pale grey and appeared to be  mottled on the lower part of its body which was underwater. They were unable to describe the  head of the animal for it had not appeared above the water. This was probably a Risso’s or  Grey Dolphin.
A carcass of a young seal was found on Quarry Beach Newlyn, SW466284 today.
Two canoeists off Carbis Bay at about midday today saw a seal in the distance and started to  paddle toward it whereupon the seal submerged only to resurface between the canoes which  were only two metres apart at the time. It then tried to nibble one of the canoes and the person  in the other canoe put his hand into the water and the seal came over to his hand and allowed  the person to stroke the top of its head and particularly enjoyed being tickled under its chin.
 The Canoeist became a little less adventurous after he received a bite on the arm which he  described as being unaggressive but playful, as a dog might do. The seal then turned back to  the other canoe and put its flippers over the top of it and appeared to be trying to get into it  This Grey Seal was a young one, not more than about 4ft long  and lay on its back on the  surface presenting its underside for scratching, which again it seemed to enjoy. It was  considered to be a female. There was a deep scar on the underside.
A report in today's paper states that a seven foot long, 378 lb Mako Shark was caught by a  fisherman off Brighton earlier this week. It is believed that the shark followed a shoal of cod  into the net. It was taken to Shoreham market and sold to a French fishmonger. The mako  lives in the southern oceans around the globe and in the northern Atlantic but is not found in  tropical waters or the northern Pacific . It can reach 13ft in length and a weight of 1000 lb but  in the northern Atlantic they average 9 to 10ft and 500lbs, and they are reputed to be  dangerous to man.
The carcass of a Common Dolphin was found in Penzance Harbour today, and two Porpoise  carcasses have been found recently (one of which was netted) All three were fairly fresh and  were taken for post mortem.
The 13 ft carcass of a dolphin found today on Happy Valley Beach, Whitsand Bay south east  Cornwall was identified as a female Risso’s. She was due to be removed to the Plymouth National Marine Aquarium for post mortem
A small pod of Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Lamorna Cove SW451241 at midday. Only two were seen at any one time but as they were surfacing in different places it was considered  that there were 6 animals present.
A report today on B.B.C.Radio 4 stated that a 12ft shark had been seen on Tuesday 9th,
 March off Lands End. This must have been a Basking Shark, and a very early record.  The earliest previous record was also on 9th March in 1978 off Penberth.
A decomposing carcass of a medium sized (55” x 36”) Leatherback Turtle was found  measured and photographed at Chapel Porth SW647495
Moray Eel turned up on the Newlyn Fish market this week. Apparently it was caught 100  miles out in the South Western approaches.
Common Dolphins usually stay well offshore but 2 of the species have been seen together in  the estuary near Salcombe during the past week. They were also seen in the Exe Estuary   during the previous week.
The carcass of a Porpoise was found on the beach at Portreath today.
A pod of about 6 Risso’s Dolphins have been seen in the Rame Head area, south east  Cornwall, during the past week.
A dead Loggerhead Turtle with a carapace 11” long was found on the beach at Perranporth  SW759559
A pod of three Bottlenosed Dolphins, one a juvenile, was seen at Carbis Bay at 9.30 a.m.   they were later joined by two more large dolphins  and headed north eastwards.
A small pod of Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen near the Runnelstone Reef from cliffs at  Porthgwarra at 1500hrs. Seas were quite choppy and only two dolphins were seen at any one  time but more may have been present.
A Lobster tagged and released in August 1996 off St David’s Head North Wales was caught  earlier this week off St Michael’s Mount Mounts Bay by Newlyn fisherman Brian Lodey.   The lobster had lost its right claw during its 3 year journey of more than 300 miles but still  appeared to be in good condition so Mr. Lodey  re-released it back into the sea.
Many Cuttlefish bones were seen floating in Mount’s Bay this week.
The carcass of a young seal was found entangled in net on the wreck of The Alice Marie at  20M in Mounts Bay earlier this month.
A small pod of dolphins, probably Bottlenosed, were seen in Fistral Bay, Newquay. SW795620
 There were at least two and possibly five.
Earlier this week a helicopter pilot from Culdrose reported seeing hundreds of dolphins near  the Wolf Rock lighthouse. These were probably Common Dolphins for they have been  reported in large numbers in the area by fishermen in the past.
A Pod of 6 to 8 Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen jumping clear of the water near a sailing boat just outside Penzance Harbour by diver Sally Ann Hocking returning from a dive at 1900 hrs
A pod of about 10 Bottlenosed Dolphins were playing around on the surface near a Crabber  hauling pots approximately 8 miles South of Newlyn Harbour during the morning.
A turtle was seen from a yacht off Fowey today moving toward Looe. It was reported as being from 2 to 3 ft long, but the species was not given.
A 10ft Basking Shark was seen off Tater-du SW440229 at 1030hrs
Basking Shark

A pod of about 8 Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen near Low Lee SW481272 by canoeists  during the morning.
A 12ft Basking Shark was seen near the mouth of Penzance Harbour late in the morning.
Divers reported seeing a large Basking Shark, nearly 20ft long, off the Old Penlee Lifeboat slip
 just north of Mousehole at 1400hrs.
Two large Bottlenosed Dolphins surfaced several times near a sailing boat during a race in  Mounts Bay and followed the boat for 5 minutes near the Newlyn marker buoy at 2000 hrs.
Divers reported seeing a pod of three large Bottlenosed Dolphins off the Newlyn Quarry area at about 1650. The pod included one with a damaged dorsal fin which was said to be bent right  over to one side, and was probably the dolphin known as ‘Benty’.
A small pod of large Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen surfacing around a sailing boat about to  enter Newlyn Harbour at 1930. The boat was not under sail and circled outside the harbour  mouth for about 20 minutes while the dolphins played around the boat. There were at least  three and possibly 5 in the pod and all were about 10ft long. They were last seen following  some other sailing boats.
Two large Bottlenosed Dolphins surfaced several times near a sailing boat during a race in  Mounts Bay and followed the boat for 5 minutes near the Newlyn marker buoy at 2000 hrs.
A fisherman noticed a small Minke Whale stranding itself at Penberth Cove SW404226 at 5.30  in the morning. Early attempts to refloat it failed when the young whale turned for shore again.
 As the tide went out it was left high and dry among the large boulders. Rescuers erected  shades and kept it wet in an effort to keep it cool until the tide returned. The 15ft long young whale became frightened and struggled violently when it eventually became buoyant and divers in the water with it had to confine it between inflatable booms until it calmed down. They then  took it out to sea still confined and successfully released it.
Two large Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Mousehole Cave SW469257 at 0800.
A fisherman reported seeing many of the large jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo   along the South  Penwith coast this week.
Two Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Praa Sands SW580277 at 0900hrs.
Three Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen about 1 mile south of Penzance Harbour at 0900hrs 30/5/99 A pod of 5 to 6 Bottlenosed Dolphins moved across Mounts Bay from just outside Penzance Harbour toward a drill rig which was being towed into the Bay and then proceeded toward  Marazion at about midday. They were seen by members aboard the B.L.A.Lugger.
Four Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Marazion SW517305 at 1500hrs. One had a damaged dorsal fin, bent right over. (Benty ?)
A lone Basking Shark was seen off Low Lee SW 481273 at     hrs. Length about
A Basking Shark was seen off Penberth Cove SW403226 at 1000hrs. It was about 16ft Long.
Three Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen by divers of the Penzance dive club at Sennen  SW353265 at about 1300 hrs.
A Basking Shark was seen to breach off Logan Rock SW397218 at 0930 hrs.
A Basking Shark was seen off Gurnards Head SW432388
A Basking Shark was seen off The Brisons Rocks SW340 312 at    hrs. Length about
Three Basking Sharks were seen in Portheras Cove SW387359 at    hrs. Sizes about
A very large Leatherback Turtle (fisherman on radio reckoned about Two Tons).was found  entangled in a crabpot buoy rope off Slinke Dean SW462244 at 0730hrs. Several attempts  were made to release it, but each time the turtle submerged. Eventually it was set free by cutting the rope.
During the interval at the Minack open air theatre at about 2145hrs the audience were treated  to a brief but very special backdrop of a small pod of Bottlenosed dolphins swimming along  the coast close inshore.
Four Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen just outside Penzance Harbour at 1700 hrs. by divers  from North Gloucester and Wellington & Taunton dive Clubs.
Two Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen at Sennen  SW353265  at 1730 hrs. by divers from  North Gloucester  and Wellington & Taunton dive clubs.
Three Basking Sharks were seen near the Runnelstone Reef  SW369200 by divers from the  Penzance Club at 1100hrs. Two were about 9 to 10 ft long and the third about 16ft.
A small pod of Orcas or Killer Whales were seen at Trevanaunce Cove St.Agnes during the past week. Several nervous looking seals were seen close inshore.
A Basking Shark was seen at the Runnelstone Reef at 1600 hrs. It was about 16ft long.
A pod of 10 to 12 Bottlenose Dolphins have been seen crossing St Ives Bay in a North  Easterly direction at high tide on the last three days (Sun. Mon. Tue.)
A 15ft Basking Shark was seen off the Manacles SW818206 at 1300hrs
Three Leatherback Turtles were seen at various places around the Isles of Scilly today, and also  two Ocean Sunfish.
An Ocean Sunfish was seen in the Western Approaches at 40 12’N  7 15’ W today.
Three Grey Seals were seen at The Ranneys off Looe Island SX2651at 1500 and one had a  small transmitter on its head.
3 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen from a passing boat half way between Penzance Harbour  and The Gear Pole at 1630.
A large animal breached close to a dive boat about 2 miles south of Boscawen Point  SW431228, at 1130 Sighting was brief and identity not sure, but thought to be a Basking  Shark.
A Leatherback turtle was seen off the Eastern Isles, Scillies today; size not given.
About a dozen Pilot Whales were seen in mid-channel at 49 18’7 N.  04 41’52 W
A large pod of Basking Shark was seen by divers from the Penzance Diving Club after a dive  at The Runnelstone SW369200 at 1600hrs today. The dive boat circled before leaving the site and at least 20 were seen. The impression gained at the time was that if they had circled wider many more would have been seen. The largest shark seen was estimated to be about 26ft long 24/6/99
Five Risso’s Dolphins were seen off the Brisons SW3431 three were seen off Tater-du  SW4422 and another was seen off Pendeen SW3736
A lady called into the Cornwall Wildlife Trust shop in Penzance to report that she had seen a  black Sealion  at Penberth on Thursday evening  and again this morning Friday. Having often  seen Grey Seals she is sure that it was not that specie, neither was it the lighter coloured  Stellars Sealion which has been living off west Cornwall for the last 18 years. It was described  as being very black and not just dark from being wet, in which case it would likey be a  Californian Sealion.
A Sunfish was seen off the Rumps SW9381 today
A Common Octopus Octopus vulgaris  was seen by a diver who took a photograph. It was  about 1 metre across.
A very white Risso’s Dolphin was seen at 1000hrs off Gwennap Head SW3621,probably same dolphins as seen on 24th off Pendeen which was also very white.
Three Risso’s Dolphins were seen from Porthgwarra going west past the Runnelstone Buoy  at midday. The pod included the very white one.
A Sunfish 1 m long and 1.5 m across fins was seen in Mounts Bay at 52 02 0 N. 05 18 3 W
4 Basking Shark were seen by Penzance divers off The Carracks SW467409 at 1600 hrs. One  was about 4M long the other three about 3 M long.
A Sunfish was seen at the surface about three miles south of Penzance Harbour at 1800hrs.
A Basking Shark was seen 3 miles off Lamorna SW450240 at 1530 It was about 12ft long.
There were many Basking Sharks in Mount’s Bay today. First spotted from Chyandour by  telescope at about 1700 hrs they were there till dark. At least 15 ranged across the bay from  the Cressars Rocks SW490306 to Carn Gwavas SW470280
At 0830hrs there were three Basking Sharks feeding off Lamorna SW450240
Four Basking Sharks were seen feeding off Tater-du SW440230 at 1300hrs.
Many Basking Sharks were seen feeding scattered across Mounts Bay during the day.
A Killer Whale was seen at 1240hrs  2 miles NW of Cape Cornwall. Another was seen at 0945  about ¼ mile off St. Michael’s Mount.  A Sunfish was seen off Port Gaverne SX0081.
A Killer Whale was seen off Cape Cornwall as was also 2 Risso’s Dolphins
Three Basking Sharks were feeding off The Bucks Rocks SW441229 at 0830hrs.
Four Basking Sharks were seen off Penberth SW404226 at 1300hrs.
A Red Band Fish Cepeola rubescens. was caught on rod and line in 40 metres of water.
A 25 to 30ft Minke Whale was seen at 1100 from the Scillonian on its way to the Isles of Scilly . And a Sunfish Mola mola  was seen at the Scillies 49 53 27 N. 06 14 95 W.
Five Basking Sharks were feeding off Porthcurno SW387222 at 0900hrs.
A huge tail fin of a whale broke surface off the Runnelstone SW369200 at 1330hrs.
A report during the first week of July from a Cornish Fish Producers Organisation vessel said  that they counted 126 Basking Sharks, (but there were hundreds present) 2 miles north of the  Longships Lighthouse, also in the area was a 50 ft Baleen Whale with a juvenile, a Killer Whale and a Leatherback Turtle. They also saw 26 Basking Sharks off Porthgwarra SW3721
Three Basking Sharks were seen off the Runnelstone SW369200 at 1410hrs.
A Killer Whale breached twice a mile off Gwennap Head and three Risso’s Dolphins were seen  off Coverack SW7818 at 2000hrs. At 1230hrs a small Sunfish was seen at the Runnelstone and  off SW Cornwall a Red Seabream Pagellus bogaraveo  was caught in a trawl
A Basking Shark was seen off Gurnards Head SW432387 at about midday.
The carcass of a 2.2m White Beaked Dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostris was found west of  Shag Rock SX174507. It is a northern species and there are only half a dozen records for   Cornwall
A Risso’s Dolphin was seen at 1030hrs off Porthoustock SW8121
For the past week on the strandline of Harbour Cove,Padstow SW9177 there have been many of the little purple Jellyfish Aurelia aurita
A member of the crew of ‘The Jubilee Queen’, reported 150 Basking Sharks off Newland  Island at the mouth of the River Camel. The Sharks had been in the area for the past two days.
30 to 40 Basking Sharks were seen ¾ mile off Stepper Point SW97 according to a report to Falmouth Coastguards by the trawler ‘Susie’.
Four Harbour Porpoises were seen off Mousehole.
A Sunfish was seen off Fishing Cove SW5943. and three Harbour Porpoises were seen N of The Brisons SW3431 at 2040hrs.
A Grey Seal at Godrevy  was found to have swallowed a Mackerel hook. Terry Hocking  reported it to Stephen Westcott, researcher into the life of Grey Seals, who alerted the Seal  Sanctuary. They gathered a few people to help catch it and take it to the sanctuary where it  will be x-rayed and treated if possible.
There were a couple of hundred of the Jellyfish Aurelia aurita  on the strandline at Mother  Ivey’s Bay SW8676
Holiday makers were surprised and delighted to find about 20 Basking Sharks of various sizes sharing the water with them at Harlyn Bay SW8775. The sharks feeding off the rich  plankton in the bay seemed to be oblivious of the swimmers and the boats around them.
A large Basking Shark was seen at The Runnelstone SW369200 at 1250hrs. It was about 20ft  long and there were two Sunfish in the area at the time.
A Basking Shark of about 12ft was seen off Lamorna SW450240 at 1430hrs.
Two Sunfish were seen at the Runnelstone at 1250hrs
A seal was seen close to the rocks by St Michaels Mount during the afternoon
There have been between 15 and 20 of the large jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo washed up on  St.Ives Bay beaches in the last ten days. Also washed up on the beaches have been hundreds of  the shells of the Sea Potato Echinocardium cordatum
Goose Barnacles (Photograph by Jenny Nunn, Axmouth Sea Discovery Centre)27/7/99
A log washed up on Lundy Bay SX9579 had between 100 and 200 Goose Barnacles Lepas anatifera attached to it.
Scientists at the National Marine Aquarium Plymouth today were excited by the excellent  pictures received from satellite of a huge plankton bloom which coloured the sea white off the  coasts of Devon and Cornwall. This colouring was caused by minute marine algae called Emiliania huxleyi  which sheds its chalky outer casing colouring the sea a milky white  and was  probably brought about by the continuing hot weather and warm seas. These plankton blooms  have been seen before but they were usually much further out in the ocean, and are reported to  be completely harmless. The phenomenon has been dubbed The Maritime Milky Way.  Scientists have also been taking water samples from the Fal estuary where a potentially toxic  reddish brown algae known as a red tide has been spotted. The algae has affected the estuary  in previous years and can be poisonous to animals and people.
Shoals of Grey Mullet appeared in the Porth Kidney area of St.Ives Bay
Sailors returning from the Isles of Scilly after their boat race last week reported seeing many Basking Sharks all the way between the Scillies and the mainland, with large number in the Runnelstone area.
A seal surfaced near bathers in the sea at Kenneggy SW272282 during the afternoon.
63 Basking Sharks were counted off PorthgwarraSW3721 at 1130hrs by Dave Flumm. A  Sunfish was also present.
86 Basking Sharks were counted scattered between the Longships Lighthouse and North of  the Brisons Rocks off Cape Cornwall by Paul Semmens at 1600hrs.
A Basking Shark was seen to breach off Penberth SW404226 at about midday, shaking itself  violently when high out of the water and belly-flopping back with a great splash.
Five Harbour Porpoises were seen off The Brisons SW3431 from 1535 to 1615
A Sunfish was seen at the surface off Mousehole Cave SW469257 at 0800.
Stephen Westcott reported 9 Grey Seals in the Great Seal Hole cave near St.Agnes, 7 were adults and 2 pups but one was dead.
The Western Morning News today reports that a 7-gilled SharkHeptranchais perlo  was seen  off The Isles of Scilly yesterday by Rolf Williams of the National Marine Aquarium.  This is only  the second British record, the first being off the Lizard in 1985.
2 unidentified dolphins were seen off the Island at Newquay today.
A very large Leatherback Turtle was seen off North Cornwall in early August.
11/8/99 A small whale was caught up in nets off the Bishop’s Rock, Isles of Scilly according to a  report by Falmouth Coastguards  Rescue attempts were being made but results are not known.  It was discovered to be a carcase
Basking Sharks were seen from various places around Cornwall today. Between 30 and 40  were seen about 12 miles NNE of Tintagel SX047890, one was seen off Porthgwarra,  SW3721, and one was seen off The Gedges in Helford River.
A Leatherback Turtle was seen moving west about 2 to 3 miles south of the river Dart
2 Killer Whales, Orca, were seen close in at Trevanaunce Cove , St. Agnes and another small pod of 5 to 7 were seen about ½ mile out.
A 15ft Basking Shark was seen on the west  side of St.Michael’s Mount at 15:15 hrs.
A 12 - 15ft Basking Shark was seen off The Lizard SW694195
Two White Beaked Dolphins Lagenorhynehus albirostris were seen in Looe Bay at 1143hrs.
 A carcass of one of this species was found west of Shag Rock SX174507 on 10th July. There are only half a dozen records for Cornwall
A15 to 20ft Basking Shark was seen at St.Agnes SW6951 during the day
A Pod of 6 to 8 Common Dolphins were seen 1½ miles off Gwennap Head
A Minke Whale was seen off North Cornwall
Anglers aboard a Padstow boat the Blue Fox  who were fishing for Porbeagle Shark were  surprised to see a 15ft shark near their boat off the north Cornish coast. All six anglers aboard  were convinced that it was a Great White Shark, and this may be confirmed when photographs  taken by one of the anglers have been developed. This would be the first report of the Great  White in British waters but not altogether unexpected for Silja Swaby a marine biologist at the  M.B.A. Plymouth predicted in 1997 that it would arrive within 10 years.
A Basking Shark was seen on the west side of St.Michael’s Mount during the afternoon 27/8/99 Two Risso’s Dolphins were seen off Gwennap Head SW367215 between 1000hrs and 1300hrs  they were not together. One was very white.
A Risso’s Dolphin was seen off Pendeen  by birdwatchers.
A very large school of Common Dolphin were seen from the Scillonian at 1130hrs 2 to 3 miles  east of the Isles. They first appeared in a long line travelling west in front of the ship. Many  came round the boat and dived beneath the boat. They made for a large party of diving  Gannets  and began feeding beneath them. It was an incredible sight reported the observer Jean  Lawman.. On the same day Jean also saw two small pods of harbour Porpoises on the way to  the Islands, and two more small pods on the way back.
A 15’ Pilot Whale with a juvenile of 5 to 6’ was seen off St. Clement’s Island, Mousehole
 at 1015hrs.
Two Sunfish, one 6’ and one 4’ across, were seen below the cliffs at Stepper Point SW9178 and another was seen half a mile west of Plymouth breakwater
A Risso’s Dolphin was watched for about an hour about a mile off Lundy Bay SW8581
6 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Penzance promenade, and 3 were seen off Dawlish
5 Bottlenose Dolphins and 2 Porpoises were seen off Barrownose west of Coombe Martin SX5040. The Porpoises were feeding but the Dolphins moved westward.
A Leatherback Turtle was seen about 4½ miles off Scilly
A 10 - 12’ Basking Shark was seen about ¾ mile off Porthleven before dusk. It was watched  circling for about 2 hours. There was a shoal of mackerel in the area.
A baby dolphin was found stranded alive at Sandy Bay on the Exe in the morning. The RSPCA took it out to sea on the lifeboat and it swam away.
5 Pilot Whales were seen about 10 miles SW of Rame Head.
A small pod of about 7 Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Dean Point SW8020
Two Triggerfish were caught in a Crab Pot off Mousehole These were the first Triggerfish the fisherman had seen this year.
The carcass of a Common Dolphin was found at Braunton Burrows. The jaw was sent to the Natural History Museum.
A dead Grey Seal was found at Mexico Towans SW5539
A Killer Whale, a Risso’s Dolphin and 2 porpoises were seen near the Runnelstone from Gwennap Head
A Pilot Whale was seen at Salcombe Harbour bar at 1630hrs.
A dolphin was seen to breach about a mile S.W. of the Brisons. It was thought to be a Bottlenosed Dolphin.
A pod of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen just outside Penzance Harbour at 1930 one had a deformed dorsal fin, probably “Benty”.
A Leatherback Turtle was seen eating a Jellyfish between the Plymouth Breakwater and the Mewstone. It was nearly 6’ long.
The carcass of a Harbour Porpoise was found at Marazion, and collected for post-mortem.
A small Sunfish , about 2ft across, was seen off Lamorna SW450240.
A small pod of about 5 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen just outside Penzance Harbour at 0915  as MV Scillonian left for the Isles and the dolphins were still around when the ship returned in  the evening. Benty was one of them.
7 Harbour Porpoises were seen from MV Scillonian as she approached the Scillies in the  morning, three more were seen a few miles east of the Islands as she left in the evening and in  the same area there were 30 to 35 Common Dolphins in two groups chasing fish 5 more  Porpoises were seen later as they passed the Runnelstone buoy
2 Sunfish were seen off St.Ives at midday.
A pod of 5 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen near the Brisons at 1430.
Slipper Lobster Scyllarus arctus was trawled by MFV Jacquline off the Wolf Rock  Lighthouse. This is only the second record from off Cornwall this century
A small pod of at least 4 Bottlenosed Dolphin were seen playing and feeding at Widemouth
 SS1902 during the morning.
A dead porpoise was found on the strandline just west of Gunwalloe Church Cove
A pod of about 20 dolphins were seen 3 miles east of the Scillies, probably Common Dolphins.
8 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen at Crantock at 1400 hrs
A large pod of about 20 Bottlenose Dolphin were fishing and playing with surfers at Fistral  Bay. “Benty was present with one juvenile.
A small pod of Bottlenose Dolphin were seen at Porthtowan at 1730 hrs.
A large Grey Seal carcass was found on Crooklets Beach SS2207
The Bottlenose Dolphins were surfing with the surfers at Fistral Bay again today.
A pod of 8 to 10 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen at Perranporth between 1530 and 1630  the  pod included 2 juveniles
Another grey seal carcass was found on the strandline at Prussia Cove
A pod of 8 to 10 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen close inshore at Crantock today.
Three white coated baby seals, no more than a few days old, were found on Cornish beaches  and take to the Gweek seal sanctuary; the carcass of another juvenile seal, about 3’6” to 4’ long was seen floating just off the rocks in Pixie Cove SW554278 at 1630hrs.
A juvenile Common Dolphin was playing around the boats in Helford river today
Mediterranean Triton Charonia lampas  (a mollusc) was found living in a set net 10 miles off Mevagissey  The triton with a 11 inch high shell was taken to the Mevagissey Aquarium
Striped Dolphin29/9/99
A dead Striped Dolphin was found at Marazion and taken for post-mortem.
A pod of 8 to 10 Bottlenose Dolphins were playing around a boat at the Hayle Bar, one with a damaged dorsal, probably “Benty”
A 7ft long Leatherback Turtle was seen about 200 yards off Penberth Cove
A pod of 15 Bottlenose Dolphins were accompanied by swimmers in Trevaunance Cove
A lone Porpoise was seen about ½ mile off Pendeen Head at 1030 hrs and later between 1200 and 1300 4 Risso’s dolphins were seen 2 to 3 miles due north. An often seen white dolphin was in the pod.
A lone Bottlenose Dolphin breached and played around a Crabber fishing vessel off Tater-du at 1000hrs. It was a large adult 8 to 10ft long.
7 Risso's dolphins were seen 2 – 3 miles off Gwennap Head between 1030 and 1130. Several of these had white areas about the face.
A Killer Whale was seen off the Scillies from the Scillonian
A large pod of 18 to 20 Bottlenose Dolphins were still in Trevaunance Cove today.
Two Pilot Whales and several Bottlenose Dolphins were seen near the Isles of Scilly .
A pod of 6 Bottlenosed Dolphins were watched for 2 hours between St.Agnes and Cligga  Head during the day.
A pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were seen about 300 yards off Newquay.
A pod of 5 Risso’s Dolphins were seen off St. Mary’s Isles of Scilly.
A pod of 8 Risso,s dolphins were seen from a boat off the Isles of Scilly at 1130. Several of these had white areas about the face and may possibly be the same pod as was seen off Gwennap Head on the 6th of October.
A single Risso's dolphin was seen in the tide race off  Cape Cornwall at Noon. It was very elusive and it is possible that there was more than one present.
Several Common Dolphins were seen off Kettle Point, Tresco. Isles of Scilly.
A small pod of at least two dolphins were seen about 3 miles South West of Gwennap Head at 0930. These were thought to be Common Dolphins.
In the first twelve days of this month about 200 Portuguese Man of War have been reported off Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, many of which have become stranded on the beaches. The  potential danger of these creatures should not be underestimated for their poison is 75% the  strength of cobra venom,. The cobra would strike you once and await the outcome but the  Portuguese Man of War could sting you in several places at the same time with very  unpleasant consequences. If found stranded on the beach one should not approach them with  bare feet because even the broken off portions of their tentacles may be capable of inflicting a  wound.
“Benty” and his gang of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen in the Fal Estuary between Mylor  and Falmouth Docks, at midday.
A pod of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen between Gribben Head and Polkerris at 8.30a.m.
“Benty “ and his gang had moved into the Fowey Estuary and were seen playing with the ropes  of a dredger.
A single porpoise was seen about a mile off Pendeen Watch at 0800 hrs.
3 Porpoise were feeding in the tide race north of the Brisons off Cape Cornwall at 1245.
A dead, headless and decomposing Leatherback Turtle was found on Harlyn Beach SW8875
 It measured 54” X 34”
About 40 By-the-Wind-Sailors, Velella velella  were found stranded at Sennen SW3526
A pod of 10 to 12 Common Dolphins were reported at Trevanaunce Cove, St. Agnes, however if these were in the cove they would more likely be Bottlenosed Dolphins
Dead Grey Seals were found stranded, one at Porthtowan and the other south of Black Rock Widemouth Bay.
A pod of three Bottlenosed Dolphins escorted a sailing boat out of the river Yealm at 1430 all about 8ft long, two were agile and jumping about the other with a damaged dorsal, probably Benty, played by the boat.
A dead, but fresh Grey Seal was found stranded at Hawks Point SW538384, 4ft long.
Two Pilot Whales were seen near the Wolf Rock lighthouse. and 40 or more By-the Wind Sailors Velella velella, were found on Sennen Beach.
A pod of about 20 Common Dolphin were seen chasing a shoal of fish 2 miles south of Tater-du  at midday. They were moving at high speed and jumping high out of the water as they went.
Three Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Polzeath.
Three Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen off Porthscatho
Graham the Lifeguard at Porthmeor reported seeing a pod of 4 or 5 Bottlenose Dolphins off the beach.
A Whale was seen from MFV Defiant just north of Cape Cornwall and was thought to be a Minke
A 6’1” Porpoise carcass was found with some damage on the beach at Constantine Bay near Trevose Head
A 10ft Basking Shark was seen in shallow water at Lamorna SW4523.It barely broke the surface.
A carcass of a Minke Whale nearly 20ft long was found on the beach at Sennen SW359269
A grey seal was reported howling and barking about 8 miles off Trenow Cove SW531298 by a fisherman. I wonder if the fisherman had taken a closer look he might not have found a dog which had fallen overboard someone boat.
Four Porpoises were seen off The Brisons SW3431
A small pod of Fin Whales were seen spouting well off Carn Gloose during the morning.
At least 2 Porpoises were seen off Carn Gloose, may have been more in the pod.
At least 2 Porpoises were seen off Carn Gloose
3 Bottlenosed Dolphins were seen travelling eastwards toward Mounts Bay about a mile off Gwennap Head SW637215 at 1130 hrs.
There were many freshly stranded By-the-Wind-Sailors Vellela vellela found on the beach at Carbis Bay SW533388
A pod of unidentified dolphins were seen 100 metres offshore at Kennack Sands SW7316
 at 1020.
31/12/99 Two male Grey Seals were seen at Stackhouse Cove SW548283 at 1320. They were far enough apart to be out of eye contact.

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