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Life in the oceans: exploring our blue planet


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S180 Life In The Oceans: Exploring Our Blue Planet

Code : S180 Level : 1 Points : 10
Start date End date UK fee*
Feb 2002 see description £65 no online registration -
Computer required No residential school
*Note: this course is only available in the United Kingdom.

This new course is linked to the spectacular 'Blue Planet' BBC TV series.
It will use a variety of media to address the following questions:
What are the challenges of living in the oceanic environment, and how have marine organisms adapted to cope with them?
Why do some parts of the ocean continually teem with life while others have seasonal bursts of activity?
How do marine ecosystems differ from terrestrial ecosystems?
How have our ideas about the deep ocean environment evolved?

And why do discoveries in the abyssal depths continue to amaze us?
In working towards answers to these questions, you will see that to understand life in the oceans we need to consider not just marine biology,but geology, chemistry and physics - the shape of the ocean basins, the chemistry of seawater, and ocean tides and currents, all play crucial roles in shaping the marine environment. The final section of the course looks at modern fishing techniques and their far-reaching consequences for marine life, and considers what might be done to ameliorate the present critical situation.

The course has been written assuming that you are new to science, and introduces new scientific ideas as you need them. However, if you have already done some science at school, college or elsewhere, you will find opportunities to explore some topics further. The course should help you to develop a variety of skills, which become more sophisticated as the course progresses, and there are questions to help you check your understanding as
you go along.

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