28 September 2016

Dandelion by Widewater Cyclepath

13 April 2010
The first Speckled Wood Butterfly of the year settled with its wings closed on a dead branch on the verges of the Waterworks Road, with frequent Peacock Butterflies, occasional Comma Butterflies, a few languid flyingLarge Whites and at least one yellow Brimstone Butterfly. The choice of nectar plant was Dandelion, common and easily the most prevalent plant on the verges at the southern end.
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Diminutive Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon taraxacoides (=Leontodon saxatilis), may have been present with dandelion-like clocks, but my identification may be suspect and this needs to be checked. Identification was by the leaves.

Hawkbit achenes don't have a long beak like that and so don't make a blowable 'clock'. That look just like a dandelion to me. Pinch the stem!

Comment by Martin Rand on UK Botany Yahoo Group

Probably Dandelion.

Autumnal Hawkbit can be thought of as the prevalent autumn equivalent of the Dandelion.