Lancing Ring Dewpond

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Lancing Ring Dewpond was restored in 1991 by the Friends of Lancing Ring in conjunction with Adur District Council, West Sussex County County Council, The Gambles Group, Blue Circle Cement, M. Langmead (Farmer) and local volunteers.

In the winter of 1999/2000 the pond was stripped out and relined.

Research by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature)

7 February 2021


Report by Andy Brook

16 January 2021

Photograph by Jan Hamblett

4 April 2020

Photograph by Helen Hartzhorne

30 March 2020

Sunrise by Nick Macleod flickr

November 2019

Photograph by Karen Macleod  flickr

1 July 2019

Photograph by Philip Gardnerfacebook

10 January 2019

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

18 November  2018

Friends of Lancing Ring  facebook

28 June 2018

After a seriously long dry spell
Photograph by Bridget Wilson

19 March 2018

Photograph by Brian Spicer  flickr
The first snow at the end of the previous month had melted and this was a fresh flurry.

27 February 2018

Beastly winds from the north-east brought snow
Photograph by Bridget Wilson on Wildlife of Lancing, Sompting & Surrounds  facebook
Shoreham Weather 2018

25 December 2017

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

3 August 2017

Photograph by Bridget Wilson

15 April 2017

Photograph by Rob Kent

22 January 2017

Photograph by Jan Hamblett

10 August 2016

27 July 2016

Photograph by Brian Rogers

21 July 2016

Photograph by Andy Brook

30 June 2016

3 June 2016

Photograph by Brian Rogers

23 March 2016

11 March 2016


27 May 2015

28 July 2014

Photograph by Brian Rogers

27 June 2014

Photograph by Brian Rogers

16 February 2014

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

26 December 2013  Boxing Day

Photograph by Andy Brook

20 August 2013


3 February 2013

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

6 September 2012

12 July 2012

Photograph by Andy Brook
This picture was taken after the rain deluge in Lancing and the wettest June on record.

12 June 2012

This picture was taken after the rain deluge which dumped 58 mm of rain on Shoreham in one day.
Adur Weather Reports

Photograph by Andy Brook

7 April 2012

The morning rain rain certainly welcomed by the very dry dewpond at Lancing Clump

Photograph and comments by Andy Brook

10 February 2012

Photograph by Andy Brook

15 August 2011

Lancing Ring dewpond was dry, despite the recent rain. There was a small area of damp (darker) mud.

20 February 2011

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

2 September 2010

There was a small amount of water in the dewpond after the recent rain.

29 July 2010
Purple Loosestrife at Lancing Dewpond

There was no sign of any water and the mud was caked hard and cracked.

8 July 2010

21 June 2010

7 January 2010

5 November 2009

15 October 2009

The water seems very low but it is comparable to 2007, 2005 & 2004.
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5 August 2009
One large dragonfly with a bright blue abdomen cruised over Lancing Ring dewpond without stopping for at least 15 minutes and probably considerably longer. It did not seem big enough for an Emperor Dragonfly but this its most likely identity. The first red Common Darter (dragonfly) of the year was also seen whilst I was waiting for this large impressive insect to settle so I could have a closer look.

19 June 2009
Over Lancing Ring dewpond, I spent ten minutes or more watching three pairs of Broad-bodied Chasers (dragonfly), Libellula depressa, chasing each other all over the pond. Occasionally one of them would dip on the surface of the murky water. On two occasions in-flight mating was observed for about ten seconds, possibly longer on the first occasion. There was also a large Koi Carp swimming in the shallow water.

7 April 2009

28 March 2009

2 February 2009

Photograph by Andy Brook (North Lancing Community Web Pages)

14 September 2008
Purple Loosestrife

The dewpond after the wettest August in my lifetime and four days of intermittent rain at the beginning of September.

22 May 2008

Yellow Flag Iris was flowering in the dewpond and a male Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly dipped its head on to the surface of the water producing very small ripples. Note the Hawthorn in flower.

9 April 2008

Photograph by Andy Horton

6 April 2008

Photograph by John & Sue Wellfare

Photograph by John & Sue Wellfare on the North Lancing Snow Gallery

13 February 2008

After a lot of rain since last month.

9 January 2008

Photograph by Ray Hamblett on flickr Lancing Ring pool

23 November 2007

Photograph by Ray Hamblett on the flickr Lancing Ring pool

19 October 2007

31 July 2007

18 July 2007

4 June 2007

1 May 2007

12 March 2007

24 January 2007
South-east England woke after an overnight flurry of snow and Lancing Ring was no exception.

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

23 November 2006

20 September 2006

There was no sign of any water.

28 June 2006

At least half a dozen attractive Broad-bodied Chasers (dragonflies) patrolled the reeds and shallow water of Lancing Ring Dewpond in the early afternoon sunshine. A couple of Small Heath Butterflies were seen around the grassy edge.

19 May 2006

Photograph by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature) on the Lancing Ring Blogspot

20 January 2006

The dewpond contained a fair anount of water with thick muddy margins. The level and appearance was the same as 24 October 2005. 

28 December 2005

Photograph by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature) on the Lancing Nature Blogspot

Dewpond Gallery (by Ray Hamblett)

24 October 2005

5 October 2005

3 August 2005

Dewpond vegetation is just holding in in the damp mud of the dried out pond

7 October 2004

25 July 2004

25 June 2004

14 December 2003

10 October 2003

28 June 2003

23 March 2003

Lancing Ring Dewpond (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

30 January 2003

Photograph by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature)

September 2001

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

12 July 2001

Lancing Ring Dewpond (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

4 April 2000

Lancing Ring Dewpond (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

Lancing Ring Dewpond (Ray Hamblett)

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