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Wildlife Reports

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Most of the downs are agriculture and have been for centuries. The links above go to the best wildlife sites.

21 July 2008
Falco subuteoI was surprised and pleased to see a  Falcon*, perched on a a fence past on the bridlepath from Slonk Hill Farm north to New Erringham. Originally, the bird was nearer Slonk Hill Farm, but after I disturbed it, it made a distinctive circular flight (which I have seen before) and in a succession of glides it ended up nearer New Erringham where Swallows and Goldfinches were frequently seen. 

*This is yet another one of those dreaded escaped large falcons, having what appears to be Peregrine and Lanner Falcon in its parentage (although I cannot completely rule out a North African Lanner). The patterning of its feathers suggest a juvenile.

Comparison Image on flickr

A trip across the downs north of Shoreham yielded over 200 butterflies of 14 species, with special note of six Wall Browns at six different locations and the first two male Chalkhill Blues on the upper meadow of Mill Hill which was dominated by Peacock Butterflies. My journey took me from Slonk Hill Farm to Mossy Bottom where I saw my first Painted Lady of the year. 
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Adur Butterfly List 2008
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
20 July 2008
On the downs pastures above Shoreham, the yellow of the Ragwort  contrasted with the cloudy and azure sky. 
(North of Slonk Hill Road, the photograph shows the bridge over the A27)
30 December 2007
Old Erringham "house on the hill" from the Adur riverbank near Cuckoo's Corner


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