Elms of Adur
10 May 2005
New Monks Farm Central Corridor
This appears top be the asymmetrical leaf of the Wych Elm.
Aceria ulmicola galls The images on the left shows a leaf hosting the pustule gall Aceria ulmicola which is made by a mite. This is meant to infect only the English Elm. It was previously known as Eriophytes ulmicola.
Invertebrates on Elm (Adur)
Elm Leaf Galls (from New Monks Farm by Ray Hamblett)

25 April 2005
I made the trek in very muddy conditions after the overnight rain (15 mm) from Mash Barn Lane to the Railway Crossing and to New Monks Farm. There were numerous (20+) adult elms and saplings in the tree corridor from the Horse Paddock to the Farm Houses. However, there was very little flying insect life observed amongst the damp foliage. The species of elm is still under enquiry. There may be two species or a hybrid species. I identified an English Elm, Ulmus procera, but appears that the Wych Elm, Ulmus glabra, is the most prevalent.
Young Elm Row of trees (including Hawthorn and Elm) and path through New Monks Farm
Elm Leaves
Slightly out of focus in the foreground, it appears it is a mature Elm in the background

Elms,  and other trees (centre)

English Elm  Ulmus procera Salisbury (syn. Ulmus campestris Miller)  OE = elm
Some ID notes:
It does not sucker freely.
The leaves are nearly always attacked by the elm leaf-gall mite Eriophytes ulmicola (Rackham 1980).

Wych Elm  Ulmus glabra Hudson (syn. Ulmus montana Loudon.) OE  = wice
Some ID notes:
Observable ability to produce vegetative suckers and has largely abandoned sex as a means of reproduction.

Both elm and wice catch Dutch Elm Disease.

There have been doubts which Elm are native to this country and no doubt opinions differ, but following the work of Melville at Kew, we recognise the following native Elms:

Wych Elm - Ulmus glabra Hudson

Common or English Elm - Ulmus procera Salisbury

Coritanian Elm - Ulmus coritana Melville

Plot's Elm, Lock Elm - Ulmus plotii Druce, Ulmus minor

Smooth-leaved or Feathered Elm - Ulmus carpinifolia, Ulmus nitens

Cornish Elm - Ulmus augustifolia Weston.

Dutch Elms (including the Huntingdon variety) are hybrids between U.glabra and U.carpinifolia.
The Jersey, Guernsey and Wheatley Elms are subspecies of  U.augustifolia.

Elm Leaf Galls (from New Monks Farm by Ray Hamblett)

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