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February 2009


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Adur Coastal & Marine
Adur Estuary & Levels
Mill Hill & the Downs
Urban Reports
Mill Hill on 2 February 2009



25 February 2009
A pair of Teals, Anas crecca, at high tide in the middle of the River Adur to the west of the Footbridge did not stick their head under water in their usual way, so they were not recognised at first. 

24 February 2009
The first Hairy Bitter Cress, Red Dead-nettle and Common Mouse-ear of the year were seen in flower altogether on a verge at the north-western end of the Toll Bridge.

19 February 2009
I saw my first Honey Bees and Buff-tailed Bumblebees of the year in Lancing.

The first handful of Lesser Celandine flowers were seen amongst the grass on the Withy Gap, Lancing. 

16 February 2009
The first Snowdrops of the year were seen in the churchyard of St. Julian's in Kingston Buci. 

12 February 2009
An immigrant male Merlin landed on a pylon* near the Power Station Chimney in Shoreham Harbour (by Southwick Beach) and it was quickly pounced upon by one of the resident Peregrine Falcons. "I saw one of the Peregrines hurtling towards 
the pylon with my naked eye. I looked straight back through the scope, expecting to see an almighty tussle, but incredibly the Peregrine was perched on the Merlin, the latter still struggling and flapping wings, and the Peregrine keeping balance with wings outspread. After one unsuccessful attempt at flying with its prey still putting up a fight, the Peregrine managed to subdue the Merlin and flew away further into Southwick somewhere (being lost behind the houses) still clutching the Merlin.
(*A frequent perch of one of the two resident Peregrines.) 

8 February 2009
As the rain poured down, a pair of courting Jays were making a racket with their chattering calls in the front garden immediately to the west of Querneby Close in Kingston Buci, east Shoreham. 

2 February 2009

Shoreham Beach

A steady snow shower was observed at first light. The lowest over night air temperature was minus 2.6 °C at 2:00 am and at 7:00 am it was minus 2.3 °C. The depth of snow outside my front door was 82 mm (over 3 inches) at 9:00 am
Adur Weather 2009

Birds noticed on Mill Hill amongst the snowy branches were frequent Robins and Blackbirds, and occasional Magpies. In St. Mary de Haura Churchyard in central Shoreham I chanced upon a resting Sparrowhawk

1 February 2009
Light flurries of snow blew in from the east in the afternoon and a thin dusting settled on the roads. The air temperature fell to freezing point at 4:00 pm.



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