Fungi of the Downs in May 2004 & July 2004

12 July 2004

There was a small mushroom (photographed above) in the grass by the path in the dog mess zone on the lower slopes of Mill Hill.
Panaeolus sphinctrinus

On the horse dung, next to the footpath approach to Mill Hill from the Waterworks Road, there were now two species of fungi. One was a species of Conocybe and other (with the black gills in the photograph above) looked like Panaeolus sphinctrinus to my inexperienced eye.

10 May 2004
There were scores of these dome-shaped mushrooms by the dried cow pats on 
Anchor Bottom, near Upper Beeding. 

Panaeolus sphinctrinus

Mushrooms amongst the grass south of the Reservoir on the 
upper slopes of 
Mill Hill

These are probably a species of Agrocybe.

ID suggestion by 
Malcolm Storey (BioImages)

Adur Fungi: Fruiting Times