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Fungi of Lancing 
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Adur Fruiting Bodies Database
Lancing Fungi Gallery (by Ray Hamblett)
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Lancing Ring and Meadows:

Dead Tree and Fungal Notes
13 November 2005
This bracket fungi was discovered on a discarded log deposited near the mobile canteen at Withy Patch, Lancing. I think this species is Stereum hirsutum. This is a common fungus attacking wood.

11 November 2005

Parrot Fungi (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

Parrot Wax Caps, Hygrocybe psittacina, showing the gills on the lawns of St Bernard's Court, Sompting Road, Lancing (north of the railway station). 

Lancing Fungi Gallery (by Ray Hamblett)
Adur Waxcaps

4 November 2005

The six large mushrooms (illustrated above) grew in the grass between Widewater Lagoon and the sea, east of the bridge. They had already been broken off before I photographed them. The cap diameter of the largest specimen was roughly measured at about 15 cm with a height of an estimated 15 cm. 
Previous Report

1 November 2005
On Lancing Ring a large cloud looked threatening but passed over and warm sun shone through. Into the woods of Beech and Ash trees where several clumps of Shaggy Pholiotas (fungi) were congregated around the base of one Ash tree. Further down the slope small groups of Agaricus mushrooms opened their caps under the canopy.
In the soft clay of Lancing Ring dewpond bank a group of fungi, identified as Pholiota gummosa, (confirmed by Jean J Wuilebaut) were seen. (Image
Entoloma sericeum (Photograph by Ray Hamblett) These two mushrooms Entoloma sericeum were found in open grassland near Lancing Ring.

In the short grass area around the Dewpond many small fungi sprouted in the turf, among them a distinctive Oily Waxcap, Hygrocybe quieta (Image). A small red one just emerging may have been the Scarlet Waxcap Hygrocybe coccinea. (I suppose it could be the Blackening Waxcap, Hygrocybe conica.)

Reports and Photograph by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature) on 
the Lancing Nature Smart Group
Lancing Fungi Gallery (by Ray Hamblett)
Adur Waxcaps

30 October 2005
The Parrot Wax Cap, Hygrocybe psittacina, was found on a lawn near south Lancing railway station.

Lancing Fungi Gallery (by Ray Hamblett)

25 October 2005
Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma sublateritium Shaggy Pholiotas Unidentified

Fungi seen were only two frequent species, including a group of Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma sublateritium, half a dozen clusters of Shaggy Pholiotas, underneath the trees on the Clump and one mushroom in the meadow. The third mushroom growing amongst the grass was Bolbitius titubans

12 October 2005
The fungi are starting to show on Lancing Clump, twenty or so Parasols, Macrolepiota procer, almost dinner plate size, were seen in the coarse grass west of the dew pond. In the woods Puffballs were seen on several rotting tree stumps. On the same Ash tree as previous years there were a cluster of Golden Pholiotas.
The woodland is still dry for the time of year.
There was an unconfirmed large grey mushroom growing on a tree which could be the Willow Shield, Pluteus salicinus ? (Image)

Parasols (by Ray Hamblett)
Adur Fungi Database

5 October 2005

There was one Agaricus mushroom in the spinney/wood to the east of Lancing Manor sports complex. There were hundreds of the Trametes bracket fungi on a log in the meadows near the dewpond. 

4 August 2005
In the spinney to the east of McIntyres Field there was a group of Glistening Inkcap Mushrooms, Coprinus micaceus, and some greyish King Alfred's Cakes, Daldinia concentrica.

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