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21 January 2004

Over a hundred specimens of the Tubaria furfuracea mushroom were growing on their long stems in the long grass by the stream near the Steyning road. They were darker brown-orange than the previous pictures and one of them had a white dandruffy cap which may have given this species its Latin specific name. None of the caps were concave (which could be inferred as a possibility from the Generic name = Tuba ?).
Tubaria furfuracea
Tubaria furfuracea

2-5 December 2003

Upperside 2 December 2003 
Flash photograph
Diameter = 7 mm
Underside 2 December 2003
Withered a bit on 5 December 2003. Natural light photograph showing true colours

How about Melonotus horizontalis:
but they are usually quite small (<1cm diam)
Malcolm Storey (BioImages)

A name of Wood Oysterling has been suggested for this species.

ID NOT CONFIRMED,  but highly likely

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