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Adur Fungi Reports 2008

14 December 2007
ABlewits, Lepista sp., mushroom was recorded from the ridge of Mill Hill, the first time this mushroom as been recorded from Mill Hill Nature Reserve. I originally identified this as a Field Blewits, Lepista saeva, but this species has no blue on its cap.
7 December 2007
The first Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda, mushroom seen this autumn was spotted on the wood chippings on Ropetackle in Shoreham town by the River Adur

This may be a Field Blewits, Lepista saeva. 
See the correction note below. 

I'd go for the rather variable Lepista sordida for both of those, but you really need to measure the spores to be sure. Lepista sordida is the only Lepista which can be completely blue/purple all over, but it can also have hardly any blue at all. It favours disturbed and garden situations (probably slightly raised fertility but overlaps in this with Wood Blewits)
Lepista saeva doesn't have any blue/purple in the cap.
I am sure I remember reading years ago that the traditional English name for these is "a blewits" - one of those words like "a thrips" where the singular ends in "s", but have been unable to trace this.

ID advice by Malcolm Storey (BioImages)
3 December 2007
Two species of mushrooms were discovered on the exposed upper slopes of Mill Hill where the grasses were short like bowling green turf. 

The first right was the Pale Wax Cap, Hygrocybe pratensis var pallida, and the second one could be a Conocybe species*. The stem of this mushroom was fragile and it was a surprise it survived the gales of the previous day on the exposed top part of Mill Hill. 

Adur Wax Caps

* Psathyrella has black spores and hence dirty grey to blackish gills (occasionally drying pale grey when all the spores are gone)
The mushroom above clearly has brown gills so it's a Conocybe (or possibly a Galerina but it looks a bit large for grassland Galerina spp.)

ID advice by Malcolm Storey (BioImages)

22 November 2007
There was at least one clump of miniature white Clavulina in the Maple Spinney next to the Waterworks Road (southern end). On the bowling green grass of the upper slopes of Mill Hill I spotted a small single fresh pure white mushroom called the Pale Wax Cap, Hygrocybe pratensis var pallida.

21 November 2007
A small clump of Field Mushrooms grew underneath a Poplar Tree on the edge of Southwick Green, but they were too wet and deteriorated to eat.

19 November 2007
The first Jew's Ear, Auricularia auricula-judae, of the autumn was attached to a Hawthorn on the path to the north of the lower slopes of Mill Hill.
15 November 2007
On south slopes of Anchor Bottom (Dacre Garden entrance), two small white mushrooms were seen amongst the grasses and sedges.
I think these may be young versions of the Pale Wax Cap, Hygrocybe pratensis var pallida.

3 November 2007

Shaggy Pholiota, Pholiota squarrosa  on Lancing Clump
Photograph by Ray Hamblett on flickr Lancing Ring pool

2 November 2007
Fungi spotted on Lancing Ring included the bracket fungus Trametes, a large clump of Sulphur Tuft and the rounded Puff Balls. I did not search the clump.

19 October 2007
Three species of mushroom were spotted on Lancing Clump.
Mushrooms by Lancing Ring dewpond
possibly Lactarius pubescens
I should tested if these exuded sap as a milk cap
Shaggy Pholiota
under Lancing Clump
Puff Balls
from Lancing Clump wood

18 October 2007
Three small mushrooms in the Triangle area of Mill Hill were Dung Roundheads, Stropharia.

29 July 2007
Two large Agaricus mushrooms were seen growing on a grass verge at the east end of Crown Road, Shoreham. One had been dislodged but the largest one with a diameter of 10 cm or more was in-situ. On the plateau area of Mill Hill, I spotted a couple of Dung Roundheads, Stropharia.
4 July 2007
A single small mushroom on the Pixie Path was probably a Dung Roundhead, Stropharia

2 July 2007
There were five large Agaricus mushrooms growing in the small copse connecting Buckingham Park with Ravensbourne Avenue in Shoreham. The gills were pale grey and they have been seen before in this location. The largest mushroom was 60 mm in diameter.

20 May 2007
There were over a dozen large probable Agaricus mushrooms growing on the eastern end of the Public Footpath 3138 section of the Waterworks Road. The gills of these mushrooms were white.

19 May 2007
In the shade of my north-facing garden (after the rain), just outside my front door (in my garden in residential Shoreham), one inkcap species Coprinus plicatilis appeared as it does in most years. Its cap diameter was measured at 32 mm and its height at about 100 mm. The stem was brittle. Later a smaller brown mushroom was seen next to it which was probably the same species or another inkcap. The stem on this much smaller mushroom was more robust.
7 March 2007
Several Jew's Ear, Auricularia auricula-judae, grew on a rotten branch on the footpath east at the southern end of the the Waterworks Road. At a width of 12 cm, one of these was the biggest I have ever seen. 

Photograph: Jew's Ear, Auricularia auricula-judae

18 February 2007
The unidentfied fungus in the photograph on the right was seen on a wound on a White Poplar Tree at the south-east end of Adur Recreation Ground near the inlet. 
26 January 2007
The first clump of mushrooms were seen on a stump opposite Ladywell's on the Coombes road and were probably Honey Fungus. 
The second sprinkling of about thirty small mushrooms were on the mud and leaf litter road eastern verge north of Cuckoo's Corner and the detached mushroom was seen to be buried in the earth. Although this species is frequently seen, it has not been identified as there are so many of these small brown mushrooms.

15 January 2007
The second mushrooms seen in the year were Panaeolus papilionaceus var papilionaceus growing on horse droppings piled up on the edge of a field by the Steyning Road, Old Shoreham. Later, several Jew's Ear, Auricularia auricula-judae, were growing on Hawthorn on Mill Hill, amongst the scrub in the northwest corner.

12 January 2007
My first mushrooms seen this year were a small brown unidentified species growing on the wood chips in the shrub beds of McDonalds, Eastern Avenue, Shoreham. There were at least dozen of these small mushrooms just appearing.

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