Hawkbits and Hawkweeds etc
8 June 2020

Mouse-eared Hawkweed

PIxie Path to Mill Hill
14 October 2016
Smooth Hawk's-beard from Mill Hill
10 October 2016
Buckingham Cutting (south) was covered in Hawkbit leaves. Hairy and not red underneath, I thought the flowers were Rough Hawkbit despite being late in the season. To make identification even more tricky the grass verge at the top of The Drive also included Lesser Hawkbit.  There did not seem to be any Autumnal Hawkbit

Lesser Hawkbit

Rough Hawkbit

7 October 2016

Autumnal Hawkbit ?
Gordon Road verges, Shoreham

Autumnal Hawkbit is a short grassland perennial most likely to be confused with Cat's-ear but with a stem that swells towards the top, no chaffy scales among the florets and with outer florets reddish beneath not greyish or greenish as is the case with Cat's-ear. Flowers form in loose clusters and bloom from July to October. The leaves of the basal rosette have sharper tips and sharper lobes than either Cat's-ear or Rough Hawkbit.
Emorsgate Seeds
15 July 2016
Mouse-eared Hawkweed                                                                Rough Hawkbit
Mill Hill Cutting (south)
Mouse-eared Hawkweed
Rough Hawkbit
19 October 2014
Mostly Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon saxatilis
except bottom left (large) Smooth Hawk's-beard and right Rough Hawkbit
Top left, maybe Autumnal Hawkbit
Mill Hill
15 May 2011
The first appearance of Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon taraxacoides, this year, was most noted in chalky gardens at the top of The Drive, north Shoreham. 

1 May 2011

Mouse-eared Hawkweed was spotted in flower in the Old Erringham pasture, by the wire fence next to Mill Hill Nature Reserve.
11 July 2008 
Hawkbits were very common on the lower slopes of Mill Hill, and these are both the Lesser Hawkbit noted for the first time this year, and also Rough Hawkbit also noted for the first time. The Rough Hawkbits tended to be larger and not so many of these. 
Autumnal Hawkbits Rough Hawkbit
9 May 2008

Possibilities: On the lower slopes of Mill Hill.
I did not check the leaves for Mouse-eared Hawkweed ?
1 November 2007
Autumnal Hawkbit on the lower slopes of Mill Hill.The leaf shape denotes a Hawkbit and the species is assumed from the time of the year. 
This assumption is wrong and this looks like Rough Hawkbit.

2 July 2007


23 May 2007

Hawkbits and Mouse-eared Hawkweeds were in flower on the southern and northern banks of the Slonk Hill Cutting respectively. This Cutting may have been seeded with wild flowers whereas the lower slopes of Mill Hill are wild, so the plants may be of a different genetic stick, even if they are the same species.

Mouse-eared Hawkweed

22 May 2007
A few Rough Hawkbits* were in flower on the lower slopes of Mill Hill and these had dandelion-type leaves (but not the outer bracts of Dandelions) and I will have to discover what species these are?
(* Possibilities:  Rough Hawkbit Leontodon hispidus, or Lesser Hawkbit Leontodon saxatilis).

The stem is smooth (not hairy as in the photograph below) on the Lesser Hawkbit.

Rough Hawkbit


Cat's Ear