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July 2007


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Small Tortoiseshell on Common Mallow Meadow Brown Butterflies mating
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30 July 2007
It was still some way from peak emergence for the Chalkhill Blues with 73 (72 males, 1 female) seen on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. There was the large Adonis Blue seen again on the lower slopes and again it flew off rapidly. This was only positively identified later as the first Adonis Blue seen in July.
Male Chalkhill Blue Female Chalkhill Blue

29 July 2007
The Chalkhill Blues had still not emerged in numbers on Mill Hill as only 37 were seen including the first mating pair of the year and this was the only female. On an overcast day eleven species of butterflies were seen including two Common Blue Butterflies on the top meadow of Mill Hill. A few mushrooms emerged after the rain.
Full Butterfly Report

 A Kestrel landed at the southern end of the lower slopes of Mill Hill. It appeared to be searching for small insect prey.

26 July 2007
The second sighting of the first Adonis Blue Butterfly seen in July on the lower slopes of Mill Hill was later confirmed by a photograph

25 July 2007
I was a suprised to see a large adult Grass Snake coiled up on the Mill Hill Cutting. After a few seconds it slithered underneath the Cotoneaster by the wooden fence. 

24 July 2007
In a local Lancing garden with a large Carp pond, an Emperor Dragonfly stopped to rest on the Privet hedge I was about to cut. 

Adur Dragonflies 2007

In the intermittent spells of sunshine, fourteen species of butterfly showed including a Small Blue on the Buckingham Cutting, a Brown Argus and 34 Chalkhill Blues on Mill Hill. Peacock Butterflies were frequently seen. The first Adonis Blue Butterfly seen in July on the lower slopes of Mill Hill was later confirmed by a photograph.
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterfly Monthly Flight Times

19 July 2007
As the sun came out so did the butterflies with 35 Chalkhill Blues on Mill Hill, all but one on the lower slopes, and the first brown female of 2007. Other notable butterflies included faded Ringlets on the south side of the Slonk Hill Cutting, Wall Browns on Mill Hill in the same place as three days earlier, a Clouded Yellow by the River Adur at Upper Beeding and a Small Copper visiting an Ox-eye Daisy on the Downs Link Cyclepath north of the A27 Flyover
Seventeen butterflies was the most in a day this year. 
Full Butterfly List

16 July 2007
At Mill Hill in virtually no sunshine I spotted a second generation Dingy Skipper. Twelve species of butterfly were recorded on Mill Hill. 

Report by Jim Steedman on Sussex Butterflies
Adur Butterfly List 2007

15 July 2007
Peacock Butterfly  (2 July 2007)In the sticky humid sunshine, there were frequent bright Peacock Butterflies just about anywhere there was Buddleia, even in the middle of Shoreham town. On Mill Hill, the Chalkhill Blues were just beginning with sixteen on the lower slopes and two of the second brood Wall Brown Butterflies on the path running through mixed scrub and meadows (the glades). Twelve different species of butterfly were seen. 
Full Butterfly Report

A dozen Common Blue Damselflies, one Ruddy Darter and one Southern Hawker were all the first of the year for these damselflies and dragonflies. And they were all seen immediately over the Annington Sewer stream by the Oak tree at the northern boundary of the Salting's Field, east of Annington. 
Adur Levels 2007 

14 July 2007
My first Clouded Yellow Butterfly since the beginning of May was seen in one of the their most likely spots on the verge meadow south of the Cement Works on the Downs Link Cyclepath.
Full Butterfly Report

12 July 2007
One (probably the female) Peregrine Falcon flew around the Shoreham Harbour Power Station chimney, over Southwick beach, squawking like mad in the early afternoon.

Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden

First Chalkhill Blue of 20078 July 2007
The first Chalkhill Blue Butterfly of the year was seen on the lower slopes of Mill Hill on a cloudy day.  It was one of twelve species seen in the first hour. 
I also recorded the hoverfly Chrysotoxum festivum in the shade on the Downs Link cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates

July 2007
I have discovered Starry Clover, Trifolium stellatum, growing in my garden at 58 Riverside Road, Shoreham Beach. I know it used to grow at my mother's house at 49 Riverside Road but it was killed off by flooding river water. Other nearby locations have been "developed".

Report by Tony Watson

4 July 2007
On the footpath section of the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham, I recorded my first two sparring Gatekeeper Butterflies of 2007 on another breezy overcast day when anything of interest was in short supply.
Full Butterfly Report

3 July 2007

Marbled White Butterfly
As an ominous black cloud loomed in the west, I saw my first Small Copper Butterfly of the year and my first of the spectacular hoverflies Volucella zonaria both at the top of the Pixie Path. About six Marbled White Butterflies fluttered over the clearing by the path that runs along the south side of the Slonk Hill Cutting. 
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates

2 July 2007
Small Tortoiseshell on Common MallowSwifts and House Martins filled the air swooping and diving over the Oil Seed Rape field and the River Adur from Old Shoreham Toll Bridge towards Cuckoo's Corner where at least one Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly visited Mallow amongst the Stinging Nettles and other plants underneath the A27 Flyover. The first second brood Holly Blue Butterflies were seen.
Full Butterfly Report

1 July 2007
My first Swift of the year performed acrobatics in the Fresh Breeze (Force 5) over the River Adur north of Old Shoreham Toll Bridge. My first Small Skipper (butterfly), my first 6-spot Burnet Moth and my first Common Darter (dragonfly) of 2007 were spotted on the Downs Link path south of the Buffer Stop in Shoreham town. The flowering Buddleia attracted frequent butterflies and seven species were seen in an hour including Comma Butterflies, Peacocks, Red Admirals and Marbled Whites
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Adur Levels 2007
Adur Moths

Adur Butterfly List 2007
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