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June 2007


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Parent Bug, Elasmucha grisea


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29 June 2007
On a local walk organised by Andy Brook to see bats on McIntyres field, on the east of Lancing Ring, we saw about ten bats at the height of their activity, but it was difficult to verify what species they were in the poor light. I believe they may have been the Serotine Bat, Eptesicus serotinus

Sussex Bat Group

27 June 2007
On the orchid-covered southern bank of the Slonk Hill Cutting I spotted the languid flight of my first Ringlet Butterflies of 2007
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates

20 June 2007
Thirteen species of butterfly put in an appearance during a breezy slightly overcast day with Marbled White Butterflies frequent on Mill Hill. They visited Greater Knapweed and Musk Thistle. Two new Comma Butterflies emerged from a patch of Stinging Nettles. 
Full Butterfly Report

17 June 2007
On Mill Hill and the Lancing Ring meadows, the emergence of the Marbled White Butterflies seems to have begun with 11 and 6 seen respectively. Two Pyrausta purpuralis moths from the lower slopes of Mill Hill were the first positive records of this attractive small pyralid moth

Lancing Ring Report by Ray Hamblett on the UK-Leps (Yahoo Group)
Full Butterfly Report

10 June 2007
My first butterfly of the day was a Large Skipper in a clearing next to the path that runs through a spinney and hedgerows/scrub on the southern side of the Slonk Hill Cutting. This was my first this year. Small Blues with 19+ on the Buckingham Cutting were the most frequent butterflies. 
On the lower slopes of Mill Hill Local Nature Reserve the first brood of Adonis Blue Butterflies were almost finished and some of the males had tatty upper wing rims and with an influx of Common Blue Butterflies the identification could be tricky. In the one acre transect that were about seven of each species (4 males and 3 females each). My first Marbled White Butterfly of the year fluttered across the lower slopes. There were ten butterfly and skipper species seen
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates

8 June 2007
Whilst shrimping off Southwick, I caught two Thornback Rays, Raja clavata, in the large push-net. The largest of the rays was estimated at over 20 cm across the wings. 

Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden

Small Blue Butterfly
On the southern side of the Buckingham Cutting, north Shoreham, I spotted the first local Small Blue Butterflies of 2007. At least five were seen flitting amongst the mixed vegetation and there may have been more as these very small butterflies are easy to miss. I also recorded my personal first Painted Lady and Meadow Brown Butterflies of the year on the Downs Link Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham.
Full Butterfly Report
Adur Butterflies: First Dates

A handful of native wild plants were seen in flower for the first time this year included the important Greater Knapweed nectar plant for bees and butterflies
Two Fragrant Orchids were seen in flower on Anchor Bottom
Adur Orchids

5 June 2007
A couple of Painted Lady Butterflies in Lancing were the first seen locally this year.

Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Full Butterfly & Moth Report

Bee OrchidA half a dozen or so Bee Orchid stalks were in flower on the verge in Mill Hill Road.
Adur Orchids
flickr Sussex Wild Flora

3 June 2007
At first it looked like a gigantic wasp, but it was just too big and recognised as a female Broad-bodied Chaser (dragonfly), Libellula depressa, seen on the southern part of the Slonk Hill bank over the vegetation bordering the path. This was my first of the year. In the afternoon two males and another female Broad-bodied Chaser were disturbed on the footpath that runs along the southern part of Frampton's Field. The males have a pale blue abdomen. 
Adur Dragonflies 2007

Thick-lipped Grey Mullet, Chelon labrosus, were swimming upstream in the Adur estuary at least as far as the Cement Works where Mick the angler caught one and released it back into the river immediately, at high tide
Estuary Reports 2007

2 June 2007
Adur was one of the UK leaders in presenting an environmental exhibition of World Oceans Day, Shoreham-by-Sea, with exhibits hosted by local experts and enthusiasts of the undersea world. Live lobsters and crabs, a rock pool aquarium, the whale and dolphin exhibition, a touch table of strandline exhibits found on the shore, vegetated shingle plants (in pots and photographs by David & Marion Wood) and other interactive displays was on display under the marquee on on Coronation Green overlooking the River Adur by the Footbridge.
Wayne Nevell with the Edible Crab Samantha showing the smaller crabs to the smaller visitors

Adur World Oceans Day was run by a committee comprising representatives of the British Marine Life Study Society, West Sussex County Council, the Sea Watch Foundation, Friends of Shoreham Beach (Forum), Friends of Widewater Lagoon, Shoreham Greenpeace and other groups, with support from Adur District Council
Shoreham Herald Adur Festival Launch Photographs
Hairy Hermit Crab (by Karen) Common Hermit Crab, Pagurus bernhardus

BMLSS Hermit Crabs

1 June 2007
Four Meadow Brown Butterflies were seen near top of Beeding Hill in the afternoon. These were the first local reports of the year. One Clouded Yellow was also recorded.

Report by Jim Steedman on Sussex Butterflies
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
Adur Butterfly List 2007



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