Rockpooling on Kingston Beach, Shoreham-by-Sea

TQ 235 048 (OS Explorer)

by Andy Horton 2000

Rockpooling on Kingston Beach
30 (Eve.)/31 (Morn.) August 2000

Wind Force 1, Wind Direction 30th South, 31st north changing to south. Sunny.

 Common Name  Scientific Name  Frequency  Comments
 Beadlet Anemone  Actinia equina  Frequent
No large specimens were seen.
 Snakelocks Anemone  Anemonia viridis  One The same specimen as seen before, but by the 31st it had disappeared.
 Eel  Anguilla anguilla  One Under boulder. About 35 cm. 
 Edible Crab  Cancer pagurus  Occasional
 (about 5)
Undersized, c. 50 mm broad crabs buried in sand under rocks. 
 Shore Crab  Carcinus maenas  Common
Large ones  (20+) but only the small ones made the numbers up.
 5-Bearded Rockling  Ciliata mustela  One Large one, at least 25 cm long under a boulder. 
 Corkwing Wrasse (juv.)  Crenilabrus melops  Frequent
 (20 +)
Usually common at this time of year. Small to 35 mm. 
 Spider Crab
 Eurynome aspera  One Occasionally found, not always present and never more than frequent.
 Squat Lobster  Galathea squamifera  Very frequent
Only very small ones under rocks.
 Rock Goby
 Gobius paganellus  Very Common
In shallow pools and under rocks. Frequently 2 year old specimens (approaching full size).
 Netted Dogwhelk  Hinia reticulata  Common
Only two noticed, but it is inconceivable that there were not hundreds under the sand.
 Ballan Wrasse (juv.)  Labrus bergylta  One Green specimen, about 40 mm.
 Lipophrys pholis  Very frequent
Surprisingly few after they were very common earlier this year. 
 Spider Crab
 Macropodia rostrata  Common
At and below Chart Datum
 Plumose Anemone  Metridium senile  Absent Usually only found in spring on this beach. 
 Dogwhelk  NucelLapillus  Not known Not searched for. Certainly not common.
Only started to reappear in the last  3 years. 
 Oyster  Ostrea edulis  Very frequent
Only started to reappear intertidally in the last 5 years, apart from the occasional one. Small as the large ones are usually removed.
 Hermit Crab  Pagurus bernhardus  Very Frequent
In Periwinkle shells mostly, at least 70% of them, the others in Netted Dogwhelk shells.
 Prawn  Palaemon serratus  Abundant
First net full got supper second provided breakfast the following day. Thousands of small ones as well. 
Palaemon elegans probably present as well. 
 Butterfish  Pholis gunnellus  Two Probably more, as I did not look in their habitats, under rocks at mid-tide level. Juveniles to about 80 mm are usual so a specimen under a boulder at about 160 mm was unusual.
 Hairy Crab  Pilumnus hirtellus  Occasional
 (about 5 seen)
Sometimes absent altogether on this beach. 
 Porcelain Crab
 Pisidia longicornis  Common
Underside of rocks and boulders
 Common Goby  Pomatoschistus microps  Abundant
Most were juveniles
 Porcelain Crab 
 Porcellana platycheles  Occasional None seen, but I did not look for them. 
 Sea Anemone  Sagartia troglodytes  Frequent
 (25 +)
Deposited sand obscured this species. 
 (Alternative local name: Clobberhead)
 Taurulus bubalis  Very frequent
Always frequently to be found on this shore on the low springs, but it can be common and less numbers than expected. 
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