Lancing Beach
TQ 018 034

17 April 2003
Special Report in Pictures

Long-spined Bullhead
Taurulus bubalis

Hairy Crab
Pilumnus hirtellus
Long-clawed Porcelain Crab
Pisidia longirostris
Velvet Swimming Crab 
Necora puber
Common Hermit Crab
Pagurus bernhardus
Sagartia troglodytes with the tentacles retracted underneath a rock, with a drooping goblet appearance
Sea Anemone 
Sagartia troglodytes
Short-legged Spider Crab Eurynome aspera
Snakelocks Anemone
Anemonia viridis
Masked Crab 
Corystes cassivelaunus
Crabs prior to mating. The female crab is underneath.
Shore Crab
Carcinus maenas
Pea Crab 
Pinnotheres sp.
Squat Lobster 
Galathea squamifera
Palaemon elegans

Common Name Scientific Name Frequency Comments
Long-spined Bullhead Taurulus bubalis one Ate a small crab in the bucket
Shore Crab Carcinus maenas one Crab
Hairy Crab Pilumnus hirtellus 100 + Crab
Long-clawed Porcelain Crab Pisidia longicornis 25+  Anomuran
Common Hermit Crab Pagurus bernhardus one, possibly more Anomuran in a topshell, small 
Prawn Palaemon elegans  Very few  
Squat Lobster Galathea squamifera 20+ Anomuran
Velvet Swimming Crab Necora puber 20+
Pea Crab Pinnotheres pisum one male
Short-legged Spider Crab Eurynome aspera one
Snakelocks Anemone Anemonia viridis 3+   
Sea Anemone Sagartia troglodytes Common 100+  
Gooseberry Sea Squirt (brown) Dendrodoa grossularia  Common

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Lancing Beach (by Ray Hamblett)

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