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Lancing Clump (TQ 180 065) and meadows (map)
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Lancing Ring and Meadows: 

The wooded clump area covers about 8.4 acres, the large meadow about 19 acres and McIntyres Field a further 9.8 acres. Other large areas including the large steep western bank, the Chalk Pit, Barton's Wood, with various small spinneys and grass outcrops, and the west facing slopes. 

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5 April 2008 
Friends of Lancing Ring
AGM & Coffee Morning
Venue: The Holy Family Catholic Church Hall at Monks Farmhouse in North Road, Lancing
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Lancing Ring Reports 2009

Purple Loosestrife by Lancing Ring Dewpond14 September 2008
A rare trip to Lancing Clump, since the reopening of the Toll Bridge, produced literally over a hundred butterflies and all of these were Large Whites, especially at the top of McIntyres Field. Occasional Red Admirals were seen mostly on the flint paths, a few Green-veined Whites, a few Speckled Woods in the woody areas and one Small Heath Butterfly were noted. 
Jays were noted on three occasions flying in the canopy of the trees mostly in wood by the eastern car park. 

24 June 2008
Lancing Ring Meadows

Despite the shirt sleeves sunshine there were the number of butterflies on the wing was only in the order of low frequency (about 13), with three Large Whites in Lancing, one on the approach road and two over the long grass meadows of Lancing Ring in the late afternoon joined by one Large Skipper, a handful of Meadow Browns and two Marbled Whites.
Over the dewpond and a male Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly dipped its head on to the surface of the water, and it was accompanied by a one third longer dragonfly in bright blue which was either the frequently seen Southern Hawker, or the locally scarce Emperor Dragonfly. Either of the latter two would have been first for the year. Meadow Cranesbill was seen for the first time in flower this year in the surrounds of Lancing Ring dewpond. 
Adur Butterfly List 2008
Adur Dragonflies 2008

22 May 2008
I had the best view of a wild Sparrowhawk ever as one descended from a tree and landed for a second on a low brick wall in St. James Avenue, north Lancing. In the south-west corner of the main meadow of Lancing Ring a male Common Blue Butterfly fluttered over the Bird's Eye Trefoil which with Bulbous Buttercups were both prominent,  but I looked for and could not discover any Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa. Other plants noted were Ground Ivy and Germander Speedwell. It was in this area I saw my first definite Burnet Companion Moth of the year. Holly Blue Butterflies were frequently seen in the hedgerow approaches from the immediate south of this same area, with one Azure Dragonfly
In the north-west corner of the Nature Reserve, west of the clump, I spotted two Small Heath Butterflies and one Wall Brown without looking for them. They all Blackthorn in flower with the last of the snowflew into the fenced off private pasture to the north. Both Small White Butterflies and Large Whites were frequent but not much more than a dozen of each. Yellow Flag Iris was flowering in the dewpond and a male Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly dipped its head on to the surface of the water producing very small ripples. Other flowers noted included the common Wild Mignonette.

8 April 2008
The first butterfly was a Small White Butterfly in north Lancing on the approach road to Lancing Ring. This was followed by nine definite Peacock Butterflies and one smallish Comma Butterfly on Lancing Ring Nature Reserve

6 April 2008

Photograph by John & Sue Wellfare

Lancing Ring Dewpond
Photograph by John & Sue Wellfare on the North Lancing Snow Gallery

3 April 2008
A glut of early spring butterflies on Lancing Ring included frequent (20+) Peacock Butterflies, frequent Red Admiral Butterflies (? ID), five Brimstone Butterflies, and two Small Tortoiseshells.

Adur Butterfly List 2008

1 February 2008
Credit is due to Ray Hamblett for discovering a buried hibernating Common Lizard, Zootoca vivipara, under a rotten log at the top of McIntyres Field, north Lancing. It was very difficult to see amongst the earth.

This must be a small Common Lizard, judging by the toes not being webbed. Note it is missing the end of its tail. 

ID & Comments by Ray Hamblett on flickr Lancing Ring Pool
Adur Lizards
Common Lizard (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

A mown McIntyres Field contained frequent mushrooms illustrated above. The largest of these mushrooms were estimated at 65 mm cap diameter. The identity of this mushroom is not known. Amongst the trees at the top, there were at least a pair of Long-tailed Tits

20 January 2008
Tree Planting event with Friends of Lancing Ring
Slide Show of Pictures (by Ray Hamblett)
Lancing Ring Blogspot

6 January 2008
Bumblebees were active on the Gorse bushes of Lancing Ring, probably male Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, showing the whitish tails and two yellow bars. I counted four individuals there was almost certainly more.
The weather was warm and sunny, in patches between the rain clouds, at about 10°C.

Lancing Ring Dewpond

Lancing Ring Reports 2007

Lancing Ring Wildlife Reports 2006


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Lower Adur Levels (MultiMap) including Lancing Clump and Mill Hill

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