Malthouse Meadows, Sompting

18 June 2006
This looks like the Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, towering above the other vegetation on the Malthouse Meadows, Sompting. It was over two metres (7 ft) high. 
Report and Photograph by Ray Hamblett on flickr Sussex Wildlife Gallery
Adur Hogweeds

Adur Hogweeds

8 October 2005
On a blackberrying foray at Malthouse Meadow, Sompting, two Red Admiral Butterflies and a Comma were sighted close to the wall of flowering Ivy.
Report by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature Gallery) on the UK-Leps (Yahoo Group)

1 October 2005
In Malthouse Meadow, Sompting, (TQ 164 053), a Small Copper Butterfly rested briefly on the ground near to a large clump of Blackberry bushes and flowering Ivy. The Ivy was also attractive to two Painted Ladies and at least three Red Admirals, as well as a honey pot to many bees.

Report by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature Gallery) on the UK-Leps (Yahoo Group)

Adur Butterfly Flight Times
Adur Butterfly & Large Moth List 2005

3 August 2005
A brief visit to Malthouse Meadow, Sompting, brought Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper Butterflies as expected, a few White Butterflies and occasionally a Common Blue. At the top of the meadow I decided there was little more to hope to see and then a Brown Argus Butterfly settled close by and allowed me just one photograph before it became impatient and took off.
The ubiquitous grasshoppers were present but made little noise. A dark shape on a leaf drew me to look closer to find a Dark Bush Cricket.

Report by Ray Hamblett on Lancing Nature Notes

15 December 2004
Malthouse Meadows is mown in the autumn and the long grasses had been recently shown. A single Dog Rose flower was seen and blue-grey lichens on the two-bar fencing.

Overcast Day  22 September 2004
Three small unopened mushrooms were discovered on Malthouse Meadow, Sompting, on the edges of the long grass. They have not been identified and I did not go back for a second look. I am assuming that will open up. At first they looked as they were puffball type without a stalk.

Overcast Day  14 July 2004
The only butterfly in flight was a solitary Comma that settled just briefly on a Bramble leaf.

Bristly Ox-Tongue and Black Medick

Bristly Ox-Tongue and Black Medick

Coccinella septempunctata

Earlier photographs by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature)
Small/Essex Skipper side view from Malthouse on 13 July 2004 (Photograph by Ray Hamblett) Small Skipper from Malthouse Meadow (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)
13 July 2004:  Malthouse Meadows 6 July 2004:  Malthouse Meadows

Adur Skippers

22 June 2004
A female Meadow Plant Bug, Leptopterna dolabrata, is recorded in Malthouse Meadow, Sompting.

Report by Ray Hamblett (Lancing Nature Gallery) on the Lancing Bug Gallery
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