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March 2006


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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31 March 2006
The first Smooth Newt spawn was spotted early this year in my garden pond in Mill Hill Drive (south of Mill Hill), north Shoreham.

Newts 2005

The expected expanse of yellow flowers of Lesser Celandine, Dandelions, Daffodils and Bulbous Buttercups, on the verges of the Withy Patch, Lancing, heralded signs of spring.

28 March 2006
A Red Kite seen near Upper Beeding at 5.40 pm flew towards Steyning. 

Report by Penny Green on the Sussex Ornithological Society News
SOS Red Kite Reports

Dru Brook reports a Painted Lady Butterfly (first of the year) and a Red Admiral Butterfly in McIntyre's Field (east of Lancing Clump)

Adur Butterfly List 2006

There was continual commotion over the Rookery in The Drive, north Shoreham; the dozen or so Rooks seemed to be under continual harassment from about thirty Jackdaws. A single Crow perched on a nearby chimney.
Shoreham Town & Gardens

27 March 2006
The first Hedgehog seen this year ventured out from its winter hibernation hole.

Report by Jan Hamblett
23 March 2006
Along the Coastal Link Cyclepath 750 metres north of the A27 Flyover, the usual small patch of just over a dozen yellow Coltsfoot plants were seen in flower. 
Adur Levels 2006

22 March 2006
Spring is imminent. My first genuine wild plant (excluding the Chickweed) seen in flower this year was the ubiquitous weed the Red Dead Nettle on the Dovecote Bank (north Shoreham) followed by hundreds of Sweet Violets over the lower slopes of Mill Hill
Adur Violets
First Violets from Lancing Ring

21 March 2006

On the Middle Road Playing Fields, a very small clump of Germander plants were about to open and nearly the first wild flowers this year. A small clump of Chickweed was in flower. This weedy plant probably flowers all through the year. 

19 March 2006
Andy Brook reported a Brimstone Butterfly in Ring Road, North Lancing. This was the first report of the year.
Katherine Hamblettt (aged 11) reported a butterfly fluttering over my south Lancing garden. (TQ 185 046). I thought it was most likely to be a Red Admiral

Adur Butterfly List 2006
Adur Butterfly First Flight Times

On a cold bright day with the wind chill not much above freezing (1.2 ºC at 1:54 pm), the birds were calling like it was the first signs of spring, mostly the cacking of Rooks and Magpies in The Drive, north Shoreham, and a Robin singing from the top of a Holly tree in a nearby garden.

13 March 2006
I counted half a dozen Teals feeding upended in their characteristic way east of the bridge and just east of the Tamarisk island on Widewater Lagoon.

12 March 2006
Six Rooks visited the garden for food, and there was a large clump of Frog's spawn submerged in the pond in a Shoreham garden near Buckingham Park.
I spotted my first definite bumblebee of the year amongst the rockery.
Shoreham Town & Gardens
10 March 2006
JackdawThree mating embraces of Common Frogs were submerged in amplexus in the garden pond in a Shoreham garden near Buckingham Park. This was seven frogs as one female attracted the attention of two males. 
Four species of corvids visited the garden, including at least eleven Jackdaws, two Crows, one Rook flying over at low level and another or the same one landed on the Summer House to feed, together with a plump Magpie that perched on the fence. 

Garden Bird Database 2006

9 March 2006
The following newsworthy birds were seen in the Adur area: Black Redstart (2), Rock Pipit (1), Purple Sandpipers (2) on the shore zone, Great-crested Grebes (7) at sea, Peregrine Falcon (1), Stonechat (3) and Water Rail (1 at Widewater).

Report by Bernie Forbes on the Birds of Sussex (Yahoo Group)

There is considerable mating activity of Common Frogs in the pond in a Shoreham garden near Buckingham Park.

Report by Eileen Horton

6 March 2006
The first Peacock Butterfly of the year is seen by Dru Brook near the eastern car park on Lancing Clump.

Adur Butterfly List 2006
Adur Butterfly First Flight Times
5 March 2006

A shrimping expedition (push-net) to the sandy shallows of Southwick beach produced four small Sand-eels, Ammodytes tobianus, but these were so small that most of these elongate fish would have escaped through the netting. Small fish fry were caught in the net as well. 
On the Shoreham Harbour Power Station there were two Peregrine Falcons one which appeared smaller than the other. The smaller one would have been the male. At least one of the falcons were seen every day this month.
Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden
4 March 2006

My first hoverfly of the year was one of the small ones that flew slowly under the warm sun and landed on a Firethorn in a Shoreham garden near Buckingham Park. I had a good look through a magnifying glass and it was probably a Melanostoma.

2 March 2006
I surprised a grey-bluish Sparrowhawk perched on a branch in the spinney between the top plateau of Chanctonbury Drive (SE of the bridge over the A27 to Mill Hill) and the A27. This is on the edge of the Mill Hill Cutting. I got as close as two metres before the raptor flew off, but it was well camouflaged and it was not until I was three metres from it, did I see the bird of prey at all. It was much bigger with marked hooded eyes than the familar Kestrel and I estimated its height at 40 cm. This is much larger than the book size of the male which is only recorded to 30 cm.

A grey cloud produced a flurry of light snow, mostly condensed like hailstones and this brief period lasted for 20 minutes and the snow did not lay.
Shoreham Weather 2006

1 March 2006
One Short-eared Owl was observed from about 6:00 pm with two Barn Owls at New Salts Farm (north of the Saltings roundabout on the private road to Shoreham Airport). The Barn Owls were also using the field on the west of the road as well.
There were also two Snipe flying around and at least three Water Rail squealing.

Report by Dave Green on the Birds of Sussex (Yahoo Group)

NB: All these birds are notable records in the Adur area.

Garden Bird Database 2006

Shoreham Weather Reports 2006


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