Mill Hill Images

SPRING  2003

The Slope in April
Long grass south of the reservoir
Long grass south of the reservoir
Bluebells on Mill Hill (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Field Mouse-ear 
Cerastium arvense in the 'Triangle'
 Native Bluebells on Mill Hill south
Lower slopes in May
Horseshoe Vetch and Cinnabar Moth
Fenced off area on the middle slopes
north of the reservoir
Red Campion (Photograph by Andy Horton)
Photograph by Andy Horton
Red Campion (May 2003)
On the edge of the ridge, south of the reservoir
Carline Thistle (May 2003)
On the lower slopes
White Campion (May 2003)
in the shade of the scrub
White Campion (June 2003)
on the edge of an overgrown path
Hoverfly, (bumblebee mimic)
Volucella bombylans var. plumata
in the shade of the copse at the top of Mill Hill 
(June 2003)
The chrysalis of a 6-spot Burnet Moth
on the stem of a Greater Knapweed
(24 June 2003)
The middle slopes on Mill Hill, beneath the ridge, north of the reservoir, are full of long dense grasses with a poor grassland flora
(May 2003)
Nettles, Cow Parsley etc, at the southern end of Mill Hill
(May 2003)
A large thistle, the MUSK THISTLE -
Carduus nutans. It was nearly two metres high and the diameter of the flower was estimated at 10 cm.

Although found on 14 June 2003, this plant was not seen a few days later. 

Thistles of Adur


Mill Hill 2004 (with new map)

Mill Hill (Upper Slopes: Summer 2003)

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