New Monks Farm 2007 et seq.
including Mash Barn Lane


30 July 2012
It was still breezy with a steady Force 5 throughout the day making conditions inimical to photography. One interesting picture was a family of a drake Mallard and her eight chicks in the drainage ditch on the northern border of the New Monks Farm spoil dumping area, east Lancing (west of the Withy Gap). 

The mother called out in alarm at my approach and the chicks paddled rapidly to shelter. 


The ditch has been recently constructed and filled with water after the recent rain. It has always been an area that flooded regularly in winter.

2 May 2012
A male Hen Harrier, Circus cyaneus, made an impressive display when it visited the open space over New Monks Farm, Lancing.

Hen Harrier
(Click on the image to view the video)

"It stayed for about an hour, constantly diving down, presumably after mice or other small animals. It attracted quite a large flock of gulls and crows that were trying to mob it, although it didnít seem too concerned."
The display was captured on a video film. This bird of prey is a scarce (winter visitor and passage migrant) visitor to Sussex.

Report by Frank Prince-Iles on Save the Gap and Sussex Ornithological Society News

#25 25 February 2010

The photograph (above) shows the gulls settling on the flooded New Monks Farm (private land) at the northern end just west of Withy Gap.

19 February 2009

The low lying land to the north-west of New Monks Farm was flooded after the recent rain.

2008 - 2009

Most of this Private Property is now closed off to the public for dumping of piles of soil and building rubble.

15 January 2007
I took a walk across the fields to the west of Shoreham Airport (New Monks Farm) in the afternoon in the glorious winter sunshine and managed to get a reasonable photograph of a beautiful Short-eared Owl doing the rounds along the drainage ditches. I also caught sight of one of the Barn Owls hunting close to the airport.
Excellent Photograph

Report by Simon Spiers on Sussex Ornithological News

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