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November 2006


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Wood Blewitts in the Leaf Litter (Old Shoreham)

Wood Blewits

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29 November 2006
A Red Admiral Butterfly was seen today in a garden on Old Salts Farm Road, South Lancing. I may have disturbed it while trimming some Ivy. It was sunny for a spell recording an air temperature of 13.3 ºC at 2:08 pm. This may be the last butterfly of the year?

Adur Butterfly List 2006

About a hundred small Goose Barnacles, Lepas anatifera, were seen washed up attached to a broken plastic fish box on the strandline of Shoreham Beach (Ferry  Road access) after the recent southerly gales. 

Goose Barnacles
This is the first time I have seen them washed at Shoreham in over 25 years, but I expect they have been washed up and unrecorded before on frequent occasions. 
There were the usual millions of Slipper Limpet shells, frequent Whelk and Mussel shells, seaweed and cuttlebones etc. 
BMLSS Barnacles

A young Meadow Pipit landed near the Beach Huts on Shoreham Beach and then flew upward and away in its characteristic fashion. 

28 November 2006
I discovered some unusual blue-green mushrooms in a shady lawn area of St Bernards Court, Broadwater, Worthing. They were close to some wooden edging. 

Ray Hambett's Fungi Portfolio

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

These mushrooms have been identified as fresh specimens of the Stropharia caerulea or a similar species in the same genus, the first of this species recorded on these Nature Notes pages. 

Full Report with More Images
Adur Fungi 2006

23 November 2006
A Sparrowhawk perched on the fence behind the Buddleia in our south Lancing back garden (TQ 185 046) shortly before dusk. It remained perched for about 30 seconds before taking off in level flight. 

Report by Ray Hamblett

22 November 2006
A flash of turquoise and a Kingfisher flew like an arrow out of the Tamarisk in the shallows of Widewater Lagoon. Simultaneously two Little Grebes dived under water as the Kingfisher flew over them.

21 November 2006

Wood Blewitt

A handful of Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda, mushrooms protruded from the leaf litter (to which they were attached as decomposers) in the Maple Spinney between the Steyning Road and the Waterworks Road
Adur Fungi 2006

18 November 2006
A large bird of prey ("bigger than a cat") was seen devouring a Collared Dove in our garden (a large garden in Downside, near the Slonk Hill embankment, north of Buckingham Park, Shoreham-by-Sea). My wife watched it plucking feathers for about ten minutes, before it flew off, taking its catch with it. A half a dozen similar observations in the area over the last five years indicate this is almost certainly a female Sparrowhawk. 

Report by Paul Ockenden

15 November 2006
A Water Rail was reported to have been seen on Widewater when it ventured out of its hiding place under the Tamarisk and in shallow brackish water near a small island east of the bridge. I could not see or hear anything of this bird that must be very good at hiding in a small area which was inaccessible because of the boggy nature of the land and water. 

13 November 2006
Four Clouded Yellow Butterflies and one Red Admiral were seen on Mill Hill. One of the Clouded Yellows rested on my finger. It was rather bedraggled.

Report by Paul Lister on Sussex Butterflies

A Painted Lady Butterfly and two Red Admirals visited my garden in north Shoreham. This is the first record of a Painted Lady in November on these Nature Notes pages.

Report by Trevor Wickson
Adur Butterfly Flight Times

6 November 2006
There was about a dozen Clouded Yellow Butterflies seen on Mill Hill and over the Old Erringham pasture.

Clouded Yellow on Dandelion

Clouded Yellow on Dandelion

They have been around in the same sort of numbers since 20 October 2006 and their behaviour seems more like temporary residents than just passing through. At least two of the butterflies engaged in courting behaviour. 
Full Butterfly Report

1 November 2006
A chill wind from the north-west made me wish I had worn gloves. Butterflies were predictably low with six Red Admirals and six Clouded Yellow Butterflies recorded. Two of the Red Admirals fluttered together under the copse on the top of Mill Hill. One was seen in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road, and another one by the closed Furnitureland warehouse on the other (northern) side of Ham Road to the Hamm, Shoreham

Red Admiral Butterfly

Red Admirals will hibernate in early November

The six Clouded Yellows were all seen on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. They were all bright yellow and this was the most seen together this year. Two were sparring or being amorous.
Butterfly List 2006
Adur Butterfly Flight Times

Six Common Darters (a dragonfly) were also recorded on Mill Hill and its approaches. 

Adur Fungi 2006

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