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November 2007


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Field  Maple

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Adur Estuary
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26 November 2007
A Jay flew from the Evergreen Oak towards a leafless tree in St. Julian's Churchyard in Kingston Buci with an acorn in its mouth. Jays can be seen regularly in this area during the acorn season. 
Jays at Kingston Buci

22 November 2007
A probable Red Admiral Butterfly was seen in the Lancing town centre car park during a warm period in the day. Food and shelter was available nearby from the Hedera (Ivy) on the wall of the car park area.

On a clear sunny day (11°C) I spent two hours on the Downs Link Cyclepath and a brief trip to Mill Hill, but for the whole of the time there was nothing newsworthy to see. The most notable was a Rock Pipit seen perched on Sea Purslane at low tide on the east side of the Adur estuary south of Old Shoreham Tollbridge within the first five minutes.
Adur Butterfly List 2007

21 November 2007
Four drake Red-breasted Mergansers were all seen together in a shallow part of Widewater Lagoon at the western end. At least four groups of birdwatchers with their expensive equipment all congregated around the Tamarisk in the island area to the east of the bridge to find the elusive Water Rail which they were able to spot for a brief moment, but not whilst I passed. 
A Great Crested Grebe on the surface of the sea repeatedly dived as the tide came in at the far western end of Southwick Beach just inshore from the concrete sea defences.

19 November 2007
A Grey Phalarope visited Kingston Beach in the morning, but was absent in the afternoon.

15 November 2007
A handful of Stonechats were seen on separate occasions flying between and perched upon berried Hawthorn bushes on the flat levels on the east side of the River Adur, and all of them seen from the towpath between the A27 Flyover and the Cement Works.

14 November 2007
A Rock Pipit perched on the flint and brick of the Old Fort, Shoreham beach, long enough to recognise it to species. And a Red Fox defecated in broad daylight amongst the bushes of the most easterly roundabout along Old Fort Road. 
Adur Coastal 2007

Spiny Spider Crab (Photograph by Jason Koen)9 November 2007
At least 26 smallish Spiny Spider Crabs, Maja squinado, were washed up dead or dying on Lancing Beach.
Full Report

Report and Photograph by Jason Koen

A tidal surge threatened the east coast of England. Low pressure and strong winds caused the surge and put at least 60 cm on the forecasted high tide on the River Adur.

A Red Admiral Butterfly left the fallen leaves at the top of The Street, Old Shoreham. This was the last butterfly of the year unless any are disturbed from hibernation. 

Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Robins, Greenfinches, Chaffinches and hundreds of House Sparrrows were noticeable amongst the leafless bushes on the outskirts of Shoreham, with Pied Wagtails on open ground. 

Photograph by Rogem Boyo

The photographed Dunnock was spotted on that peculiar piece of scrub between the Dog's Trust and the main road to Worthing next to the River Adur overflow pond west of Adur Recreation Ground. I saw another in a tree just before the rickety old Tollbridge on the eastern side of the river.

Dunnock Report and Photograph by Rogem Boyo on
flickrSussex Wildlife
Adur Levels 2007 

7 November 2007
A medium-sized bird of prey glided over a large field (in pasture) to the east of the bridlepath north to Southwick Hill viewed from Stonechat Junction where Rock Rose was still in flower. The raptor was probably a female Kestrel, but it showed no signs of hovering and dived down in a curved flight (unlike the direct descent usual with Kestrels). 
Common Rock Rose Red Star Thistle

On Southwick Hill, Red Star Thistle (a Knapweed) was still in flower. 
Adur Wild Flowers 2007

6 November 2007
A Meadow Brown Butterfly fluttering around the green herbs over the northern part of the lower slopes of Mill Hill was the first ever of this species recorded locally in the month of November. This is the sixth species of butterfly recorded in this month in all years. I think it was a male, but I did not get a closer look because I was buzzed by the first wasp
About a minute later the faster wing beats of a Silver Y Moth were spotted. 
Adur Butterfly Flight Times
Adur Moths

2 November 2007
Two Speckled Wood Butterflies and something white and quite large (a butterfly, only seen from a distance) were flying near the Blackthorn Sloes on Lancing Ring.
These are the first records of Speckled Wood Butterflies recorded in the month of November. Five species of butterfly have been recorded in this month. 
Adur Butterfly Flight Times

Lancing Nature Notes
Lancing Nature (by Ray Hamblett)

A healthy adult Red Fox trotted across Park Lane at the southern end of Southwick Green at about 9:00 pm.

1 November 2007
A Painted Lady Butterfly was seen in my south Lancing front garden.

There was a late Wall Brown Butterfly seen on the downs near Lancing. This was the first ever of this species recorded locally in the month of November and only notified later to be the seventh species recorded in the penultimate month of the year. 
Adur Butterfly Flight Times

Report by Bert Laker on Sussex Butterflies
Adur Moths

Adur Butterfly List 2007
Sussex Butterflies


 November 2006

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