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16 November 2005
A hundred plus ducks and other bird congregated* at the southern end of Brooklands and this almost certainly frightened the Grey Phalarope away.  (*This was probably because they were being fed.)

13 November 2004
A Grey Phalarope, Phalaropus fulicarius, was settled and appeared to be feeding on microscopic organisms near the surface of the water every second. It swam around on the surface near the southern sluice gates of Brooklands Boating Lake, occasionally (once every five minutes) making a short flight lasting about five seconds to another part of the lake all within easy view of the handful of birdwatchers.
Grey Phalarope feeding (too slow a shutter speed makes the head blurred)

It was a quite active and although it seemed unwary and unperturbed in the vicinity of people, it was constantly on the move and it was not straightforward to get a clear photograph in the poor light on an overcast day. After about fifteen minutes it stopped feeding and began to preen.
Better Images on Birds of Sussex

12 November 2004
Another Grey Phalarope was seen and photographed at the western end of Widewater Lagoon, Lancing until early afternoon when it flew off.

Report by Richard Fairbank (Shoreham Beach) on the Sussex Ornithological Society News

Later two birds were seen and photographed together on Brooklands.

Report and Photograph on Birds of Sussex

7 - 15 November 2004
A Grey Phalarope, Phalaropus fulicarius, visited Brooklands Boating Lake, east Worthing (on the Lancing border) and this wading bird was showing very well. It was in its white and grey winter plumage. It was a first winter bird.

The Grey Phalarope winters at sea over the eastern coastal North Atlantic Ocean.
The Sussex Ornithological Society classifies this bird as a very scarce or rare autumn or winter visitor. It is usually found on the coast after a series of gales.
Sussex Ornithological Society Records
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