March 2005
The mushrooms growing on a Silver Birch log in Ray Hamblett's back garden in south Lancing (TQ 186 044) were around for weeks before I discovered them. They were about the size of a commercial mushroom.

The underside lacks the gills of many of the familar mushrooms and introduces me a different group of fungi with pores. This fungus was very tough and it occurred to me that it could be a species of Polyporus, which are reported as reasonably widespread and common.

11 October 2004
The Dryad's Saddle, Polyporus squamosus has been smashed and all the mushrooms removed from the front garden in Mill Hill Road. The photographs below show the underside and the stipe (stem).
Close-up of the underside of a Dryad's Saddle

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1 October 2004
A huge toadstool has grown on a tree stump in Mill Hill Road, Old Shoreham. It measured 45 cm in length. This is the Dryad's Saddle, Polyporus squamosus, and it has been seen before in the same location. The books record usual sizes up to 30 cm only, but there have been reports of up to 60 cm.

ID confirmed by Mark Pike on Fungi of the British Isles (Yahoo Group)
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Dryad's Saddle