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The River Adur has its source in the South Downs, southern England and cuts its way through the soft chalk to its mouth. At low tide the River Adur cuts a narrow fast running channel through the mud flats in the middle of Shoreham-by-Sea as it rushes out to sea through the two long piers that mark the entrance to Shoreham Harbour.

Mock Bridge

Two Images from the Presentation

The river is interesting at mid-tide when half the mud flats are revealed. The mud flats become a roost for gulls and other birds, especially during the winter. Waders and birds on the mud include Ringed Plover, Dunlins and Lapwing, which are all commonly seen in the colder months.  Redshanks sound the first warning at the anticipation of danger. Boats and wooden posts are occupied by Cormorants fanning their wings after feeding on eels and flatfish.

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River Adur Project
Education Resource Group

Water Cycle: Sample Page
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River Adur at Dusk
View of the Adur Ferry Bridge from the Norfolk Bridge

Further Information links:

Link to the Opening Video

Revised November 2013
Opening of the Adur Ferry Bridge.
A brief documentary on the development of the £9.8 million bridge across the River Adur in Shoreham Harbour, West Sussex.

The new Adur Ferry Bridge
Opening Day 13 November 2013

Click on the image for the video

by Stuart Spicer

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A short pictorial history of the death of the Shoreham footbridge and the birth of the Adur Swingbridge (link to video by Jeremy Croucher).

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Adur World Oceans Day 2013
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Click on the image for the video documentary (prior to the opening)

Documentary 1

Opening Day Gallery (still images)
Opening Day Gallery (video of stills)
Swing Mechanism in Operation (Opening Day video)

Adur Ferry Bridge Gallery of Construction
Swing Bridge and Demolition of the Footbridge

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