Adur Sawflies

19 August 2014

Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae    

Pixie Path                                                                                                                                      

14 August 2014

Rhogogaster sawfly 

Cyclepath verges north of Old Shoreham                                                                                                                       

20 July 2006
I think the illustrated insect is the sawfly Tenthredo arcuata.
30 July 2007
This Rhogogaster sawfly was seen on Field Scabious in the central Triangle area of Mill Hill,

23 July 2006
The first one, a sawfly, was spotted, probably on Cow Parsley on south side of the Buckingham Cutting.
The second sawfly was seen on Yarrow on the top meadows of Mill Hill.
They may be the same species. Tenthredo arcuata is my suggestion. If it is this species, the adult preys on small flies.

14 May 2006
A previously unrecorded flying insect was spotted on the lower slopes of Mill Hill

This is a Rhogogaster sawfly 

Sawfly Images (David Element)